My Daily Observation: 1/21/18

DannyOne of my favorite things about my blog is the number of people who email me each week to say hello or to provide their story and why they love following my webpage.  There are a few who email to complain and troll, but I have learned coping techniques for dealing with those people…I ignore them.

Yesterday I received this email…

It’s always a joy to read your musings, especially the humorous streams of thought. Happy to be a part of this family. Keep sharing! – Uncle G

Thank you Uncle G!

Also, I am so humbled when I get emails like this next one from Jennifer.  I’m not going to include everything that Jennifer wrote because it was incredibly personal so I’ll paraphrase and keep the details private.  Basically, Jennifer is home-bound and found my posts talking about my life living with MS.  She now follows my page and explained to me that she looks forward to reading my posts each day and finds them inspiring.

Her email actually made me cry.  I don’t even know how to express how humble it makes me feel having read her email.  To think that someone like Jennifer reads my blog from halfway around the world and looks forward to my posts is simply amazing.  I’m actually having a difficult time typing this.

Thank you so much for inspiring me, Jennifer!

My email for the blog is if you’d like to drop me a note and say hi.  I respond to all emails although some days it might not be immediately.  At any rate, I’d love to hear from you.

On The Horizon

Beckie's Mental Mess

via Daily Prompt: Horizon


Eyes closed

Deep meditation,



My inner thoughts

Surfacing on my

celestial sphere of




Through my mind’s eye





Dawn has broken

My eyes now open

My dreams and aspirations

Lie on the horizon



Sitting in the present

My future 

In motion.

[Picture provided by – Josh Adamski]

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Pets as Good Medicine – Let Them Entertain You

Being Lydia!

While everyone with a chronic illness (physical, emotional, or both) has a different set of health circumstances, one factor remains constant. We all feel lonely, trapped in a world of feeling crappy.

I hadn’t checked the daily prompts for awhile now and since I have not been able to get a post written lately, I decided Sunday I would see if it could generate some inspiration. It didn’t let me down – in fact, I had already thought of what I would try to write about and it all just came together! I just wasn’t feeling well enough (fatigue and pain mostly) to finish it.

Dogs have been known as “Man’s Best Friend” for generations. They can be trained to do many things from fetching the newspaper to guiding the blind and everything in between. The one thing that doesn’t need to be taught is unconditional love.

And while cats…

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Meet and Greet Link

The Meet and Greet continues today and will end Monday evening so be sure to jump in and have some fun!

And don’t forget, you can leave your link multiple times!!

Meet and Greet Link

Starting With Thoughts of Gratitude


I woke up today feeling very grateful. I couldn’t help but allow my mind to travel back to a time of outhouses, oil lamps and no running water. I wonder what families talked about as they sat around the dinner table. There were no cell phones giving off notifications every second and no stories of impending doom coming from a news channel as the noise continuously blared from the tv. We are so fortunate but yet conversations would make you think the sky is getting ready to fall. What you talk about you get more of. How you think and where you place your focus determines what you attract more of. Resist and you attract more opportunities to do just that. Practice gratitude and the Universe delivers more situations to feel grateful for. Sometimes it is clear to see why we are in the state we are in but just…

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Welcome Dream Big Partner: Healthcare Job Openings!

I am pleased to welcome the latest blogger to become a Dream Big Partner: Healthcare Job Openings

healthcare jobs

Here is info from the Healthcare Jobs about page:

“Hi! Welcome to Vyvian’s Healthcare Job Referral blog. Here, you’ll find healthcare jobs hiring right now.  Once you find a job you’re interested in or qualify for, click on my referral link, fill-out the form and submit.  Good luck!”


You can find the rest of Vyvian’s story on her page and if you are looking for employment in the healthcare field be sure to reach out to her through her contact page.  Her logo is in my sidebar and on the Partners’ Page at the top of my website!  When you visit be sure to tell her Danny sent ya!


fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

How’s your Christmas been? Have you had a good New Years celebrations? It’s not all been good for us, although we have been reminded what’s truly important for our health. Today I have found myself feeling low, due to my expectations. As I drove back from my shopping trip yesterday I found myself depressed at the situation. As what I hoped for had not met my expectations. You see I am the type of person that wants to give, a person that wants to provide and encourage people to enjoy what they do with us. I was driving slowly, well below the speed limit as it’s not good for me to drive to my mood despite the power of the car I drive.

As I drove I found myself praying, that possibly I might find some answers as the day went on. It’s surprising where answers come from in our…

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My Daily Observation: 1/20/18

DannyThe world that exists now is so different from the world that existed 5 years ago that it’s tough to even compare them.  Then I get to thinking about the world that existed in the late 70’s and 80’s that shaped me into the person I am today and boy it seems like I grew up on a completely different planet.

The glaring differences are how easy it is to get in touch with someone now compared to then and how easy it is to get information.  Back in the day you would read the paper in the morning and watch the 6 o’clock news to recap and update the goings-on around the city and world.

Now we are inundated with news updates to the point that it is nearly impossible to know what is true and what is false.  Emails come pouring in.  Text messages and voicemail.  It truly is madness.

This is why I made the decision several months ago to unplug from social media.  I don’t have my blog connected to Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  I only visit Facebook on rare occasions of boredom, but only allow myself a few minutes then I’m off again.

My only goal for 2018 is to be the best husband I can be for Evelina.  Unplugging from all the social media and distractions allows me time and energy to focus on her and us and the real world.

Thus far I am enjoying the journey.  I’m curious to know how much social media influences your life.  Drop me your thoughts in the comments and let’s chat about it.


Living Your Best Life


Hello everyone. I hope all is well with you. I’m back today after a hectic week of work, kid appointments, and other important shenanigans.  I’ve reached 63,647 words in my manuscript and I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. This is the rough draft and it is rough, but I’m almost there.  🙂

Photo on VisualHunt

Anyway, enough about that. Today I’d like to talk about a phrase I heard  over the holidays. It intrigued me when I heard it and I thought I’d share it with all of you. “Live your best Life.”

That’s a worthy goal, don’t you think?

But what exactly does that mean?

The answer will be different for everyone. Because, you know, we’re all unique little snowflakes, right?

Photo on VisualHunt 

Right. We’re all unique and beautiful.  Don’t you forget it. (Wags finger at the non-believers).

Not one person’s brain is…

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