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A new blog I’ve found and thought a few of my fellow MS folks might enjoy also.

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Hi Friends! Happy NYE!!!!!

We are this close to saying goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019! I pray that you all have a safe evening and your new year kicks off to a good start.

Respect. We all chat about it and need to have it. Many have the philosophy that respect should be given while others believe that respect is earned. I believe it’s both.

As a fellow Human being I believe we should respect each other. Meaning, I should respect your space, family dynamics, culture, physical capabilities etc. Our society has gotten to a place where people can’t be themselves without someone being out of order. Many people have a target on their back just for “looking” different or being different from the marginal lines and it really sucks. So in order for you to respect me, I need to respect you as well.

On the contrary…

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The Journey Begins – The Pursuit of Joy Blog (reblog)

Hey everyone, anyone? Or just me! I’m Hannah and I am on a pursuit to find joy in life as things have been tough lately. Don’t get me wrong, I have a roof over my head, I have a loving …

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Rituxan instead of Ocrevus | Multiple experienceS

Going to see my neurologist, on my mind was questions of whether to stay on Ocrevus. I felt if I was still declining so much why be on a drug that can come with some serious side effects.

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A Matter of Perspective: Changing The Way We Think About Our Chronic Illness

Reclaiming HOPE


I have a dear friend whose grandson is exceptionally bright and observant. Whenever we see each other, I look forward to her “Colton Stories.” The last one went something like this: He started asking his grandparents if they drove on the grass. Whenever they told him no, he would say, “Mama drives on the grass.” Of course, his mom denied it, but they just could not convince him that she didn’t drive on the grass. It took them a while, but they finally figured how why he was so convinced that she did. From his vantage point in his car seat all he could see beside him was grass. He didn’t have sight of the road so he thought it wasn’t there.

My favorite part of the story came at the very end…. My friend was on the way to the mall with Colton and his mom and he…

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Biking for a World Free MS | Multiple experienceS

Why We Want to Create a World Free of MS 9! years ago, when I said I wanted to ride 30 Miles for an MS Bikeathon, my step-but-real sister Jamie said “I…

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Football, Food, and Fibromyalgia: Finding Joy In The Simple Things

Reclaiming HOPE

Football, Food, And Fibromyalgia: Finding Joy In The Simple Things, https://reclaiminghope.blogSo yesterday was the official start of football season in our house. I think it technically started last Thursday, but we only watch the games when one of our teams is playing. We have a divided household (I’m a Panthers fan, hubby’s a Giants fan) so when either team is playing, you can find us in front of the TV rooting for whoever’s team is playing. It only gets ugly if they play each other. 😂

Whenever we have a game, I make some kind of snacks. Yesterday it was simple — I put some wings in the air fryer then tossed them in sauce when they came out, and made cold spinach dip with veggies. Sometimes I cook something that’s a little more labor-intensive, but it’s not really what we’re eating or even the football game that’s important. What’s important is that we’re able to spend some time together…

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Weight, Multiple Sclerosis and me | Multiple experienceS

I had my physical yesterday and brought up my favorite topic, weight. Once again I put on a couple of pounds. This has been a very frustrating year for me when it came to weight. My doctor finally…

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Review – 31 Days of Expressive Writing for Chronic Illness and Pain

Being Lydia!

“I have been given this course as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although this course was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

“31 Days of Expressive Writing for Chronic Illness and Pain” is an online course from Esther at Life In Slow Motion. The course gives you 10 – 15-minute journaling assignments to help you work through your feelings, grief, and other personal responses to life with chronic illness and/or pain.

I have to say that this was an experience far beyond what I expected, in a very positive way. It taught me that I wasn’t as “okay” with my health situation as I thought I was. And it also showed me that as a writer, I wasn’t using my skills to help me. I use my blog to share my stories…

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Medical news today article about MS ‘mediator of the disease’ | Multiple experienceS

Interesting article in medical news today. Brain inflammation is a marker of multiple sclerosis…

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Intermittent fasting 2 months later | Multiple experienceS

So I’m still doing intermittent fasting. In case you don’t know, this site offers a great beginners guide to fasting For me I…

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