Bravely Step Forward

Aria-Bella Rises



The Angels and all the magicness of the universe truly believe that you can do anything you possibly put your mind too. So bravely step forward into unknown territory. Into feeling amazing every day. Into being boldly you.

You have the power and strength at your disposal – so use it!

Choose to no longer be afraid of what is coming – instead open your arms wide and embrace every experience of this human life. Soak it up like a parched plant.

“I bravely step forward in all areas of my life, knowing I am fully supported and I will rock it no matter what comes my way”

We are all behind you, cheering you on with pom poms a bouncing and whistles a blowing.

Till next time… keep walking your spiritual path xx

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Here and Now (not a “feel good” show) and the scenes to Focus on in Episode 1 if you are adoptive parents.

Lifting Taboos


This new show  on HBO called Here and Now has received pretty bad reviews. As a Haitian, Black adoptee, I can give you my thoughts on why the reviews have been so bad. But that is not what I would like to focus on here. I want to focus on why it should actually be receiving raving reviews not just from the US, but from all around the world.

Adoption concepts, complexities, and a myriad of issues pervadesthis show like I have never seen before. It deals with VERY real issues adoptees face in general; and adoptees of color who are living in predominantly white homes will really be able to relate to how the adopted children in this show grapple, handle and deal with their pain, frustration, and very “loving” but ignorant white parents.

This is not a “feel good” show. After every episode, I found myself feeling very…

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Remembering Cheyenne: RIP Clint Walker

cracked rear viewer

At six-foot-six, Clint Walker certainly rode tall in the saddle. The actor, who died yesterday at age 90, was television’s first cowboy hero developed for the medium, and his popularity opened the floodgates for a slew of TV Westerns to follow. Walker also fared well on the big screen, and while not in the same stratosphere of John Wayne or Clint Eastwood, his movie career deserves a second look.

As Cheyenne Bodie (1955-63)

Born in Illinois in 1927, the seventeen year old Norman Walker joined the Merchant Marines for a spell, then worked a series of blue-collar jobs before being discovered by talent agent Henry Willson, who got him a small part in the 1954 Bowery Boys comedy JUNGLE GENTS, playing an ersatz Tarzan. Bit parts followed, until his burly presence and rugged good looks landed him the lead in a new TV series called CHEYENNE. Cheyenne Bodie was television’s…

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Putting My Feet in the Dirt 11

The Bag Lady

Looks like me, bit of a swell

Cleans microwaves very well

Neither of us have witchy warts

But she’s a kitchen witch of sorts.


Fill her with water and vinegar

Make sure that her hair’s not ajar

Then put her in the microwave

Lots of scrubbing does she save.


Notice the resemblance?😀

May Writing Prompts

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Seeds of Growth – Do the things that make life interesting

Spread the love  I have been on this planet for the better part of 45 years. And for those 45 years I have been literally challenged. I mean challenged with literature! I have completed my Elementary English class assignments and had  read only the assigned readings. The years in University were spent reading various beer … Continue reading “Seeds of Growth”

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Adventures in Volunteering- Kidsitting


This gallery contains 12 photos.

Originally posted on WRITE OUTSIDE:
Not all volunteering has to involve helping strangers in need. When looking for volunteering opportunities I also looked in my inner circle as well. Close friends of ours are parents to two young children. In…

My Dream Big New Year’s Eve Observation: 12/31/17


A few things happened with Dream Big in 2017 that I am extremely proud as the achievements represent a lot of hard work.  That’s important to me because, contrary to popular belief, I am not a full-time blogger; I do this as a hobby.

In 2017 Dream Big nearly surpassed 1 million total views for my 3 years in existence, making up a lot of ground toward that goal this year with just under 600,000 total views.  Wow!  That broke down into nearly 500 unique visitors to the page each day for a yearly total of almost 180,000 unique individuals visiting Dream Big.  Those numbers still stagger me and humble me.

I never, ever thought I would be able to have this many people visit my page on a daily basis and that is one of the reasons I try to say thank you so much.  I love my page and I try to put a lot of thought and effort into what I think you guys and gals might be interested in or might want to read.

Once again, THANK YOU to all of you who visit, like, share, email and comment.  It means the absolute world to me that you would even take the time from your day and read something I write; much less take even more time and comment!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and if there is anything I can ever do to help you as a blogger please don’t hesitate to email.  I think most of you have experienced that I will always do what ever I can to help you.

What are some of the goals you have for your page for 2018?  I’d love to read about them in the comments!

Cheers to a successful 2018 for everyone!

Your friend,




My Dream Big Observation: 12/30/17


For those of you who have followed me for any length of time you’ll know that this time of year I go into hyper-introspection mode.  My habit is to evaluate my performance from the past year and develop a plan to get better; whatever that means.  Usually this evaluation relates to my work and blog,  but this year 100% of my evaluation and goal setting will pertain to my marriage.

2017 saw me meet all of my goals as they relate to my webpage, which always makes me happy.  I also met all of my professional goals, which also makes me happy.

