Happy 68th Birthday Tina Chow


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Today is the 68th birthday of the the model/designer/style icon Tina Chow. Her mixing of high and low fashion, minimalism, and androgynous styles was one of the first examples of an influence that is still felt…

Happy 105th Birthday Jim Backus


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Today is the 105th birthday of Jim Backus, everyone’s favorite millionaire shipwreck survivor.  Was I the only one that had the take away thought from “Gilligan’s Island” that money can’t buy everything?  Here he was, stranded on an…

Happy 71st Birthday Farrah Fawcett


Today is the 71st birthday of the actress Farrah Fawcett. She personified the 1970s, girls wanted to be her, copying her hairstyle; and guys wanted to be with her. She was on the cover of probably every magazine at some point, her famous poster is part of the American experience. The world is a better place because she was in it and still feels the loss that she has left.

NAME: Farrah Fawcett
OCCUPATION: Actress, Classic Pin-Ups
BIRTH DATE: February 2, 1947
DEATH DATE: June 25, 2009
EDUCATION: University of Texas at Austin, W. B. Ray High School in Corpus Christi, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Corpus Christi
PLACE OF BIRTH: Corpus Christi, Texas
PLACE OF DEATH: Santa Monica, California
REMAINS: Buried, Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles, CA
HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME: 7057 Hollywood Blvd (television)


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Happy 58th Birthday Michael Stipe


Today is the 58th birthday of Michael Stipe. He and his band play a major role in the soundtrack of my life, I may have forgotten that a bit, but writing this and looking through the videos caused a rush of memories and chills. I love Michael Stipe. There even was a time that I would cross paths with him in Seattle. The world is a better place because he is in it.


NAME: Michael Stipe
OCCUPATION: Music Producer, Songwriter, Activist, Singer
BIRTH DATE: January 4, 1960
EDUCATION: University of Georgia
PLACE OF BIRTH: Decatur, Georgia
HEIGHT: 5′ 9″

BEST KNOWN FOR: Michael Stipe is best known as the frontman of the influential alternative rock band R.E.M.

Born John Michael Stipe on January 4, 1960, in Decatur, Georgia, singer, songwriter and producer Michael Stipe is best known as the frontman for the…

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