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This week’s podcast mention is Crime in Sports. I just love these guys and this podcast, their podcast revolves around the world of sports.

Crime in Sports Image from: Crime in Sports

These guys are comedians: they do their podcast on guys (athletes) who have committed crimes. Boxers, hockey players, basketball players, baseball players, football, you get the gist😊.

They are freaking hilariously, am telling you, am usually giggling on the subway listening to these guys they; seriously give a good bashing on these criminals.

I know, one shouldn’t be giggling about someone getting hurt by some dumbass, but it’s the dumbass that we are laughing at not the victim. These guys (James and Jimmy) do it well, blending true crime with comedy. And of course, some of the crimes these athletes (boneheads) commit are very serious, not just taking drugs, or beating up another fellow athlete and losing their career in…

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My Golden Buzzer

Do you follow Insane Roots??

Insane Roots

I noticed something about myself recently. A confirmation that I have made great strides on this journey of reconnecting with myself and others.

I would like to share my experience in the hopes that it may be helpful to anyone who has ever felt lost.

What I noticed was that I have been able to consistently be at peace with where I am in any given moment. I allow myself to feel, but then to let go. I have found a love for myself that is nurturing and safe. Alleviating the need to constantly search for it in something or someone else. In times of sorrow, I reflect. In times of anger, I reflect.

And in times of joy and peace, I savor.

It has allowed me to fill my mind with appreciation. Appreciation that holds me together during times of hurt and disappointment. Appreciation that helps me grow in…

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Playing Detective

Playing detective on Insane Roots!!

Insane Roots

Over the last few weeks I have really been trying to work on the timeline for the next book in the Insane Roots series. In recounting the early years I was blessed to have the assistance of family and friends in order to piece it all together.
However, when my mother disappeared in 1996 she went off everyone’s radar. She lived a multitude of lives during the time she was missing and unfortunately none of us really know what she was doing. This time marks the beginning of the next book, so you can see why I have been having trouble.

Then I remembered a news article I found after the last time she was arrested. She had been missing for about four years when I received a notification that she was again in Federal custody.


At the time she had 27 known aliases. Adding the newly added names…

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The Unintended Consequence of Digital News

I always find something that challenges me on BzirkWorld!!

Bzirk's Blogroll

My cousin, a moderate who leans slightly left, and I, a conservative who leans slightly libertarian, were discussing  the Orlando terrorist attack on Facebook yesterday.  I’ve stopped discussing pretty much anything important on Facebook–especially politics–and stick to sharing cute kitten videos and silly family photos.  I have to watch my blood pressure and as most people have discovered in recent years, arguing on Facebook is just another distraction that keeps the real issue buried in emotion and misinformation.

I do read the ensuing insanity in the comments section on big “news” stories when I have a few minutes that I’m willing to sacrifice with no discernible payoff. Even then I’ve come to  keeping my hand on the mouse so I can quickly scroll away as soon as my teeth start clenching and the muscles in my upper lip start contracting. As my Texas friend says, the juice ain’t worth the…

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Justice: Another Commodity in the Brotherhood of Men

If you are not following Bzirkworld, you should be!!


Twenty minutes Rapist and the Rapist’s father

Rape: the Inconvenient Crime

I am just a tiny bit skeptical about all the brouhaha over the bug-eyed, chinless rapist with his little swimmer’s hair Afro.  The one who got nearly a free pass for raping a 23-year-old unconscious woman. After all, both parents of the rapist have expressed how sad and depressed he is after the raping.  He hardly smiles anymore, they said. He’s too delicate to survive in prison, his mother told the judge.  He’s even taken on the “binge-drinking” cause and plans to let others know what a bad thing it is to consume copious amounts of alcohol. Violent rape is hardly worth mentioning but binge drinking is a really bad idea. His family is really proud of him for taking this on. Bless their hearts.

rapist parents 1(2)Neither the rapist nor his parents have publicly acknowledged the violent rape. It’s just too unseemly…

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The One Who Says It Can’t Be Done Should Never Interupt The One Who Is Doing It

Excuses and discouragement can come from within you and it can come from around you. Be quick to deflect!!

Insights From The Rooms

There are many ways to categorize people in this world. There are a entire class of people who will discourage you from moving forward with your life. These are the people who find what appear to be strong arguments against whatever it is you are attempting to accomplish. It makes no difference what it is you want to do. If you want to buy a house, they will tell you all of the reasons you should stay in your apartment. If you want to return to college, they will tell you about how many people who have graduated from college and are looking for jobs. In fact, celebrated author Wayne Dyer came up with 18 things people will say to you to discourage you from personal growth. Of particular note for people in recovery are the statements, “I’m not strong enough”; “I don’t deserve it” and “no one will help…

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Brilliant bit of advice here that we could all to a little more of!!

Energize Your Thoughts

Image courtesy of worktolive

Have you ever realize how fast time slips by at times without out even realizing it? Well, just imagine how faster it will be with distractions. We are living in a world that constantly demands our attention of which makes it harder to focus. However, to ensure that we stay on top of our purpose, we have to become more conscious of what is distracting us from carrying out our daily task.

It’s time to starve the distractions and feed your focus.

If you haven’t been starving the distractions you may want to start doing so. By starving the distractions and feeding your focus, it will be easier for you to tap into the available opportunity. We should take Winston Churchill advice, “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.” Simply put, stay focus and keep your eyes…

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