I enjoyed this pep talk this morning. Be brave, face the doubts and choose to fight!

Rise Above Fitness

When you feel like you’ve lost all else, strength is what you need to find. Every day, seek greater strength within yourself. Do not look for the things outside of yourself, but rather look within, because all you need is already inside of you. Your greatest enemy is not that situation that is tormenting you, or your kids throwing a tantrum, or your annoying co-worker who just seemed to have ruined your day. Your greatest enemy is the doubt within yourself. You can be up one day, and down the next. Don’t ever take anything for granted, because it will usually be taken away. Stay humble always. Life has a funny way of reminding you that you are not always in control, but that you must have an attitude of gratitude, a mind that adapts quickly, and a courageous heart.STRONGLife happens while you’re making other plans, and one day…

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