It Feels Good When Life Works In Your Favor


It Feels Good When Life Works In Your Favor…

I have been holding off on writing this post since January, but I have gotten a promotion at work!  For those of you who might be new to my page I work for our country’s largest media group in the digital marketing department.  As of 2 days ago I have been promoted to a regional manager’s position for the South Atlantic group which consists of 22 properties.

It is a huge job and I am excited about the challenge.

The promotion process began way back in November 2017 and it required a tremendous amount of patience on my part; corporations don’t always move as quickly as I would like.  In my new role I will be traveling to each of the 22 properties assisting them with understanding digital marketing and acquiring new clients in their communities.  It will be an incredible experience.

I’ve only been with this company for 20 months and this will be my second promotion, something I take a lot of pride in having achieved.  And even more so, this new position was created specifically for me.  I have invested myself fully to reaching this goal and it is nice to see the fruits of my labor pay off.

For now I’ll be traveling a lot in the state of North Carolina, but eventually I will venture to Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia also.

I have always believed hard work and dedication pay off and in this instance it paid off big time.

Needless to say I am excited!


Question of the Day – 9/23/16



Question of the Day:

My city, Charlotte, is in the middle of a social crisis.  With that in mind, what is the most effective way to bring about social change?  

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