On dying alone in deep ocean waters.

Lucky Otters Haven

I was browsing nature videos on Youtube the other night, and I stumbled on the below video.  I watched the entire thing, and was simultaneously fascinated and horrified.    The footage of this 22 year old diving instructor (who should have known better than to scuba dive in one of the most dangerous diving locations on the planet without the proper equipment or with a diving partner) falling to his death on the ocean floor is incredibly scary and heartbreaking.   TRIGGER WARNING:  If you are bothered by footage of actual deaths in progress, I don’t recommend watching this video.

On April 28, 2000, Yuri Lipski, a 22 year old Russian diving instructor, decided to dive in the (in)famous (but very popular) Blue Hole off the coast of Egypt, in the Red Sea.   It was his last dive.   Because the entire dive, including his death, was recorded on camera, he…

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Single-handed Circumnavigation

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François Gabart: French sailor slashes around the world solo record

Eyemouth Harbour Eyemouth Harbour in the Sixties

When I read this article, it took me right back to my time as a ten year-old when I lived in a fishing village in Berwickshire whose lifeline was the sea. In Eyemouth, everybody was connected to the harbour in some way. We all knew, or were related to, somebody on one of the Seine-netters that made Eyemouth such a busy place.

This is why we admired the achievement of Francis Chichester so much. He sailed around the world single-handed in his yacht, Gypsy Moth IV. It took him 266 days. We watched him cross the line as he sailed into Plymouth. A few days later, he sailed up the Thames to Greenwich and was deservedly knighted by the Her Majesty The Queen.

At the time, which was before man stepped onto the moon…

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Danny’s World: A Little Scare Yesterday

Danny's iphone 120A couple times per week Evelina works at a small women’s boutique here in town.  It’s a neat gig because she gets a discount on the clothes which she loves because they carry things she’ll never see anyone else wearing. Anyway, last night she went in to work the store for a couple hours and I get a phone call from her.  One of the girls was attacked by a lady who was attempting to steal a couple dresses and was hit in the face and neck about 20 times.

The girl was taken to the hospital and checked out, then released.  She has some bruising on her face but no cuts or permanent damage.  The police stayed at the store for the remainder of the evening and eventually reported they caught the attacker.

I worked retail for over 7 years and I can tell you I saw everything.  The first thing you learn working retail is people are crazy.  It’s just a matter of time before you see the next level of craziness.

I’m glad this girl is okay, but it has me wondering if Evelina should continue.  After all, is a discount really worth it?