The Seed

Pearls Before Swine

It’s not always easy to endure, but may today be different. May the seeds of goodness root themselves in your souls. For without seeds the earth is barren land. Do not worry then if things do not start out as tree stumps, for even it started first as a seed. From there the seed grows roots and they lock and load themselves into position, like protest hands before the face of Civil Disobedience, we shall not be moved. Roots are the key, for once the roots have super glued themselves in good soil a seed gives birth and a tiny plant eventually breaks through. When this happens, we say that a seed has sprouted. And so, today, may your seed sprout. May it become one with the soil in which you’ve planted it, and may it root itself. Understand that it must first start off as a seed. Tiny. Unnoticeable…

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Danny’s World: Perfect Ending to a Great Day!

I finished up with a late-afternoon appointment with Seven Jars Distillery. (click to check out their website).  I’m going to be helping them with their marketing and the owner gave me a great bottle of wine.  It is peach-apricot Chardonnay and it is delicious.  The perfect ending to a great day!

Six Simple Steps To Help Find Your Passion

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures”. – Joseph Cambell To have a passion, is to live life to the fullest. With the energy and the zeal to fully enjoy each day. To wake up and do what you love and what motivates you. But sometimes we can feel like…

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Danny’s World: Sometimes It’s Not About Finding the Right Path, But About Finding the Right Person

Danny's iphone 009Sometimes success isn’t found when you find the right path, but in finding the right person.  For me this was definitely the case.  I spent many years throwing ideas against the proverbial wall only to experience failure after failure.  I lacked focus and ambition.  I was a wisher, not a doer.  I saw things I wanted, but was not able to construct the path to get to the goal.


All of that changed when I met my wife Evelina.  In her I found my focus and successes would soon follow.  I cannot explain why this happened except that she believed in me more than I believed in myself and she did not allow me to make excuses.

All those years I was looking for the right thing to do, when all along I needed the right person.

Danny’s World: Networking Lunch at Duckworth’s Grill!



A few months ago I formed a networking group with an old friend and golf pro friend of mine, Scott.  Today we are meeting for lunch at this nice little spot, Duckworth’s Grill, in south Charlotte.  Networking is crucial in business as it is often “not who you are, but who you know”.   Now it’s time to find a healthy food option!

Danny’s World: It’s Time To Re-Write My Goals

Danny's iphone 022I have written goals.  I believe those with written goals achieve more than those who do not.  I also know that my friends and associates who have written goals make more money than those who do not.  Simply put…people who have a plan are more successful than those who don’t.  Some will argue against this statement, but that is not the point of this post.   My point is that I need to re-write my goals for my professional life.

I’ve gotten a bit lazy in my professional life.  Now this is not to say I am lazy as I probably work harder than most people in sales.  But my goals are not to be life everyone else; I want to be elite and elite status requires elite effort.  Lately I have noticed my effort has been ordinary and complacent.

So I will spend the next week rethinking where I want to be and how much I want to make.  The most important reason I have written goals is to make sure I am comparing myself to my potential and not comparing myself to others.  I must aim for the highest bar and lose sight of what others are doing.

I’d be curious to know your thoughts on written goals.  Why do you or why don’t you write goals down?

Yes, She Stole a Cane…..

Who's My Favorite Today?

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Yes, you read the title correctly……  My three year old stole a cane…….from an old lady.  Okay, a very mature lady.

We went to a restaurant a few days ago and it was a buffet.  We don’t go to this type of restaurant often and it was the first time Kate had ever been.  I told her she had to come get food with me.  She said, “I’m going to sit at the table.  Just bring my food to me.”

Obviously she does not know how a buffet works.  I told her that she could not stay by herself at the table and she had to tell me what foods she wanted put on her plate.  Begrudgingly, she came with me.

As I was concentrating on the food and maneuvering the buffet, Kate was behind me at my elbow.  Next thing I hear from this lady in her 80’s, “Honey…

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Why It Is Important To Plan Your Disconnect Time


Danny's iphone 022This weekend Evelina and I decided to unplug and disconnect a bit.  She was on-call yesterday for work, but other than that slight inconvenience we decided to have some planned time away.  For me this was perfectly timed as I needed time to recharge following our vacation.  I know that might sound a bit ridiculous considering we returned from vacation on Tuesday, but the truth is the driving time zapped my energy.

I believe it is important to plan time away from technology.  It is important to plan time to decompress and do absolutely nothing.  Remember, life isn’t about working the hardest all the time; it’s about working the smartest all the time.  And sometimes the smart thing to do is…nothing!