Cog Fog and Brain Zaps?!

Tripping Through Treacle

I continue to be off work for the time being, awaiting my Access to Workreport regarding adaptations and aids that may support me to remain in work. All this time off has done the world of good for my MS, I have to say. Unfortunately, I can’t say that my symptoms have magically disappeared, but Ihavefound them a lot easier to manage, as I have had the time to rest, sleep and stretch as much as my body needs to. Whether it is because I have had more time on my hands to think, or because they have been changing, I am unsure, but I have been much more aware of my symptoms over recent months.

I have writtenbeforeabout how my MS affects me, both physically and psychologically. Over the past year, since taking up blogging, I have had the opportunity to make new ‘MS…

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Danny’s World: MS Can’t Hold Me Down-Obstacles Are Designed To Be Overcome

I know a lot of my readers suffer from chronic pain and I try to be an example of how to fight back.  Today I went for a quick walk.  I didn’t want to and my body yelled at me every step of the way, but I know I have to do it.  I look at exercise like this…if I don’t force my body to move, then MS wins.  I know a lot of you don’t exercise because you have told me so.  You have said it hurts too bad.  You have said you are too tired.  I get it.

I almost had to call Evelina to come and get me, but I didn’t.  I willed myself to finish what I started because in the long run it will benefit me more than sitting around doing nothing.  Do you think I want to?  No, I would rather sit and do nothing.

To those who tell me they cannot I would challenge you to begin thinking about what you can do instead of what you cannot do.  If you can only walk to the end of the driveway then do so.  If you can do arm lifts from your chair, then do so.  If you can swim in the pool, then do so.  Do what you can do, but don’t settle for doing nothing.

And it begins by putting one foot in front of the other.

Dizzy’s top tips for keeping cool!

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

Summer is on it’s way and me and Dizzy have definitely noticed an increase in humidity! For us this means being even more dizzy…

Heat is known for making MS symptoms grumpy so we’ve put together our top 5 tips for helping stay cool this Summer! 🙂

  1. Drinks lots and lots and lots!

Dizzythedonkey mug

2. Wear thin clothing and make sure you’re protected from the sun if you’re outside for long periods of time.

Dizzy went for the largest hat she could find…

Dizzythedonkey hat

3. If you’re out and about take a cooling kit with you! In ours we have water, a fan and cooling spray.

Dizzythedonkey cooling kit

4. Find ways to help cool you down. This could include having a cold drink, having a cool baths/shower or splashing about in a paddling pool.

Dizzy found a bird bath…

Dizzythedonkey bath.JPG

5. Find cool places to stay in.

Dizzy suggested sitting in the fridge to help keep cool but I think she…

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Revelation–Daily Prompt


revelationI was sixty years old when I received the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. About two years prior to that, I began experiencing some mobility and hand weakness problems. The doctor I was seeing did not see the need for further testing. When I changed insurance companies in January 2012, I scheduled an appointment with a new physical therapist. She told me that she couldn’t help me until I had my hip looked at by an orthopedist. Eventually, I received notice that I needed my hip replaced. So, silly me, I thought all my troubles would be over.

After the hip replacement in October 2012, all of the leg, foot (foot drop), and hand weakness remained. Several MRIs later showed that I had MS. That came on January 4, 2013. It was a huge revelation to me and my world spun off into a new trajectory. I was shocked, relieved, devastated…

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Danny’s World: My Current Situation

Danny's iphone 1063
Lunch – check

Meds – check

Stats update – check

I appreciate the kind well-wishes.  I’m feeling a bit better than this morning thank goodness.  I have learned the valuable lesson of listening to my body.  When it says it’s time to rest, then it’s time to rest!

An Impossibility? Maintaining an Exercise Routine when Chronically Ill

Tripping Through Treacle

I worked an extra day over the summer, which means that I have an extra day off this week as lieu time – yippee!  I purposefully waited to take it once the kids were back at school.  I feel a bit guilty about this in some ways – perhaps I should have taken it off in the holidays – but I know that having a few days in a row to completely chill out and concentrate on me would do me and my MS, the world of good.

On Monday, after dropping the kids off on their first day back at school (see my thoughts on this here), Hubs and I went out for breakfast – beans on toast and OJ for me – and I then went back to bed for a nap.  A blissful, 3 hour nap.  I definitely needed it, as I woke up feeling more…

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Danny’s World: Out Sick Today

When I woke up this morning one of the things I wasn’t excited about was the pain and burning in my legs and hips.  Sometimes MS rears its ugly head so it looks like I’m staying home with this little fella today.

Not too familiar with MS?  Here’s an infographic to explain!

Image result for multiple sclerosis symptoms infographic


Symptoms: fatigue, numbness, vision problems, muscle spasms, mobility issues, pain, depression, anxiety, etc.

Do I Know You


After an 11 day stay in the hospital, numerous MRI’s, every test known to man, and a lumbar puncture I was finally able to go home.

I was still having difficulty walking. Every step was like the first. I imagined this being what a baby felt like taking his/her first steps. I was actually telling myself ok leg move forward. As if telling my leg would make it go. I could take a couple steps and stop. My brain just not able to make a connection with my body. I walked sideways and backwards. I was happy just to move but I wondered if I would ever make it to my destination. Which was only about 20 steps to the restroom.

My hands were much the same. Shaking and forget picking anything up or holding it. At times my hands were stuck or drawn up. Eating or doing anything with…

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Life Update: Symptoms, Work, Home

Tripping Through Treacle

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post… I seem to have lost a bit of my blogging ‘mojo’, so to speak.  This is ironic, as I have a bit more time at the moment to blog due to being medically signed off work (as my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are making it a struggle).  I’ve been dealing for some time now with high levels of fatigue and mobility difficulties (it is exhausting constantly feeling like you have a drag a heavy lump around, when it is actually just your leg).  Somewhat unsurprisingly I guess, being off work has not lessened my MS symptoms… it has just meant that I am able to adjust my lifestyle and plan my days more to accommodate them.  For me, this means taking a daily nap  – I can guarantee that this will make me feel somewhat better and more awake for…

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Another Hospital Trip, Another Purple Dress

h048017_13Daily Prompt – Better

I am late to the party on this daily prompt word (it is from Saturday). However, when I finally checked it I couldn’t resist as it is the perfect word on so many levels.

  1. On Friday at 2:20 pm (exactly 2 hours late), I was wheeled into the operating room for my hernia repair. The on-again-off-again-on-again surgery was finally happening. Since I only had around 48 hours notice, I was feeling better about it – not so much time to stress out.
  2. Much of the stress I was feeling about moving also melted away with the surgery. I can’t lift for 2-6 weeks and we are going to be in our new place two weeks from today (Saturday). I have packed about all I can and now I just leave it in the capable hands of Hubby, friends and, of course, God.
  3. I was able to handle…

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