Suicide Prevention Month

Suicide is an option that is chosen when hope, faith, trust, and love are no longer experienced in a persons life. It is when these pillars of the heart that every human being needs, and has a right to…

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The Depression Series Part 4: Prenatal and Postpartum Depression

The journey of pregnancy and having a baby is a joyous and exciting time, where your life changes in numerous yet amazing ways. From that time of finding out that you’re pregnant, to the whole transition during those 9 months, to the moment you hold your baby for the first time, each and every one…

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Danny’s World: There’s A Spirit of a Storm In My Soul

As I sat on the beach this morning and listened to the waves crash I couldn’t help but think of how far I’ve come since I started this blog.  There was a time when I was experiencing tremendous internal turmoil.  Basically, my insides were a raging dumpster fire.  I was so lost.  Sitting there I remembered this song that was once my anthem:

“Spirit Of A Storm” – Kenny Chesney

There’s a spirit of a storm in my soul
A restlessness that I can’t seem to tame
Thunder and lightning follow everywhere I go
There’s a spirit of a storm in my soul.
There’s a hurricane that’s raging through my blood
I can’t find a way to calm the sea
Maybe I’ll find someday the waters aren’t so rushed
Right now they’ve got the best of me
And oh, it’s been a long, long time
Since I had real peace of mind
So I’m just going to sit right here
In this old chair till this storm rolls by.
Oh, maybe it’s just the way I am
Maybe I won’t ever change
So I’m just going to sit right here
In this old chair and just soak up the rain.


There’s a spirit of a storm in my soul
Every time I think it’s gone away
Dark clouds gather, that old wind begins to blow
The sun’s going to shine someday I hope
There’s a spirit of a storm in my soul, in my soul.


The Depression Series Part 3: Bipolar Disorder

What do you do, when you no longer trust yourself? When you want to reach out to others, but you know they just won’t understand. What do you do when you are diagnosed with bipolar disorder?  To experience shifts of moods or emotions in our everyday life is completely normal and natural. Our external and…

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HarsH ReaLiTy

People will ask “well why don’t you always write about hope? It is inspiring.”

Because life isn’t always hopeful and this is HarsH ReaLiTy. This is the reality you find after hope has run out a few times… not just once.

My life isn’t only depression either. My sadness rings my doorbell and tells me it is visiting for awhile… then leaves his bed unmade one morning and vanishes, just to come again another day.

That is life and I write life here. Even today, even still… I view this blog as my journal and I treat it as such. Sometimes I don’t respond to comments quickly because my focus is has been outside of my blog.

My website is just my pen.




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Today’s Featured Blog…Saying What Goes Unsaid!

Saying what goes unsaid

Chris Cornell’s death hit many of us quite hard, and one of the things I keep hearing is that it was especially hard because he was someone who had beaten his demons. I saw very similar comments when the toxicology report recently came out about Carrie Fisher’s death.

There is no denying that it is hard. Mental illness is really hard. But that so many people consider relapses and suicide risk shockingly unexpected outcomes of mental illness suggests a profound misunderstanding of what it means to battle it.

Despite what movies might have led you to believe, mental illnesses like depression and substance use disorders don’t have a single cause — and treatment rarely is a matter of exorcising particular demons (or memories). Even psychologists who believe that there is something to be gained from reaching into and airing out a traumatic past believe that this process requires repeated…

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Conquering The Darkness

The Bipolar Storyteller!

The Bipolar Storyteller

Depression.  It sucks.  It blows.  It hurts.  But it is NOT something you can’t conquer.  This post has some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

  1. You. It starts with you. In any bad time in life, whether it be your physical shape, your mental shape, or even your fashion choices, if you don’t like it, fixing it STARTS.  WITH.  YOU.  YOU have to be the one to break free from the darkness.  No amount of friends, family, doctor’s, or drugs can bring you out of depression unless you make the conscious decision that you want to beat this.  Because you can do it, but ONLY if YOU WANT TO.  you have GOT to take the first step.  I listen to “The Ziglar Show” Podcast, and a quote from Zig Ziglar in the introduction is perfect for this. “You’re what you are and…

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Beating Depression: Just Smile!

The Bipolar Storyteller!

The Bipolar Storyteller

Hey guys!  I’m back with a new life lesson I’ve learned, one in which I believe is extremely important and an incredibly easy thing to do to help get out of a Dark spell.  That lesson is being pleasant.  All.  The.  Time.

Now I know what you’re thinking.  “Be pleasant all of the time??? Lo, that sounds exhausting.”  That’s what I thought too when I witnessed it for the first time.  However, after trying it for the past week, I can honestly say that being pleasant consumes a ridiculously smaller amount of energy than being rude/indifferent/ in a general bad mood.

The people I have to thank for this valuable lesson are Lindsay and Shay Hayes, owners of Viridian Coffee (FANTASTIC coffee might I add, 10/10 would recommend), one of the places I am currently blessed to be employed.  These two people are two of the most phenomenal people…

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Depression – “Was A Sunny Day”

This is Being Lydia!!

Being Lydia!


I love Paul Simon’s music. While this particular song has no connection to what I am going to be talking about, the title is a great way to start.

Today is a nice sunny day. It is still a little cold, but I love brisk sunny days. It is supposed to get even colder tonight.

So, why the category of depression? It is ironic that I worked for almost 2 weeks on promoting awareness about mental illness and directly after I go into a medium depression. Or maybe it isn’t.

I have been housebound for most of the winter, I have been fighting chest, sinus, and other infections and have been going through many very harsh pain flares. And even though the work on the awareness was not strenuous but a labor of love, it did take a bit of a toll on me as well.

Reading the stories of women…

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