5 Things Blogging has taught me so far….

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stocksnap_fhted9eq3bI have not been doing this blogging thing very long and WOW it’s really been like studying a whole new career. I have spent these past 5 mo studying a few hours nightly from the experts out there. What I have learned so far is;

1. I am not technical, BUT I can be taught. I laugh at this statement now because this was huge fear of mind that actually held me back from pursuing this sooner. I may be slower than some, take more notes, ask more questions… but I’m HERE... I’m doing it!!!

2. Accountability to myself-What I mean by this is,  I have finally reached that threshold where I’m writing for myself. We all have accountability to our family, loved ones, jobs, children and such. This is a deeper sense of being accountable to our creative selves  and how we put out in there in the world..

3.  …

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3 Answers Every Blogger in the World Needs to Understand

blogexciteAre you interested in my thoughts on blogging and my answers to a few questions I was asked this past week?  Here are answers every blogger in the world needs to understand:

“Why does it seem that there are a lot of blogs with a couple thousand followers or less and then 10,000 followers or more?”

This past week I have received quite a few emails asking me about growing a blog and this particular question came up.  Apparently someone else has noticed this trend.  The truth is I’m not sure why this gap exists, but it has existed since I first started my blog in 2014.  I’ll be curious to read other’s opinions and thoughts on the matter.  I think part of it has to do with work ethic and devotion to craft.  Not to say the smaller blogs are not devoted.  What I mean is the larger blogs are ultra-devoted.  To put things in perspective, Jason over at Harsh Reality is a good friend of mine whom I met here on WordPress and someone I emulated as a map to blog success.  In addition to raising a family, maintaining a relationship with his wife and working full-time, Jason at one point worked his blog for 30-40++ hours each week.  Some call this crazy, but Jason had a goal for his blog.  I emulated his work ethic and while I worked tons of hours running my own business, I also devoted 30+ hours each week to my blog for nearly 18 months; during which I never took a day off.   Some people simply don’t have the time while others devote every waking moment to their page; Jason taught me to be the latter.


“How do I get more people to read my page?”

I continue to get this question, especially as new readers cycle through and even more as my numbers grow.  And I’m not sure if those who ask like my answer!  Growing a blog takes a lot of hard work, time networking and patience.  I am not sure what people expect, but blogging is a passion for some and it shows or it is not…and it shows.  Regardless, you are not going to go to bed one night with 200 followers and wake the next morning with 20,000; it simply does not happen.  Even in the rare instances when I have had a post go “viral” resulting in 5,000 views in a day, my follower number went virtually unaffected.  That is the nature of our game.   I will say this, if you are asking about growing your blog numbers yet are resistant to connecting and utilizing social media, then just quit now or stop trying to grow.  I will never understand those who say they want to grow, yet do nothing to connect with 1.7 billion daily Facebook users.

The simple truth is you must do for others what you want them to do for you.  If you want more people to read your page, then you must become a reader of pages.  If you want people to Follow your blog, then you must become a Follower of other blogs.  If you want more people to comment, then you must become a commenter on other’s pages.  I have said it before and I’ll say it till the die I can no longer peck at my keyboard-you will not get what you want from others if you are not willing to do for them first.  


“How do I get more non-WordPress readers?”

For this question I refer back to my previous comment.  In order to reach more people you must go where the people are: social media.  For dollars each day you can run Facebook ads promoting your page in order to get more followers; and the ads work!  Or, if you don’t want to pay you can work your page organically which takes more time.  Another great option is to network via Twitter which happens to be my personal favorite.  Getting followers for your blog on Twitter is much easier and faster.  I liken Facebook to a turtle and Twitter to a jack rabbit; Twitter grows your numbers faster, but Facebook drives your brand deeper.  I hope that makes sense.

The truth that many seem disinterested in hearing relates to the long hours and effort it takes to grow a blog.  You have to read a lot of blogs.  You have to comment on a lot of blogs.  You have to click Like on a lot of blogs.  You have to Follow a lot of blogs.  You must have a mindset of working your blog page.  If you make 1 or 2 posts per week and interact with no one, yet expect the waves of worshipers to pour in, then you are going to be disappointed.   I look forward to your thoughts and opinions on my answers to these questions.











How I Am Finding My Success In the Success of Others


It is easy to get so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget about the world around us.  I see this every day in the online world of blogging.  

As most of you know, my mentor has been Jason over at Harsh Reality and I am so fortunate that he befriended me and has given me so much insight into my page and blogging in general.   One of the first things he and I ever spoke of was the power of true connection and the value in connecting with others.  I remember our early conversations about how to grow as I was overly focused on getting lots of followers; I was focused on myself.  Jason’s approach was to have me understand the value of focusing on others before myself, thus finding my success in the success of others;  a practice that has become the foundation of my blogging strategy.  

It is my belief that bloggers fail when they only focus on themselves.  They view their blog as a way for them to communicate with the world and that communication is mostly a one-way street.  In my opinion that is flawed thinking and will ultimately limit their exposure.  

Jason and I laugh often about the one common theme of the email questions we each receive which is “What can I do to grow my page?  What is the key to growing?”  The funny thing is there is no secret, nor is their one method that works for all blogs.  But I will say the one common feature of the blogs with lots of followers is they seek to build a community of like-minded people.   And they do this by engaging with people on an authentic level.  

As some of you know, I answer my emails and I freely give my views to those who ask.  I do not pretend to be something I am not, nor do I act as if I am better than anyone else.  I have not always handled my email responses in the best way, but it is what it is.  I will also say that I am not sure why this blog has grown, aside from the fact that I have always acted to develop true relationships with others.   

If you want your page to have a massive following, then I suggest you emulate what large blogs do.  Express an opinion.  Do not be afraid to make people upset when expressing your views.  Engage with your readers.  Produce good content.  The formula is not rocket science. 

I do not have all the answers.  All I know is that people desire to connect and that is all I have ever tried to do.   It does take time and it does take a lot of effort and energy.  Maybe that is why so few blogs thrive?  

Video on How to Post to Reddit!

Michael’s Origins is such a great site so make sure you have him in your Reader!! He has a Follow to Follow Directory and has partnered with Mostly Blogging to help you post to Reddit AND Stumbleupon. He is one of my blogging friends and I love his willingness to help others before himself. As far as I’m concerned Michael is a must Follow!

Michael's Origins

Who wants a video on how to post to Reddit?

I have a few comments, but I would like your input as well if you think this would be of some benefit to you. Choosing the correct subreddit is the hardest part especially when dealing with the rules the each one has.

I did an earlier post with a video, REDDIT, SUBREDDITS AND WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW and this new one will go through the steps of how to submit a link to a subreddit.

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Beginners Beware: Five Basic Blogging Blunders

This post lists some very good information about errors bloggers make. Here are a few reasons that deter me from following a blog: 1. too lengthy, 2. too mundane, 3. too prideful, 4. always trying to sell something. Any surprise all of my reasons are all listed on Feed the Monkey’s post? Don’t do these things or you will not find followers. Consider this a public service announcement!