Danny’s World: Is Having a Good or Bad Day Really Up To You?

Danny's iphone 022I opened up Facebook this morning to check the Dream Big fan page and the first post I see on my personal page is “I hope today is a better day than yesterday”.  Apparently this person had a bad day yesterday and was speaking to the universe in order to gain favor and have a great day today.  I wonder, though, if having a good or bad day is up to us or up to happenstance?

I believe we are each the author of our own life.  We have the power in our mind to maintain perspective and keep a positive view of things which in turn helps to make every day a better day.  To hope for a better day, in my opinion, is all about attitude.  You either allow events to impact you so greatly that you take on a bad mood…or you let events run off you like water off a duck’s back.  Of course I am talking about daily life stuff, not death, critical injuries, miscarriages, disease diagnoses, etc.

I try to maintain the perspective that I am in control of the way I respond to what happens around me throughout the day.  I cannot control what happens but I can control me.

Choose to be Happy

Live Free, Live Healthy believes your attitude is your choice and I agree wholeheartedly! Another great post showing us that you must make the effort to focus your mind on the positives of life and minimize the negatives.

Live Free, Live Healthy

Every single day. No matter if the temperature has dropped down to 37, if the cat bit your toe while you got dressed in the dark at 5AM, if you spilled hot chocolate down the front of your white blouse, if your bedroom window has a draft, if your coworker doesn’t save you a spot at the lunch table—you make the choice, in every moment of every day, to be happy.

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4 Simple Ways to Combat Life’s Difficult Moments

4In doing my research for my 6am est post, I found this article on PsychCentral (one of my fave sites, btw).  It provides 4 very simple habits to develop that will help you overcome challenges and deal with difficult times.


On the wrong boat…

An interesting post about solving one’s own problem. In this instance, the writer followed the dream and passion!

Coaching in Jamaica


I have to come up with a catching title and something interesting to say for a least 400 words. Sometimes, like today, its a little bit daunting. The trick, is simply to begin. If each journey begins with a single step…then each blog post must begin with a single word…it’s amazing what gratitude brings as well as being true to yourself.

Last week I walked away from an amazing opportunity that would lead almost definitely to having lots of money. I was told that I was making the wrong decision, that I was jumping ship before I learnt to row.

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A society with messed up values

A thought provoking post. I agree on most points, especially the point concerning fast food. Things that make you go hmmm….

Grow with me

A couple weeks ago, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend. I was telling him that I don’t have facebook on my phone because the app is too heavy (takes up too much space) and my phone cannot handle it. Surprisingly, he told me his phone cannot handle whatsapp!

Clearly, we should get new phones.

But we are both reluctant. We both shared our reasons.

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Decision Time

Not everyone has the gift of being able to work through problems and make good decisions.  If you struggle with making good decisions maybe you need a plan or formula with which to work.  This should help get you moving in the right direction:


image credit: shutterstock

image credit: shutterstock

Big Dreamer


Life is a series of choices and decisions.  We have all the power in our lives and when you realize this fact and take hold of the power, your life will begin to skyrocket.  This is one of the best articles I have ever shared on life, choices and decisions.  Check it out:


image credit: tastygolffish

image credit: tastygolffish

Big Dreamer