Danny’s World: Getting It Done on Monday!

I love working in marketing!  I am sitting at Starbucks catching up on emails and scheduling appointments for the week.  This is my home away from home.

Danny’s World: Busy Day Today!


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Today I have a few appointments with clients ending with physical therapy on my shoulder early this evening.  For those of you who are not aware, I am in digital marketing with Gatehouse Media, one of the world’s largest daily media groups.  As for my shoulder, I injured it a couple of years ago and now am going through PT to avoid surgery.   It hurts but most of my problems stem from inflexibility from not using my shoulder for a year.

Hopefully I’ll be back out on the links in no time!  Here’s to a great day!

A Few Random Thoughts


It is just after 4:00 am and I am up early to get some things done for a few clients.  I do a lot of the creative ads for any campaigns I run digitally and my mind sometimes wakes me up with ideas.  So here I am; wide awake and typing when I might be better off sleeping.  Nonetheless here are a few of the things going on in my mind…

  1. I am currently working my way through all the season of The Big Bang Theory.  Currently I am in season 5 and so far it is hilarious.  I highly recommend it to anyone.
  2. Vacation for Evelina and I begins in 6 days!  I need this trip to recharge a little and Naples, Florida is just what the doctor ordered!
  3. I had a huge client sign with my company yesterday.  My coworker and I have worked on this for nearly a month and we got the word yesterday that they signed with us for all of their digital advertising.  When I close deals like this it is so completely satisfying.
  4. I haven’t been as active lately in my reading of other blogs, but that is going to change.  I need to refocus my energies and come up with a better plan.  Last time I looked there are approximately 6,700 blogger who follow my page, which makes it nearly impossible to get to every single follower.  I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do if I’m being honest.
  5. I went to the hospital yesterday evening and had an MRI on my shoulder.  In October 2015 I had a little stumble on the staircase and the pain in my shoulder has gotten progressively worse ever since.  The specialist thinks I either have a torn bicep muscle or a torn rotator cuff.  Either way surgery appears imminent which doesn’t please me, but I’ll be happy to have a functioning shoulder again.
  6. In preparation for Naples I have been lying out in the sun for 20 minutes each day.  It seems that I have developed an allergy to the sun!  Each day my back, chest and legs develop hives from the exposure so I think it best I get a UV shirt for my trip.

That’s all for now.  Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!


Of Paper and Books and Ink

I pulled this lovely post from the archives on Ann Cavitt Fisher!!

Ann Cavitt Fisher

In an age where everything is increasingly digital, why do we love paper so?

Florentine paper framing our room with a view. Florentine paper framing our room with a view. Photograph and digital imaging work, Ann Fisher.

It’s the delicate scrollwork of a printed design. The fragrance of a leather book. The way a thick sheet of paper folds under your hand, pushing back up at your fingers . . .

What do I bring home from Florence? Paper, gloves, and wine.

Florence is famous for two kinds of paper designs: the printed variety, inspired by traditional Renaissance patterns, and carta marmorizzala — handmade, marbled paper. Florentine paper history: travelers first brought marbled paper, “Turkish paper” or ebru (art of the clouds) to Florence in the 16th century, and it was not long before local artisans began producing it. Florence is now one of the few places in Europe still making hand-marbled paper. Giulio Giannini e Figlio, founded in 1856 and…

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Decisions, Decisions Part One

Always interesting reads on Being Lydia!

desisions1Decisions that affect your life can be difficult at the best of times; however, when you throw in a chronic illness of any kind, making them can take on a whole different meaning.

Decision No. One – Hubby and I have been going back and forth about selling our current townhouse and moving. Initially, we wanted a house for the following reasons:

  1. No neighbors above, below and/or beside you
  2. A bigger yard for Violet to run around in
  3. Monkey would be able to go outside without fear of being seen by the onsite managers and us potentially having to get her offsite.
  4. More room to store all of our “stuff”

The trade-offs for a house were the fact we would have to go further out to get something we liked and could afford, and we would have a lot of yard work to tend to.

The other problem with buying is…

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