This Video on Racial Discrimination Will Change Everything

One More Shot Please in the house!


Is there an ounce of hatred or irritation that you have for another race? What if I told you that is the country where your ancestors were from. It is so easy to finger-point distinct qualities that are not yours, but when you take a look at yourself in the mirror, you fail to address the fact that someone may feel the same way about you, or you may be just like them. There is no need to generalize an entire race. I am completely different from the Indian next to me, who has nothing in common with the Indian next to them. This video will change your world and the way you judge people based on their ethnicity. Open your heart and love one another.

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Meet Lucinda E. Clarke!

lucinda E Clarke

Anyone who thinks that writing for a living is a quiet, gentle occupation is just SO wrong. Do you imagine a scene with the writer, coffee by his side, sitting serenely tapping away at the keyboard, pausing only to think for a few seconds before beaming with pleasure and then tapping away again? Wrong.

Writer sitting at keyboard scratching head, swearing and cursing. Types one sentence erases it. Gets up to find missing sock. Sits down again. Reads last few sentences. Child rushes in screaming there is a snake in the garden which has now gone up the drainpipe. Tell child to get gaffer tape from camera box and tape up bottom of drainpipe. Scribble note to husband to flush gutters when he gets home. Drinks coffee. Gets up to make more coffee. Child rushes in to say neighbour’s child has fallen in the pool. Ask is it drowning? No…

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Today’s Reblog winner is… Expresso Feeliwrity!!

This is Expresso Feeliwrity!

Expresso Feeliwrity

If I could steal the shine&sparkle of luminous stars

They’d complain”Why do you need it

For you already have theone who makes our pride look totally fake……..

If I could ever own the beauty&bequest of the Goddess Venus

She would surely kneel down and say “Please return it

For you have the one who makes me perspire on the very thought of comparison”……..

If I could ever rule over the sky&scraper of The Almighty

It would be their first timer to persuade a mortal “Let go these skies

For even we feel perplexed of how you could be blessed with heaven on the land”……..

If I could build a home&honeycomb beneath the sapphired world

Little homeless-felt mermaids would plead “Leave this place

For it’s suffocating to live in the presence of someone who is more lascivious than us”……..

If I could fulfill all&all of the above ‘If I could’…

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I Will Take a Shower Tomorrow (Daily Word Prompt is Symptom)

My Loud Bipolar Whispers

I am feeling more on the depressed side of my mood poles today. I believe this change is related to the fact that I had surgery on my ankle last week and because of my surgery I have had severe pain requiring me to take prescribed pain medications.

I have been resting and reclining in my rocker for about seven days, keeping my ankle up, resting it on pillows and applying ice to as often as possible. So, I have been isolating alone in my house, which is not good for my bipolar brain and moods.

My ugly, gross, stinky bipolar symptom of not being able to take a shower has occurred for a week. Embarrassingly, I have not been able to take a shower since I had my surgery a week ago.

I was very determined to take shower today. I was going to do it. I had to. It…

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Thank YOU!

ml (1)

I’ve had a goal of reaching 2000 followers on my “newish” blog for a few months, and I reached it today! Yiiiha!!! THANK YOU!!
The whole purpose with my blog is to inspire, and get inspired by fellow photographers around the world. Feel free to get inspired, and share your wisdom. It’s free and will always be.

The photo above is a rescued mountain lion, residing at Animal Ark, Reno (NV.) Mountain Lion, predator common in North America’s wilderness areas. Also known as cougar, puma, panther, and catamount.

My daughter and I visited the park when they opened for the season, this past weekend. If you’re in Reno, it’s well worth the 30 min drive out to Animal Ark to see, and support the rescued wild animals they care for. The park is very well maintained, and the experience is unforgettable. They currently have a 7 months old tiger cub, (photos…

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Thanks Facebook…you jerk :(

This is Mellix Life!

Mellix Life

Full disclosure: this is me having a “real” moment.

I enjoy Facebook’s “on this day” feature for the most part. A friendly reminder of precious moments that happened this same day in past years.

Not today though.

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Today’s reblog winner is…Black Rose of Ice!

This is the Black Rose of Ice!

Black Rose of Ice

Screenshot 2017-03-09 11.33

“The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her” – Bob Marley

You were the person who ruined her life back then but now she will take a risk of entrusting her heart to you by giving you a second chance because you asked for it.

She’s a type of woman that will give many chances until you’ve realized her worth. She never get mad when she found out that you were flirting with a lot of women because she knew from the start that you’re a player. A player she thought that she could change.

She hides her sadness every time she’s with you and who aren’t afraid to say I Love You when she really feel it. She believe in everything you said to her not because she’s stupid but because she believes that there’s a good in you. She saw something in you that made her…

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The latest about the family tree.

Lucky Otter’s Haven!!

Lucky Otters Haven


So, I went back even further down the line that produced my Spanish ancestors.   That one is allowing me to go back the farthest so far.   I’ve run into dead ends on a lot of the others — wants me to pay for an upgrade on many of them (I have the basic package).   Anyway, my Spanish ancestors originated as Germanic tribes before the time Christ was born, but I’m not sure which tribe.  These people appear to have migrated to Spain around 400 or 500.   The records go back even earlier, but no dates are given BC and women are no longer listed.   I decided to stop there.

Out of curiosity, I decided to look up the history of German migrations.  It turns out my findings in my family tree about a migration to Spain taking place among certain Germanic tribes during the…

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Labels Are For Canned Goods, Not People

This is Being Lydia!

Daily Prompt – Label

LabelI remember a grocery store we used to shop in when I was young would have a box at the front door with cans and jars with no labels. They were free to take; however, you had no idea what was inside until you opened it. I have heard that food banks often have them now.

Labels are important so we know what we are dealing with. If you are planning dinner and wanting some veggies to go with it, you might be a little unsure what to do with the can of peaches you just opened.

As a society, we seem to need labels on everything so we can maintain order.

  • Continents, countries, regions, cities, areas, streets and house numbers all help us to find where we are going. We get our mail and deliveries through this intricate labeling system.
  • Schools, universities, colleges, and other…

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