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Last night was a rough night. I was in tremendous pain. Getting comfortable at night these days is almost impossible. The pain and stiffness in my legs have made finding a position to sleep almost zero. When I do finally fall asleep I toss and turn. Between the pain and tossing and turning I only get an average of two to three hours of sleep a night. I’m up usually by 1 am unable to go back to sleep.

That’s not what this post is about though. I’ve become kind of used to this nightly process.

This morning I thought to myself poor Greg! It doesn’t only affect me. It affects his sleep and his day as well.

I toss and turn not only moving the entire bed but most of the time I am unable to turn myself. This means I have to grab him and even wake him…

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Clayton Jones stopped by – Part 3 – Single Girls Rock

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When the Gentle Whispers & Loving Hugs of a Stranger Meant so Much

The Kindness Blog was my first follow 10 months ago. It is still one of my favorites!!

Kindness Blog

Eleven years ago, when I was a freshman in college, my boyfriend at the time fainted and busted his head pretty bad on the concrete outside of the cafeteria.

I have panic disorder, and at the time I was untreated, so this sent me into high anxiety while waiting in the ER waiting room.

I was crying hysterically and in the middle of a full-blown panic attack when this incredibly old woman walked across the waiting room and held me.

She kept whispering in my ear that everything would be OK and hugged me for a while until my sobbing calmed down.

She helped me through that panic attack and then just went and sat back near her family.

I thanked her, and I will never forget her kindness.

by ~ HoopyFrood

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A Single Donut

I have followed A New Perspective Perhaps for a very long time and love her posts. This is a great one and a perfect example of random acts of kindness.


There is a new teacher that has been having a difficult time controlling her class. She was a special education teacher in elementary school and is now teaching 8th grade Spanish. She has sent numerous emails and phone calls to parents begging for their help when it comes to their kids behavior. Luckily for me, my child is one who always gets a good report and for that I am truly grateful. Yesterday she sent an email telling the parents how well the kids behaved and how much they were able to accomplish in class. She mentioned it was her best day of teaching all year and little did the kids know it was also her birthday. When I read the email to my son and thanked him for always being respectful, he mentioned he would like to bring donuts in to celebrate her birthday. So today, I delivered donuts…

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Smile, it’s contagious

Positive actions are contagious…as are the negative!


accrareport_smile-1Recently I was working on a project where I have long term relationship with the organisation.  The team had always had its challenges and always had a challenging culture, but you would still largely find people who were happy and were passionate about seeing the team succeed.  Now it felt like everyone in the team was like one of those zombies in The Return of the Living Dead, but rather than eating brains they were just hanging out for a redundancy.

I felt it myself when

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Sharing is Caring: How Reblogging Helps Others and Yourself

photo 3So many of you are catching on to the good and proper use of reblogging.  It is one of the benefits of maintaining a page on the WordPress platform versus the self-hosted route.  Self-hosting allows for a tremendous amount of freedom and ways to advertise, monetize, etc., but self-hosting also has some mountainous challenges.

At any rate, reblogging is a perk of WP and I think everyone should take advantage and learn how to use the function properly. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind when reblogging:

  1. Always edit your reblogged post to include tags.  If you do not add tags then your post is only viewed by your readers, whereas, tags open the post up to the entire community.
  2. Reblog from the goodness of your heart.  I practice reblogging as a way of promoting others.  It was done for me by A Good Blog is Hard to Find and I give back to the community by doing the same.
  3. Reblogging helps you as well.  There will be times when another writer expresses an opinion or view about a topic you have posted about and they do a more succinct job.  When this happens, do not hesitate to offer this to your readers.  People are skimming their reader for a reason: they don’t want to work while at work!!  lol  So give them something to help avoid actually being productive!  They will thank you!!

With all that said, if you would like me to reblog one of your posts, click the link below:


Cracking Your Code

Every human is different and it goes to reason that medical care would vary based on the individual…right!? Check this post out on Peaceful Practice!

Integrative medicine is personalized medicine. When physicians use the functional approach to make a diagnosis, they trace the patient’s own timeline to find clues as to why an individual may have a certain condition. All too often, physicians advise treatments only because large studies concluded that a certain medication works.

weavingI believe that, while important, each individual has a specific physical, mental and emotional “tapestry” that needs to be understood. Not only by the physician, but by the person himself, in order to understand how all the threads weave into one other, contributing to a specific condition.

Many medical conditions, such as hypertension, have a strong lifestyle component contributing to the disease. Each of us needs to recognize how our lifestyle tendencies are shaped, usually early on.

My belief is that our anxieties result from not understanding what has shaped the parts of our lives we want to change…

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A Young Woman’s Kind Offer To Lonely Older Woman Finds Her A Friend For Life

Wow, now this is love in action. We should all take note.

Kindness Blog

Brooke Ochoa“Today I Went to eat at a restaurant for lunch and I saw this elder lady coming from afar so I waited to hold the door for her, she was very thankful and sweet.

She then told the waitress, “table for one”, so I waited and hesitated but then I walked over and said, “I’m eating by myself too would you like to have lunch together?”

She was ecstatic! Come to find out she spent the last decade living with her mom who recently passed away and her aunt who recently was put into a nursing home, so she has been having a hard time being alone.

We had a wonderful talk, and she just kept smiling and saying thank you for listening to me, which made me smile too!

Her words healed my heart just as much as i healed her lonely one. By far the best decision…

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