Danny’s World: Busy Day Today


Today I am going to be all over Charlotte.  I have an appointment in the northern part of our county near Lake Norman.  It will take me about an hour to get to this business followed by a trek back down to South Carolina to meet with a restaurant owner to talk about his business.

I like days like today because the time usually flies!  One more day and it is weekend time!  We have some great news to celebrate and plan to do so with friends on Saturday. Evelina passed her BAR exam and will begin her new career in real estate law soon.  She is extremely excited and I am extremely proud of her.  It is confounding to understand passing the law exam with English being her second language.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

Today is Good

Pearls Before Swine

That amazing future and glorious tomorrow. Always enticing us to move time forward so that we may rush what is now for a moment much more beautiful than this. A tomorrow much more gorgeous and radiant than the present. The present. What of this? What of now? What of our quest for some rare and perfect tomorrow when today is already a precious gift? Today is normal but it is here and living and present. We know not what the future holds. In fact, we know nothing but now. This moment. This treasure of breath in mouth. Today is good.

Good evening đź’•

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Today’s Featured Blog…Life of an El Paso Woman!!

Life of an El Paso Woman

Hi everyone! I hope all is well for you! The other day I was reading a story on Facebook about 90’s things we probably wouldn’t be able to get away with in 2017. I remember my parents always telling me not to grow up too soon. Several years later, I finally realize they were right! After reading that story, I began thinking about what I miss about growing up in the 90’s. Here is my list in no particular order.

1500231006333-2086089048Passing notes in class, writing letters

I remember me and a couple of my friends wrote each other notes during class and even outside of class. It was a huge deal if a guy wrote you a letter. It happened to me a couple of times. I still have those letters somewhere! Can you believe I even had a pen pal for years? We still keep in touch on Facebook! Wow, life without texting and social media! Imagine that…

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My first date with Ocrevus!


You may be wondering if I have found a tall, dark, handsome, godly man to date. But who is ever heard the name Ocrevus? Alas, it is not a man date.

Ocrevus is the name of a new disease modifying therapy for multiple sclerosis. It has been approved for relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis and primary progressive multiple sclerosis, which I have. Ocrevus is a humanized monoclonal antibody that targets CD20 positive B lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) which contribute to nerve damage in MS.

My first date consisted of finding a vein in my arm to connect the medicine port. Then I was given a steroid and Benadryl to decrease the possible side effects. Then I was given the Ocrevus, over 2 1/2 hours through the port. I took a half of dose yesterday. I will take another half a dose on Wednesday the ninth. And then after…

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Blog Updates and Shout-Outs


Hello and welcome to another Shout-outs post! I have to recognize some of you that have been leaving comments recently so I’ll do that first. Then I have some updates on …

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All You Have To Do Is Give Your Best Effort

Danny's iphone 022One of the early lessons we all learn is we will not always come out on top.  Your team is not always going to win.  Your best efforts are not always good enough to earn the first place trophy.   Your hard work is not always going to result in a promotion.  But that shouldn't deter each of us from giving our absolute best effort.

I am extremely competitive when it comes to succeeding and use other people's success to drive me to do better.  I have determined to be satisfied with failing as long as I know I gave my best effort.  I'm not sure I can ask more of myself than that.  The question I ask myself is 'did you give your all?' and if the answer is 'yes' then I am satisfied.  If my answer is 'no' then I return to the drawing board and figure out how I could have performed better.

Ultimately the only person who will know if you gave your all is you.  Identify your weaknesses, improve upon your effort and move forward.  That's what I try to do; that's all I can do.

Featured Blog…East Coast Approach!

East Coast Approach

I started out strong. Just over eight months ago.  I was blogging often, having a fairly clear, concise point with each post.  The feedback I got was amazing.  People told me that what I was writing was relatable and how they looked forward to my posts. But, as the weeks went on, I found myself blogging less and less and less.  At one point going more than a month without posting a single thing.

I would still go to WordPress almost every day.  Just under the “Reader” tab.  I would scroll through my saved categories, spending a majority of my time under “Blogging”.   A common post I’d see would fall along the lines of “So, I haven’t posted in a while.” or “Things have been really hectic lately and I haven’t logged in”.  Listen, I get it. I do.  Life gets busy and things come up.  But I couldn’t help but wonder…  Were they really too busy for days…

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Essential Oils 101

Essential Living with Dakota

It probably hasn’t taken you long to realize I’m a huge essential oils enthusiast. I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to commit to a chemical-free life or why I didn’t start my oily journey sooner, but I’m sure if I had started earlier it wouldn’t have led me to where I am today.

It scares me the number of toxic chemicals that are still approved for use in commercial products in the Unites States that have been banned in other parts of the world. Endocrine disruptors, hormone disruptors, reproductive disruptors, cancer and more have all been linked to chemicals that are commonly found in the cupboards of our homes. Less than a quarter of the chemicals in thousands of common household products have been subjected to a full safety investigation. Products that we use on ourselves, our kids, our pets every day. Make-up. Sunscreen. Lotion. Insect…

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All Their Faces…

Cyranny's cove


All the people
all their faces
shapes and sizes
ways of speaking
outward appearances
part in hair
earrings, tattoos
fashion of dress
styles and colors
smells and sounds

All the people
everyone else
I’ve met over time
each and every person
my entire life
every waking moment
every breath taken
every thought

How can you be
so different
so unique
think so differently
see me like no others

How can you be
someone who makes
someone who says
someone who can’t

can’t seem to live
without me?

How can you….

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