[145] A Visitor In Your Park

Smoke words every day.

The air feels heavy
when I feel your presence around
even when I know you’re not around
I think the grudges we hold weigh more
than what forgiveness makes us feel

I stumble on our memory
as I walk on the same paths of yesterday
I feel your presence again in this park
like the smell of the rain in the sunshine
or how you always had the intuition
of the onset of a disease

Wilted leaves fall outside of time
The ground turns brown
The sky turns grey
The visitors of this park seem to fall away
due to an onset of a disease called rain
I stand my ground withholding the temptation
to escape or run away in/from your words

The rain digs the graves
The visitors fall in it
I feel your presence again
but this time I watch you watching me
like you want to capture…

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My Week 167: My Book, Titus Learns Some Shocking News, Beelzebub’s Elevator


Two Worlds Collide

Last week I mentioned that I’d just had my first novel published in my other, non-blogging life. In THAT life, I write Young Adult fiction and it’s very different from what I write here. I normally keep those two worlds separate, but I’ve had several people message me wanting to know more about the book. I’ve never been very comfortable with self-promotion (I was actually at Chapters Indigo yesterday to talk to them about an upcoming book signing, and I was super-nervous just to do that), but I’m going to put it out here. And please, if you’re really not interested in this, skip down to the next bit, where Titus and I have a revealing conversation. Anyway, this is my book. It’s called Smile.

Here’s the synopsis from the back of the book:

“Cassandra Wilson’s life isn’t easy. She’s spent most of her teenage years taking…

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Unexpected Beauty of a Dying Rose

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Dying rosebud still glorious

Spring is still in the air with crazy weather in the form of hot temps one day and cold rain two days later. With big changes, spring flowers are abundant. I just love smelling the fragrant air as I walk through my neighborhood, especially with the star jasmines and roses blooming!

For Musin’ with Susan’s Macro Moments Challenge, the theme of week #37 asks photographers to create a macro image using water.

My American Beauties were crazy last month, but this is all that is left until the next batch. Luckily I clipped a few to place in a vase to enjoy in the house. For a flower riot, check out this previous post.

I found this quote that seems to commemorate the moment, by James Thompson, Scottish Poet:

“Gather the rosebuds while ye may, old time is still a flying; And that same flower that blooms today…

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Fresh Starts and New Beginnings

And for some new beginnings come in the form of a new city. Great way to jump start passion and creativity!

Quirks and Musings

I have always been fascinated by the passing of time.  The strangeness of how a day can feel as though it drags on and on, while at the same time, five years pass in the blink of an eye.  This curious dichotomy makes it effortlessly easy to lose track of time.  I also seem to have lost track of this blog.*

About a month ago now, I moved from California to Oregon.  I took a road trip up the west coast with my friends, moved in to my new apartment, and started classes.  Being the new kid is challenging, but I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to moving and starting over.  I’ve lived in 3 different states and a different country, so starting over doesn’t seem so scary anymore.  However, this is what has taken up most of my time, rather than keeping up with this blog.

I look forward to the fresh start.  A new adventure:…

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Mauve Mae

This is Ink and Quill!

Jennifer Calvert Author

6d33552de494f52e14b3eaa85442de28 Photo Courtesy of Pastels on Pinterest www.pinterest.com-

Dressed in morning light,
Awash in colour and delight,
Of coral tones and peachy cream,
Captured in internal new,
Blessed and bloomed,
Blighted and besieged,
By the wrath of sunlight,
Of darling buds and mauve mae,
Eyes wide in wake,
Silver and violet dream,
She brings spring.

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About Passion and How I Found It…

I would say that 99.9% of people that lack passion in their life, simply need to stop and remember. The passion is somewhere deep in the recesses of our soul waiting to be rediscovered.
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I’ve been asked to write about my passion.  We hear this word thrown around a lot.  We’re all expected to have at least one passion, right?  Sometimes it’s not that easy to know what it is.  So today I’m going to talk about what passion feels like for me and what I am passionate about and how I found it.

So, as a little girl I think I was passionate about kitties.  Holding one evoked such a feeling in me, in my heart, in my brain, in my body.  One time in particular I remember being frantically told not to hold the kitty too tight (I may or may not have had a choke hold on the little fur ball). An adult, delicately but with purpose, tried to pry my surprisingly strong fingers from its little body.  I felt overwhelmed with something that I just had to act upon…I was so IN…

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… on a crooked path toward a creative life

Finding your creative spark is essential to developing passion. And passion is necessary to keep us truckin’ along!
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just ponderin'

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Camera Strap, Christmas Gift, 2014.

Yesterday afternoon, I was turning into my driveway, and the light was just right.

My trusty camera was on the seat next to me.  I stopped the car and got out.

The curve of the snow-packed driveway as it wound through massive piles on either side was incredibly pretty in the late afternoon sun.

I clicked on my camera.


Like, at all.

And no matter what I did, changing batteries, lenses, talking nicely to it (and then not so nicely), it wouldn’t turn on.

And I had this flash of real worry that, if my camera had to go into the shop for a day, or a few days, or weeks what would I do?

How would I take pictures for the blog?

What if something just great needed to be snapped and shared?

And then, right in the middle of all that worrying…

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