Burden of Strength

This is Nicci Kelly!

burden-small-image Photo Credit Gino Astuto Artist

There’s an invisible armor that we all tend to bear… Its superhero characteristics include the illusion that you have it all together. There is no moderation in these commendable qualities you possess. You can take care of others, be independent, put your needs aside or indicate that you do not have any to begin with. This armor of strength is your superhero mechanism to reject all forms of denial, depression, or sadness that you may feel because you have an obligation to control yourself and those around you. Nothing happens without you or without your consent. Nothing comes past this armor that you bear. Nothing…

The saddened state of this armor is that you probably did not put it on yourself. Society teaches us to be independent, strong, financially dependent, and incredibly self-sufficient. For the African-American culture, there is an epidemic of the stereotypical “Strong…

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An Honest Post on Preparing For a New Year with Chronic Illness

This is Tripping Through Treacle!

Tripping Through Treacle

I’ve been thinking about my first blog post of 2017 for some time now… churning over ideas in my head about what I would like to write about. Should I tell you about my new year’s resolutions? Should I reflect on what 2016 was to me? Or perhaps take a different slant and talk about how having the kids at home over the Christmas holidays has beenexhausting, but alsojoyful and fun-filled, spending time with them on wintery walks (scoots, in my case)?

I could write about all of those – well, perhaps less so on the new year’s resolutions, as I haven’t really set myself any major ones – but the one topic that keeps coming back to me is how much my view of new year has changed over the past few years.

10 years ago, on New Year’s Day, I would have probably been nursing the mother…

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Meditation Monday: Meditation for Beginners: The Ultimate Guide | BayArt

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The Purple Almond


Each Meditation Monday, I’ve featured a meditation video. It occurred to me today that many of you may not be familiar with or know how to meditate. While I do meditate on a regular basis, I am not, by any means, an expert. So, I found an article published in September 2016, by Bayart.org. This is a very inclusive list of answers to many questions, including: What is meditation, how to breath, types of meditation, how to make it fun, and common mistakes. I will be posting a meditation video later today. I hope you find this article helpful.


It’s no secret that I advocate meditation as a great way to start your day, deal with stress, live in the present and more. The habit of meditation is one of the most powerful things I’ve ever learned. Amazingly, it’s also one of the most simple habits to do —…

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Half a cup…

This is A Hansen Chronicle!

A Hansen Chronicle


If there is a recipe for contentment, it calls for four ounces…

In this recipe, though, the unspecified ingredient is less important than how the cook views that half a cup. Four ounces in an eight-ounce glass: half full or half empty?

I think most of us see ourselves as leaning naturally toward either optimism or pessimism. Those who tend to be more hopeful know how to look for the good in difficult circumstances. Those who brace themselves for the negative don’t want to be caught off-guard when trouble comes.

It seems very few are exclusively one or the other. The popular idea of new year’s resolutions requires some optimism – though the pessimist might simply anticipate failing sooner.

A well-known quote resolves the opposing tendencies with a third option:  “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails.” I love this…

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Welcome Dream Big Partner: The Courage To Shift

I am pleased to welcome the latest blogger to become a Dream Big Partner: The Courage To Shift





Here is an excerpt from The Courage To Shift’s about page:


“Welcome To The Courage To Shift! I share inspiration on various topics including my 70 weight loss journey (maintained 11 years), my 7 year journey to becoming debt free (including a son graduating debt free from college) and my journey to self-worth and self-discovery post divorce (including returning to school at 49 and starting my Transformation Life Coach business at 50!). I frequently share motivational quotes and sprinkle in random thoughts about life in general!”



You can find The Courage To Shift’s logo in my sidebar and on the Partner’s Page at the top of my website!  When you visit be sure to tell her Danny sent ya!


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Cabin Fever!

This is The Epicurious Texan!

The Epicurious Texan

If you’ve been around awhile, this blog post might seem a bit familiar, as well, I’ve written about it before.  A LONG TIME AGO IN A PLACE FAR, FAR AWAY I had another blog, who’s life was tragically cut short by hackers (okay, okay, fine posts were getting few and far between, but still!).  My last few meager posts on were blurps about our Turkey and Greece trip, but in perusing one titled Cabin Fever! I was reminded of our last full day on the yacht boat.

And literally, it was a FULL day on the boat, as we were stuck in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Not to worry, we were within swimming distance to the shore.  We were “in” Knidos and yes, I’m using quotation marks because we weren’t in Knidos, we were in a small docking bay at the edge of Knidos.  The problem was that by…

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A Special Bond

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Peace from Panic

After dinner last night, my husband helped unload the dishwasher and went into the other room to watch football. As I washed the dishes, something felt different. It was quiet. And a bit lonely.

Since Thanksgiving, we’ve had a busy household. Talee was home from college for a month. It was hard to say goodbye this past weekend. Mackenzie, who lives about an hour away, had been home often during the holidays. I got used to my girls filling our home with chatter and giggles.

We did a lot of entertaining the last month. Cooking, eating, and yes — washing dishes. It seemed like I always had someone there, offering to help. But it wasn’t just that they dried the pots and pans. We talked, laughed, shared stories and secrets. It made standing at the sink with my hands in soapy water, well… fun.

Some nights it was Mackenzie or…

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Project Smile Meets Murphy’s Law

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tooth“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

When I last reported on Project Smile (the long journey to fixing all my tooth problems), I had a tooth that was falling apart and exposing the nerve repaired. The last thing my dentist said was, “now there is a chance because it was so damaged that the tooth will act up again. If it does, it should be pulled.”

Now truth be told I was a little annoyed at this because I had wanted it pulled in the first place. I only agreed to the filling because I am running out of paired molars for chewing. Now that I have a swallowing problem, I definitely need to chew food thoroughly.

However, the filling held up pretty well over the holidays and has had its share of chewing workouts.

Well, last night, around 11 pm the tooth exploded into throbbing pain. I had…

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I’m sweet enough already…

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Yes it has been a while, hasn’t it?
I know, I know, once I started blogging I really should have been more regular.
No, I don’t think All Bran will help, but thanks for the suggestion.
You see it’s not a digestive problem, in fact that reminds me of the old joke,

‘Doctor, I have a bowel problem.’
‘I see – are you regular?’
‘As clockwork. 8 o’clock every morning.’
‘So what’s the problem?’
‘I don’t get up until 8:30!’

Ah! The old ‘uns are the best, eh?

But no, seriously, I’ve had a few things to attend to lately.
Like what, did you say?
Nice of you to ask. If you must know I found out I was diabetic.
Isn’t it always the way – you go to the quacks with one thing and come out with something else!
‘Have a blood test,‘ they said, ‘let’s see…

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