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Blog of a Mad Black Woman!

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

Life is short, fragile and does not wait for anyone. There will never be a perfect time to pursue your dreams & goals.


Go for it!

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Becoming a More Positive Person

Reflect and Refresh gives some great insight and tips to changing your mindset to be more positive. The last sentence deals with something I have said before: volunteering will change your mindset.

Reflect & Refresh

Happy young man looking up to the sky holding both hands in the

Sometimes life will serve us all with conditions that may seem impossible to think positively about, but this is almost rarely the case.

I know this because within three months of each other, both of my childhood dogs and my music teacher, who was also a close family friend, passed away.

However, in the midst of school resuming, I had no time to devote to truly getting over these things, and depression and anxiety soon dominated my life.

I began to see a therapist because I knew I wasn’t feeling up to par, and she’s taught me how to change my negative thought patterns and to put things into perspective.

We could all stand to be more positive, so here are some tips for doing just that the next time you start to see a little too much of Holden Caulfield in yourself.

#1. Observe.

The first step in becoming a more…

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Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better.

For many of us, achieving a fresh start starts with a renewing of the mind and fresh new, positive thoughts!

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Emmagc75's Blog

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Food for thought

Do you take time to consider how others view the world? Or, do you dig in to defend your point of view come hell or high water? I’m not saying one way is better than the other, but I sure learn more when I consider the validity of the counter-point.

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What is Self-Discovery, and Why It’s 10X Better Than Advice

When you look deep inside, you will find the answers for yourself. Your passion, your purpose, your mission is all right there waiting for you to discover or rediscover. It doesn’t require you to go anywhere, it doesn’t require you buy anything. What is required is honesty and reflection.

Now that you know why advice doesn’t always work, here’s your next steps.

Dig deep into your own brainstorming session to discover a solution that works for you. Self-discovery thinking will be the most meaningful path to go from stuck to ultimate peace, freedom and peace because it’s based on your thoughts, beliefs, fears and aspirations. Advice from others, can’t possibly understand that because it lacks the intrinsic learning that you need.

Self-discovery is a practice that helps you ask the tough questions of yourself. When you’re feeling stuck on a particular choice or decision in your life, think of all the unknowns right now. Write out the questions you wish you had the answers for. What would give you peace of mind? What reduces your risk? What would make this change easier?

“Capture your thoughts and learn to be your own sounding board.” – Jessica Manca

Here’s five…

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Yes, Your Opinion Can Be Wrong

Just because you have an opinion, doesn’t mean you are right. It is imperative that you inform yourself and develop a well thought out and educated opinion. DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE RIGHT, ASSUME YOU ARE WRONG!! Then develop your opinion through research and information.

(Do yourself a favor and watch the TED video)


The worst phrase to show up in any discussion: “It’s just my opinion.”

Is your opinion informed with cogent facts? It could very well be right. And more than likely, you will not preface the statement with “It’s just my opinion…’

Is your opinion something you pull out of your ass in a fit of emotional apoplexy that someone else sees the world differently than you? You more than likely will be wrong… and saying, “It’s just my opinion” does not change that. Moreover, if you are right, it is a complete and utter accident that had nothing to do with your stating the point… at all.

I spend far more time arguing on the Internet than can possibly be healthy, and the word I’ve come to loath more than any other is “opinion”. Opinion, or worse “belief”, has become the shield of every poorly-conceived notion that worms its way…

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99 Funny and Thought Provoking Random Thoughts

Sir Bentley

Sir Bentley

Today I am taking a break from my usual programming and relaxing.  No serious posts or deep thoughts.  No challenges.  Just chill and relax.


7 Rules To Live By For A Better Life

These 7 rules are a great start to finding more fulfillment in life.

James Michael Sama

As I sit here to write this, the first article produced in my new apartment, I look around and reflect on the previous few months of life. Much has changed. Things are crazier, hectic, and in some ways, uprooted. I look around, though, at this beautiful place I’ve become fortunate enough to live in. The music in my headphones is mildly sentimental, and tonight we celebrate a special occasion.

It’s all a bit surreal, actually. For seemingly the first time in months, there is, but for a brief moment – calmness. Nowhere to rush to quite yet, no clients to call, no errands to run. Just some time to sit and wonder.

To sit and wonder how I have handled all of the transitions that have happened in my life recently. Have I been the best son? Brother? Boyfriend? Have I let the stress get to me even when I…

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Why You Should Stop Striving to Be Happy

nro1z-happiness-1I was talking with my friend Stephen several weeks ago about life in general while we were grilling out.  In our discussion the topic of happiness came up and both of us came to the same conclusion: people who set their goals around “being happy” are in for a frustrating life.  I have spent more time kicking the idea around in my head and decided to put some thoughts down on paper.

The basic premise of our talk was that happiness is an emotion not a state of being and that striving to be happy as a life goal is futile.  So that we are all working with the same understanding of happy, The Oxford Dictionary defines it as: feeling or showing joy or contentment.

Here is the problem I see with setting a goal to be happy.  Happiness is an emotion and like all emotions they fluctuate according to many different variables.  When I stated my belief that happiness as a goal is a futile endeavor , I liken it to shooting at a moving target.  Each time you get going in the right direction the destination changes, thus leaving you driving yourself mad! This causes people to use up lots of energy and time and most often results in aggravation.

The next issue I have with setting happiness as a goal is it is nearly impossible to define.  Seriously, what is happiness?  What does it mean to be happy?  It’s not just that the meaning of happiness changes from person to person, but our own understanding of happiness can change from moment to moment!  What makes a person happy now very well may make them sad in a few months!

See, as an emotion, happiness is a temporary state never intended to be a long-term condition. Happiness occurs in specific moments when our brain releases serotonin in response to certain stimuli. It is impossible and impractical to live in a constant state of happiness. We experience sadness, fear, anger and happiness. Each of the 4 will jump in the front seat at certain times, serve their purpose, then return to the rear of the vehicle. Expecting happiness to always be present will always lead to frustration and disappointment!

All too often, people feel sad or angry or fearful and wonder what is wrong; why don’t I feel happy.  Well you were not built to feel happy all the time.

photo 3I believe it is time to ditch trying to be “happy.”

In its place I think you should aim to be fulfilled.   Oxford Dictionary defines being fulfilled as:  being satisfied or happy because of fully developing one’s abilities or character.   See the difference?  Happiness is a byproduct of being fulfilled, not vice versa.  So the question to ask oneself should be what will fulfill my life?  What ability or character trait can I fully develop that will create in me a feeling of being satisfied or happy?  Now we are on to something!  The target just stopped moving and we have a clear, focused shot.

Now determining what will make you fulfilled is an entirely new conversation, but the process begins with deep introspection and contemplation.  I will leave that for a different post.

Just a thought to get your day started off on the right foot!!