Always Dream Big

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Orlando Espinosa

Always dream big, but make sure you work hard to achieve those dreams!always dream big orlando espinosa

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I’m sorry, but your home is repulsive

Flip Flops Everyday is a new blog I’m following and is a lot of fun to read. Enjoy!!

Flip Flops Every day

Halloween Themed PostHave you ever walked into a home and had an immediate aversion to being there?

We’re considering moving and are looking at photos of homes for sale online.

houses- various grains of wood in kitchen 2

I wonder if some builders intent was to make people vomit.  Simply walking into these designs that have varying type of grains.  I’m dizzy looking at photos of the house.  I would run out screaming… “OMG, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!”… or stumble out because I’d be so dizzy and probably end up eating pavement and breaking my teeth in the process.  Seriously, the kitchen!  Different grains on the flooring, the cabinets, the bar, the countertop marble, the “brick” like wall.  This is not a section you want to be wielding a knife and chopping things.  I can see a finger (or hand) getting amputated and adding blood to the décor.  “OMG, I severed my hand!  Call 911… I can’t find the phone…it’s hidden in…

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The simple things

Jemverse has helped me gain an appreciation for poetry. We share a love for the ocean and now a love of poetry! He is a good blog to follow!



We’ve been here before
but the effect is the same
In this place we come back to
again and again
A long tunnel of trees
with sunlight ahead
And the fragrance of forest
in the paths we have led

Following dark trails
to see where they lead
With no quickness of pace
or desire for great speed
With the crisp crunch of bracken
beneath our footfall
and the mystery of woodland
surrounding us all

Finding pleasure with the simple
effects of the light
as it shines through the branches
Quite a beautiful sight
Then discovering a glade
bathed in light from the sun
before retracing our steps
back the way we have come

Watching the leaves
tumble down through the air
to form blankets of cover
on woodland floors there
This place exudes peace
and a comfort and calm
It is soothing and restful
with restorative balm

So we’ll come…

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A Single Donut

I have followed A New Perspective Perhaps for a very long time and love her posts. This is a great one and a perfect example of random acts of kindness.


There is a new teacher that has been having a difficult time controlling her class. She was a special education teacher in elementary school and is now teaching 8th grade Spanish. She has sent numerous emails and phone calls to parents begging for their help when it comes to their kids behavior. Luckily for me, my child is one who always gets a good report and for that I am truly grateful. Yesterday she sent an email telling the parents how well the kids behaved and how much they were able to accomplish in class. She mentioned it was her best day of teaching all year and little did the kids know it was also her birthday. When I read the email to my son and thanked him for always being respectful, he mentioned he would like to bring donuts in to celebrate her birthday. So today, I delivered donuts…

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Why doesn’t anyone comment on my posts?

If you don’t follow Harsh Reality then do so now. This is the site that I used as my blog “Bible” when I first started. I read every single article Jason wrote about blogging and I followed his instructions and advice to the letter. And the results show. I have over 6,100 subscribers in 10 months of operation. Read and follow what this man’s says!

I Want to Help You Grow Your Blog!

Think and dream big words written on chalkboard

Think and dream big words written on chalkboard

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Dream big dreams!

Turning 20 something

‘Eyes closed but an open mind,

dreams are where solace you can find’

         When I close my eyes and still see the world, mostly, more beautiful, comforting and happier, it is sure a dream. It does not matter what the reality is when I can be what I really am, and live with it. But when the world is full of people ready to pull you back at the smallest chance they get, it isn’t easy to be yourself. Manipulation and exploitation here are not just big, grave sounding words, but the truth people live by. In a world like this, dreams are my only escape. It is where I can spread my wings and fly, touch the sky, feel the breeze on my face… I can live the wildest of my fantasies and the most innocent of dreams, sometimes all at once.


             I want to dream and live…

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We Are Up and Running on YouTube: The Dream Big Channel!!!

As promised I have finished my first video for the Dream Big Channel!!  I am sure that I will get better as we go along and hopefully you will enjoy:

Click Here for The First Ever Dream Big Video Spectacular!!


Meet Art of Life Coaching!

Monique Amado - Artist & Coach

Reaching by Darrell Raw

I’ve read, seen and heard this term “fake it till you make it” quite a bit the past few years. It’s supposed to mean that if you’re struggling with something, finding something hard, or just plain having a hard time and not doing well, you can pretend you’re doing better than you are and eventually you’ll really be doing better than you are. I think there is a tiny bit of truth to this if it’s meant in the same sense that C.S. Lewis wrote about when he said:

“Do not waste time bothering whether you ‘love’ your neighbor; act as if you did. As soon as we do this we find one of the great secrets. When you are behaving as if you loved someone you will presently come to love him.”

Perhaps he’s right that “pretending” your way into a virtue will eventually cause this virtue to become…

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