A Note on Positivity

Taking time to be grateful and thankful is one practice that will help you become a more positive minded person. BalancedAmes is leading by example!!


Good morning and happy Thursday!

This morning I woke up feeling so thankful. Night-shift really has a way of making me appreciate things that I never really thought about before: sleeping by my husband, waking up at a “normal time”, being able to say goodbye to Drew before he goes to work, watching the morning news, and eating breakfast at breakfast time. Since my husband doesn’t believe in heat until November 1st (it’s 58 degrees in our house), I turned on the fireplace and I’m posted up in front of it until I go to workout. All in all, a wonderful morning.

perfect morning

The feelings of happiness and thankfulness this morning have me thinking: very simple things made me feel this way. Small things can upset us (just go down your Facebook feed), so shouldn’t we also let small things make us happy? Maybe we can start paying more attention to…

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Shiny People and Relentless Positivity

This is the most interesting post I’ve read on WordPress as it relates to having a positive attitude. You will want to read about “shiny people!!”

Chasing Pesto


In my last post “Road Warriors and The Big Easy”, I briefly mentioned the many instances of shiny people we met on our way through the beautiful and warm city of Nawlin’s.

I feel the overwhelming need to further describe the birth and concept of shiny people in general…so I’ll try to make this as concise and deep as possible, while avoiding writing a novel (One, in which I am actually simultaneously writing at the moment). A taste if you will.

But first and foremost I must admit, I didn’t coin the term shiny people – I have only passively absorbed it from my dear friend Minnesota Nick, who happens to be one of the shiniest people I’ve met, and who I assume, given the nature of life, also picked it up from some another shiny person.

So who are these shiny people?

Shiny people grace your…

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6 Things to Keep in Mind About Your Affect on Others



We all have an affect on other people and that influence will either be generally positive or generally negative.  I encourage each of you reading to consider what type of influence and impact you are having on the world around you: coworkers, family, friends and associates.  What will they say about you when you are gone?  OR what are they saying about you behind your back?

Do you treat people with respect?  Do you do for others as you want done for you?  Are you quick to help?  Or are you sarcastic?  Rude?  Vile?  Selfish?  A gossip?  Two-faced?  We all need to take a long look at ourselves and make sure we are having a positive impact on the lives around us!


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10 Things You Must Give Up to Be Successful

IMG_7121Regardless of the goal you want to achieve, if you want to find success in that endeavor there are certain habits and attitudes that you will have to lose.  Desiring to advance and grow AND wanting to stay the same is not possible.