2018…Discovering Sooz

Discovering Sooz

…and all through the house, everyone was coughing, except that bloody mouse! We’re all in bed by 9.00pm, even Holly, but I suspect that’s more to do with all of the beef she has had today!

I’m just glad I made it through Christmas and Boxing Day before I caught the dreaded lurgy! However, I haven’t made the bed in three days, and my bedside table looks like a reduced section in a chemist!

L is just getting it, which I dread, she has numerous chronic illness’ , and any extra illness on top makes the existing conditions worse. She’s had pneumonia four times!

Even Holly decided to join in, and had a little coughing fit, but that was because she drank her water far too quickly rather than illness, thankfully!

So, now I’ve moaned, back to The new year!

2017 hasn’t been the best, but I have plenty of…

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The State of the ‘Business’ in Show Business

Michael Cole

Earlier today, I read confirmation that Disney is buying 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion.  While I can see a couple of benefits personally, I think overall this isn’t a good thing, and I’m worried about what this could potentially do to the film industry (and possibly beyond that scope).

First, I want to mention two things, two disclaimers really.  I own some stock in Disney, nothing too crazy, but some, so consider that when reading this story.  The second caveat is that I love a ton of the films/properties that Disney owns, and some of those that they’re purchasing.

Ok, now with that out of the way, let me dive into my worries.  In case you missed it at the very beginning of this post, but they’re purchasing it for $52.4 billion dollars, so I hope that impresses upon you the size of a deal like this.  According to…

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Today’s Featured Blog…A Cooking Pot and Twisted Tales!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

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Mama said to me, baby,
if you try to move forward
and it fails to work

Why not use the reverse
to get yourself
out of that spot?



An excerpt from my work-in-progress.

You can read my book, Unbridled on Kindle Unlimited for free. 

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Danny’s World: This Weekend Should Be Fun

Danny's iphone 1805This weekend should be fun because I think I am going to play some golf.  The temps in Charlotte have been comfortable so I shouldn’t have issues with fatigue.  Also, fall brings with it less humidity and for that I am grateful.  I’ll try to remember to take pics for the blog.

On another note my fantasy football team lost last week by the slimmest margin I have ever seen: 139.18 to 139.19!!  One, one-hundredth of a point.  I’ve never seen a margin that low.  I would rather lose by 40 than by .01.

I have an old friend coming into town on Sunday and we are going to find a place to watch some football.  It has been quite a few years since I went out to watch a game so it should be fun to catch up.

Got any big plans this weekend?  I’d love to hear about them!

Today’s Featured Blog…Irene Design 2011!!


Dear Reader

I’m home again after being at the hospital since the 8. of June. I came home late Monday and now I try to find a new rhythm in my new life

As many of you know, my daughter was so kind to update you about, what was going on with my health, for what I’m very grateful and huge thanks to my dear friend Amy for her kind help with posts, while I was away

I don’t have much energy or abundance yet, but I wish to let all of you know, that I feel very grateful for all your love, prayers and kind wishes for both my family and me

For describing my health simply, when I went into the hospital; I got an serious infection in my lungs and my other organs were close to shot down too. The doctors told me, that if I was…

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Today is Good

The PBS Blog

That amazing future and glorious tomorrow. Always enticing us to move time forward so that we may rush what is now for a moment much more beautiful than this. A tomorrow much more gorgeous and radiant than the present. The present. What of this? What of now? What of our quest for some rare and perfect tomorrow when today is already a precious gift? Today is normal but it is here and living and present. We know not what the future holds. In fact, we know nothing but now. This moment. This treasure of breath in mouth. Today is good.

Good evening 💕

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Here Are 10 Things I Stopped Doing That Made Me Happier

Danny's iphone 022A few years back I made some drastic changes.  In 2013 I decided enough-was-enough and I went through a revolution of my mind and habits.  Here are a few of the things that I stopped doing which made me a happier person:

  1. I stopped blaming others for my underachieving.
  2. I stopped complaining
  3. I stopped comparing myself to others
  4. I stopped trying to be right all the time
  5. I stopped talking to myself like I was a villain
  6. I stopped allowing myself to make excuses
  7. I stopped watching television
  8. I stopped allowing my mind to be limited
  9. I stopped wishing for change
  10. I stopped waiting on life to happen for me

The Seed

The PBS Blog

It’s not always easy to endure, but may today be different. May the seeds of goodness root themselves in your souls. For without seeds the earth is barren land. Do not worry then if things do not start out as tree stumps, for even it started first as a seed. From there the seed grows roots and they lock and load themselves into position, like protest hands before the face of Civil Disobedience, we shall not be moved. Roots are the key, for once the roots have super glued themselves in good soil a seed gives birth and a tiny plant eventually breaks through. When this happens, we say that a seed has sprouted. And so, today, may your seed sprout. May it become one with the soil in which you’ve planted it, and may it root itself. Understand that it must first start off as a seed. Tiny. Unnoticeable…

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Danny’s World: Perfect Ending to a Great Day!

I finished up with a late-afternoon appointment with Seven Jars Distillery. (click to check out their website).  I’m going to be helping them with their marketing and the owner gave me a great bottle of wine.  It is peach-apricot Chardonnay and it is delicious.  The perfect ending to a great day!

Six Simple Steps To Help Find Your Passion

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures”. – Joseph Cambell To have a passion, is to live life to the fullest. With the energy and the zeal to fully enjoy each day. To wake up and do what you love and what motivates you. But sometimes we can feel like…

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