Back to school and back to the basics! – In Between Moderation

success in parenting


Children are back in school!

How much preparation do you give your children? My kids have been back in school for several weeks and the prep work made the process so much…


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Why I hate cancer. – Single Girls Rock

I had a completely different idea of what I wanted this post to be about when I sat down to write it. But I guess my spirit had other ideas so here goes… Cancer is one sneaky bitch. She will …

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An Open Mind

A great poem by Yoga Mom on being open minded!

Yoga Mom

An open mind
doesn’t know…
it can’t know
because it is all
constantly changing
whether you plan for ecstasy
or you plan for misery
you never know how
it will all turn out.
Keep an open clear mind
be curious
embrace the not-knowing
let the whole world
tumble along at your feet
child’s play
as you quietly observe,
and look on.

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My List of Top 10 Halloween Movies

This is Life of an El Paso Woman!!

Life of an El Paso Woman

OK OK I’ll admit it, I don’t like watching scary movies that often. I’m a little bit of a scaredy cat! Since there’s SO many movies out there, it was hard to only pick 10. Here is my list. Which movies do you enjoy and recommend for Halloween?

10. *The Blair Witch Project* I haven’t seen the movie since high school but I still recall the dark and scary woods. The camera’s movements made me a little bit dizzy. I remember the movie gave me a good scare. I don’t recommend the movie for children. However, if you and your significant other are bored, cuddle and watch it for kicks!

9. *Casper* The story has a cute plot and kiddie/puppy love story. OK, this one isn’t  scary but it’s a fun one to watch with the family. The movie made me tear up a little bit.

8. *The Rocky Horror…

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Haunted Decorations (Salem, MA)

This is New England Nomad! I was born in Holyoke, Ma and have a few friends from Salem, so seeing these pics brought back some great memories of trips in New England!

New England Nomad

There’s something magical about Halloween.  It’s a time when adults can still pretend to be a kid again, even just for one night.  Even the most mature, sober person can forget their responsibilities and relive their carefree days just a little.

For the remainder of the week, I will be posting the remaining photos from my trips to Salem, MA.  In this edition, I am posting photos of the various decorations, some other miscellaneous things and, of course, a few dogs from my travels in Salem.

Salem is known world wide for getting into the spirit of Halloween.  Everywhere you look, there are decorations of the season.



Besides the vendors selling merchandise there are also games and other fun types of activities.  This particular activity was meant to see if people could maintain eye contact with a complete stranger and possibly make a connection, even on just a platonic level…

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TOP 30 Things I Love about FALL!

30 Faves of Fall!! That beats my list by twenty! lol


Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons,

Here are  reasons I LOVE Fall.

Autumn Leaves
Comfy Clothes
Crisp Air
Cozy FireS

The Weather
Hot Chocolate
Cozy Sweaters
Pumpkin Pie
Apple Crumble
Carving Pumpkins
Fall Fruits and Vegetables
Halloween Candy

Family Time
The Calm Before the Holiday Season
Dressing Up for Halloween

Finding the Perfect Pumpkin
Christmas Is Almost Upon Us
New TV Shows
Cinnamon Candles

Hoodie Sweat Shirts
Caramel Apples
Rainy Days
Pumpkin Spice Lattes
Everything Seems More Mysterious
Apple Cider

But I would have to say that my ALL-TIME Favorite thing about Fall is that life seems to SLOW DOWN and get really Comfy this time of year.

So today, I am going to talk about some really fun ways to S.T.O.P. and enjoy life a little bit more. 

It really is true in life that “Slow and steady really does win the…

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