How Being Debt-Free Can Improve You Emotionally!

photo 1Today’s discussion has revolved around the importance of obtaining financial freedom.  It has more than just financial benefits.  Those achieving this freedom report less stress, improved relationships and other emotional improvements.  Read this article on The Art of Simple:

Getting into (Financial) Shape

How many of us need to stop and reevaluate how we spend our money? How many of us are tied to material things? How many of us are allowing the desire for material things to ruin our lives financially?

The American Rider

That’s it. I’m putting my foot down. I’m drawing the line in the sand and saying enough is enough.

It’s been too many sleepless nights and gut-wrenching mornings wondering where the money for the next bill is coming from. It’s too many days avoiding my bank accounts because I’m not sure what I’ll find. It’s too many poor decisions of taking on debt with the justification that, “Just a little bit more” won’t break the bank.

It has broken the bank. It’s broken me.

My watershed moment came from looking through jobs that were available in my area and the ones that I have saved over the months on and All of them were the same schtick: Media content jobs, web development/management, social-media engagement. All of them were left in that “saved jobs” folder untouched. Why? Because the income potential was low and my debt burden is…

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4632 Reasons to Share Your Link!

cf02f0ea8220c6ce99764a33d0241622Today’s theme is living a debt-free life; one of the 4 Pillars of Successful Living.   As I mentioned last week I will be using reblogs to reinforce the daily topic.  Do you have a post relating to debt, debt-free living, personal finances, credit card debt, etc.??  If so, leave the link in the comments and I will share with everyone to aid in our discussion!

3 Fantastic Freedoms of Living a Debt-Free Life

debt-clipart-debt-clipartThere are 4 Pillars of Successful Living that I espouse: live a healthy life, live a debt-free life, live a goal-oriented life and live a charitable life.  The one I think every American struggles with is debt-free living.  Our society seems to believe that one cannot exist without accumulating lots of stuff and using credit to buy said stuff.  To say our people are materialistic is a gross understatement.

The latest information I read about credit card debt has the average household credit card debt at $7,327.  If you average the homes that are indebted, meaning those with credit card debt, the average over doubles to $15,706.  Paying the minimum payment will take approximately 24 years to pay off $15,000 with the total amount paid equaling close to $27,000!!!

For these reasons I advise everyone to cut up their cards immediately and begin an aggressive payoff strategy.

There are 3 basic advantages to living a debt-free life:

  1. Professional and personal flexibility.  All too often I speak to people that hate their jobs or wish they could leave their current employer, but cannot as they can’t take less money.  And the reason people cannot take less money is due to debt responsibility and/or love of material possessions.  Having little to no debt allows for movement in the marketplace to professions that bring joy versus stress, hate and depression.
  2. Living a generally more joyful life.  Those with high debt tend to be stressed out and experience joy in spurts instead as a lifestyle.  I can tell you that there was a time that I had credit card debt and I was not a very happy person.  It hung over my head like a dreary, rain cloud.  It was as if my debt haunted me.  Those without debt experience joy as a lifestyle as their responsible spending and money managing puts them in a position to stop worrying about money!   Also, if their current job becomes more of a headache than it is worth, they have the freedom to leave and eliminate the interference.
  3. Debt concept.

    Debt concept.

    Living debt-free allows for more choices.  When you have control over your finances you can choose to put money in savings, or visit a new Caribbean island, or take time off to write a book or mark off a few items on the Life (Bucket) List, etc.  The world becomes your oyster!

It is not easy to pay off debt, but it will never happen if you do not develop a plan and learn to sacrifice.  Think about this: if you are currently 35 years of age and have $10,000 in credit card debt and make minimum payments, you will be 55 when you pay off that debt.

The joy of living debt-free is worth the short-term sacrifice required.  Your future self will thank you!

Just a thought on a Wednesday morning…

10 Bad Habits That Lead to Debt Disaster

IMG_7127Maintaining control of your finances and living within your means is essential to avoiding debt catastrophe.  Human tendency is to desire, want, yearn for material things.  The latest iPhone, the new BMW, the designer clothes, nice restaurants, expensive vacations, houses in the best neighborhoods…this mentality will lead to massive amounts of debt.  And if you are currently in this mindset, you have been fooled by advertisers and listened to lies!