If the World Gives You Beauty, Immortalize It With Words



Hello World! My name is Rafa Farihah, your neighborhood noob blogger. Just kidding, I have no idea where any of you live. I reside in the one and only Houston. I am a freshman at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. And no, we do NOT ride horses to college.

As I created this blog, I signed up for a workshop called Blogging 101 which hopefully molds my amateur blogging skills into something much more appealing to myself and others. Moreover, I began blogging as an attempt to share my passion of fashion , photography, and writing. Blogging is a wonderful mode of communicating with people across the globe, all unique in their backgrounds, experiences, and viewpoints.

I would like to share with you how I observe the world through my pupils and hopefully inspire someone, somewhere, somehow. Since my childhood, I have moved from New Jersey, to India, to…

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“I See Skies of Blue, Clouds of White!”

Being Lydia!

I mentioned in my recent post “Where There Is Fire…,” that smoke has been traveling down to the coast from a horrific number of wild fires all over my province of British Columbia, Canada.

The skies have been gray with no clouds or view of the mountains. The sun and moon have been strangely colored with shades of orange and red.

But yesterday changed all that with a blue sky peeking through and wisps of white cloud. Today, the clouds are puffy – hopefully filled with much needed rain.

I am breathing easier as well, which is another sign that the smoke is lifting. I have a migraine but can attribute this one to a clogged sinus. I am not happy to have that, but it beats the alternative.

Unfortunately, we are not at the end of the fire season. There are many still burning out of control…

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Cyranny's cove

I have super powers, it seems.

Well, I might be exagerating a bit here. I have super power, according to some people; I can collect their wandering thoughts, and it has been brought to my attention a number of times.

It comes as no surprise, because I hung out with my own Professor Xavier, and he read my mind more times than I can recall. My guess is that he induced me the telepathic gift as some sort of inheritage.

A movement has started to spread on Word Press. After the big success of the blockbuster “Signs”, (*coughing*) many people are aware that the only way to stop a mind reader, is to wear a proper tin foil hat!

You don’t believe me? Here are satisfied customers….


Colin from Scottish Legends

Picture 4 (2) (1)

Suze from Obsolete Childhood

My power is growing by the day… I just want to be fair and…

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How Did He Speak To You?

Two Are Better Than One

Good morning, friends!  Happy Monday! I trust that your weekend was a good one. Did you fill your cup? There are always so many fun events to attend during the summer, and it’s virtually impossible to choose sometimes. I hope you made it to that concert series in the park or that beautiful outdoor wedding. Perhaps you got a massage or met a few friends for brunch. Maybe you just lounged on the couch all weekend because that’s what you really needed. No matter what you did or didn’t do, I hope that it benefited you.

Yesterday I spoke to you about sound advice and referenced John 10:1. Since we get messages all day long, it’s important to tune in to the ones from God. Spending time with him is essential to knowing his voice. His “true sheep” know his voice and will not be led astray by unfamiliar…

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Strength Through Struggle

Reclaiming HOPE

GrapesThe other week I was watching a movie and one of the characters made the statement that the best wine came from grapes grown in rocky soil. Being the naturally inquisitive (okay, nosy might be more accurate) person that I am, I decided to do a little research. Guess what? It’s true. Who knew? Well, maybe you did….

This was really interesting to me because as a gardener, I spend a lot of time trying to make sure my soil is in great condition for the plants to grow. I try to do everything I can to make it easy for them to produce beautiful, healthy vegetables. If I don’t, I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be shopping at the grocery store instead of in my back yard, so the idea of plants thriving in poor soil is almost a foreign concept to me.

Why would a plant actually produce…

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A Short Break to Write My Fitness Book

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Taking a short blog break

A Short Blogging Break for August and September

As much as I dearly love blogging, I need to take somewhat of a break. By “break” I mean that I will only participate in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge, with my posts publishing on Fridays. It is a fun challenge for those who dabble in photography and often make for interesting blog posts.

The photo challenge has been responsible for almost of half of my followers, and according to WordPress analytics, Friday is my most popular day, with over 20% of page views and engagement.

Why am I taking a break?

I need to focus these next two months on writing and finalizing the first draft of my next book “No Excuses Fitness.”

And now that I am nursing a fractured right hand (fell while walking my dogs), I have fallen behind in the writing department!

I go back to teaching…

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Therapy Bits

staring blankly
lost in a fog
hazy, dizzy
feeling so many things
wanting an end
an end to the heartache
to the memories
to the pain
going a little insane
not wanting to be
to scared to cry
or ask why

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