But the area that I have not put much goal-focus toward in the past is my marriage and I’m not sure why.  My mission for 2018 is to spend the entire year “dating” my wife.  I want to pursue her, impress her, love her as I did when we were dating.  I don’t believe that the honeymoon period has to end.  I believe it ends because we don’t put forth the same level of effort.

So here’s my marriage mission statement for 2018: “In all things, never stop dating my wife.”  It is simple, effective and will serve as a great reminder to me to make sure we are my number one focus.

Do you make an effort to continue to pursue your spouse/significant other?  Should you?

My Dream Big Observation: 12/29/17


Evelina and I had a conversation last night about some young people with whom she works.  I don’t want to generalize, but when I added her experience to those I’ve had with the millennials in the newspaper biz, I am left with a little fear for our future.  Now before some of you blow up my email inbox, I’m not saying that every single youngster has all the same problems.  But I am beginning to notice that the vast majority of the younger generation display many of the same social issues at work.

In this situation a young man was stressing over talking to his boss at the firm about being uncomfortable with a few tasks he has recently been delegated and confided in my wife for advice.  She explained to the lad that he needed to go to his boss and be honest, explain his situation and talk through the problem.  After many minutes of giving advice the youngster asked my wife to go have the conversation for him.  Obviously she didn’t.

Last night when Evelina and I were talking about the situation she explained to me that this boy didn’t comprehend how to express himself to his boss.  In his view this was conflict and he had no clue how to proceed.  The sad thing is I see this in millennials my company has hired time after time after time.  We’ve had them quit without calling in.  We’ve had them take multiple days off without letting anyone know they weren’t coming in.  We’ve had them crying at work because of a simple reprimand and admonishment.

To make sure I’m not generalizing I reached out to three friends who work in HR for three separate companies and they experience the same challenges.  I’m not sure why, but it seems that this generation has an issue with communication, work skills and basic social etiquette.  One of our papers hired a young man who said “cool” so often that they couldn’t put him in front of clients.  I know the managers attempted to coach him, but he didn’t possess the professional skills required to speak (for lack of better words) like an adult.

And there are countless articles I’ve read that express a similar theme: our young people have been raised in an online world and many simply don’t feel comfortable speaking to live human beings in a professional setting.  And I can confirm that this is 1000% my experience with them.  Most don’t understand the value of a firm handshake.  They don’t feel comfortable, nor understand, how to conduct themselves in a professional business dinner meeting.  They don’t possess the skill set to sit down and speak with a business owner and simply partake in small talk.

And don’t even get me started on time management.

According to my HR friends the problems they most often deal with when working with younger employees are as follows: they give up easily when challenged.  They think  admonishment is bullying.  They show up late and want to leave early.  Many lack the ability to communicate in writing.  They lack the ability to problem-solve.  They struggle when working on projects in groups.  They struggle in interviews.  And they lack the ability to negotiate through workplace conflicts.

When I listened to my friend Donna talk about her young employees I couldn’t help but feel so many emotions.  What is happening to our younger generations?  It almost feels like “internet-gone-wrong”.  What I mean is that we unleashed the internet on a population of youngsters and had no clue what impact it would have on them.  Let’s face it, we know what Facebook has done to productivity at work among adults!  Adults spend up to 8 hours per week on their personal device while on the job.  And if the digital world is having such a dramatic impact on adults, imagine what it is doing to our children!

Industries that rely on skilled labor are struggling.  Industries which rely on inside and outside sales staff are struggling.  Industries which rely on face-to-face, real-life interactions are struggling to find and keep younger employees and I have no clue what the solution might be; and neither does anyone else.  I’ve not read a single industry-related publication that has announced “We figured it out!”.  Quite the contrary.  Industry leaders are perplexed.

One article I read relabeled the Millennial generation as “Generation Lacking” and, sadly, I must agree.  The saddest part of all is none of this is their fault!!  They’ve been raised in a world which puts more emphasis on social media than on social interaction.

My final conclusion is that in 100 years experts will look back at what we did to these kids by allowing them to have smart devices at such young ages much like we now view the use of mercury in making hats so many years ago.


My Dream Big Observation: 12/27/17


Another year and another Christmas gone.  This year it seemed like Christmas flew by like a flash.  I find that sad.

I love Christmas and look forward to every aspect.  I love putting the tree up after Thanksgiving.  I love plugging it in in the morning as I drink my cup of coffee and write.  I love watching as the presents slowly pile up.  I love getting out in the hustle-and-bustle.

And now it’s gone just like it goes every year.  So why am I more sad this year more than before?  I’m not sure.  Maybe because I’m getting older and I realize and appreciate the moments more?  Maybe I appreciate the fact that we are not guaranteed tomorrow?  Maybe because once Christmas is gone the rest of life seems much less magical?  Maybe all of the above.

Soon we will take down our tree and Christmas 2017 will be all but a memory.  Work begins again and new expectations will  be doled out.  People will no longer feel any obligation to give or help or care.  Maybe that is what makes me the most sad is that people will go right back to caring about themselves and focusing on others much less; ignoring those who need help.  Most people pay lip service to helping, but the numbers reveal that the vast majority do not help consistently throughout the year.

And that makes me sad.