If You Want Change, You Must Focus On New Experiences



If You Want Change, You Must Focus On New Experiences…

I had an phone conversation with someone many moons ago who spent the entire conversation lamenting how she could not lose weight.  Science tells us that humans who consume the right amount of calories of the right types of food will eventually shed pounds.  It may take some longer than others, but the body will eventually respond.  And some people will have to adhere to a strict eating regimen as well.

This person spent the entire conversation telling me this simply is not true; her experience, as she stated, was that she had tried everything and nothing worked.  So I asked her if she ate vegetables….”no, I don’t eat vegetables.”   Then I asked if she consumed healthy fruits and nuts…”no, I don’t like nuts and I only eat apples.”  Next I asked her if she ate lean proteins…”I only like beef.”  Then during the rest of the conversation she revealed that she ate a lot of processed boxed “food”, fast food, pasta, ice cream, candy and many other junk-type foods; including sodas.

Keep in mind that she also explained to me that she believed she ate healthy and that she had tried everything to be healthier, but nothing worked.  But she wouldn’t eat veggies, fruits or lean proteins and ate tons of junk food.

She said many times she would love to lose some weight and be healthier, but then backed that statement up every time with “but I’m not willing to change XXX.”

Better results will never come from the same actions that produced bad results.

I don’t like fish, but I’m adding a lot of fish to my current eating regimen.  I don’t prefer spinach, but I’m adding it to my recipe book.  I don’t prefer salads, but I am adding green leafy plants to my eating habits.  Why?  Because if I don’t do something different then I will not experience change.

The truth about my friend is she didn’t really want to change.  People who make up their mind to change say something like “I know I need to change therefore I am willing to do whatever it takes to change.”   I have heard every excuse in the book and I simply refuse to listen to those types of people.

“I eat mostly healthy” usually means I don’t eat healthy at all.

Let me hop down off my soap box for a minute and get back to me.

Back in February I decided to get some weight off as I was getting a little pudgy.  Since then I’ve lost weight, especially around my waistline and I’ve done so by cutting out a lot of sugar and making better food choices.  Living with MS restricts my physical activities so it is imperative that I choose my foods wisely.  When I choose better quality foods my body burns fat.  When I choose low-quality foods my body stores fat.  And as the title of this post states I am committed to eating new things so that I get new results.  I simply cannot expect to get great results by committing to poor habits.

It is 100% about the choices I make.  If I really want to be healthier I’ll make better choices.  Period.


Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/16/18


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Can you get different results from the same old habits?

You Should Never, Ever Compare Yourself To Others



You should never, ever compare yourself to others…

One of the lowest points of my life was around 2005 while I was working in the golf business.  I had a decent job at a good club and I was completely miserable.  I was surrounded by members who had more than me.  They had better jobs, better homes, better cars and more money.  And I spent the vast majority of my time looking at them with envy.  I wanted everything they had, but more importantly I didn’t want what I had.

I spent many years comparing myself to others and feeling completely inadequate.  Those years of comparing my behind the scenes to their highlight reel nearly ruined me.  I drank heavily and lamented my lack of achievement.  It was not a fun time.

What I would eventually realize was that if I continued to compare myself to anyone other than myself then I would always be miserable.  So I changed my thinking.

I began to compare me to me.

I decided that I would focus solely on becoming everything I wanted to be not on becoming what other were or what others had.  I realized that if I wanted something I would have to go get it.  I would have to change.  I would have to leave golf and go challenge myself.  And that is what I did.

But of all the life changes the single most important was the changing of my mind; I changed the way I thought.

Change begins in an instant and that instant is the exact moment when you decide in your own mind that once and for all you are going to take action.

That was my experience when I decided I was no longer going to compare myself to others.


Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/15/18


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What do you think is the most damaging thing about comparing yourself to others?

Stephen Hawking Was a Man Way Ahead of His Time


Image result for stephen hawking young

Some of you may not know this, but my early life intentions were to be a mathematician.  In college I worked my way through the ranks and was actually pretty good.  I was accepted to one of the top mathematics programs in the country (at that time) and did so with honors.  During my time studying higher mathematics I became hypnotized by space and time and anything to do with the origins of life and life in the universe.

I read 2 books which would shape and change my life forever: On the Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin and A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking died today at the age of 76.  I find incredible inspiration in the fact that he never allowed himself to makes excuses even though he was confined to a chair due to the effects of ALS.  The man continued to push the boundaries and push to understand more about our world.

When I look at the pictures of Hawking confined to that chair it makes me realize that I allow myself to make tons of excuses.

As I transitioned my studies from math and science and added philosophy and religious history I met a professor, Dr. James Tabor, who expressed to me he had one goal: “to make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.”

Stephen Hawking did that for me with his writings.

RIP Stephen Hawking


You Should Dare To Be a Rower, Not a Rocker



You Should Dare To Be a Rower, Not a Rocker…

A friend once said to me “Those who are busy rowing don’t have time to rock the boat.”

For some reason this adage has landed on me hard.  In today’s world you find there are people who are really good at manipulating and they are not always genuine when they make inquiries of what is going on in your world.  They seek out conversations to steal snippets, take them out of context and then use them as ammunition to slander.

You learn who these people are the hard way and I have learned.

So I have a brand new personal policy: I don’t talk about anything or anyone which doesn’t pertain to the exact job I’m doing and the exact person I’m working with.  If anyone ever approaches me about any topic that has nothing to do with me I immediately excuse myself from the conversation.

I figure that if I’m never a part of these types of conversations, then I can never get caught up in other people’s crap.

There are many people in life who are more concerned with other people’s business than they are in being the best they can be.  They invest a tremendous amount of energy in frivolous activities many of which are absolutely counterproductive to anyone being successful.

I work to be world-class at what I do and over the last 18 months I have become one of our best; and I’m proud of the hard work I’ve invested.  I focus on keeping my head down, doing my job to the best of my ability and getting results.

I don’t have time to rock the boat because I am too busy working and producing.

One eye-opening revelation for me has been that there are boat-rockers in positions throughout your life.  People want to talk about others (gossip).  A friend of mine calls it jealousy and I have witnessed it first-hand.  I don’t understand it because it isn’t in my nature to talk about people behind their back.

I have a lot to learn and a lot of people on which to keep my eye!

I guess the question we must all ask is…Am I a rower or am I a rocker?


Is the Time Change a Chance For a Fresh Start?



Is the Time Change a Chance For a Fresh Start?

In the United States we have this thing called Daylight Savings.  Each year clocks are set forward 1 hour in the spring and set back one hour in the fall.  Many reasons are given for the “why” of doing it, but the main result is every fall it suddenly is dark at 5:30 pm leaving no time during the week for non-work related daylight.  So people are left counting the days until the spring jump forward so they can enjoy some daylight following the conclusion of their work day.

But I have a different perspective this year.  I am going to take full advantage of the daylight and I’m using the jump forward as a prompt to get a lot more active.  I am going to push my body to the max and see what I get.  Now, for those who know I live with MS so “pushing” my body takes on a much different meaning than the average healthy person.  My feet cannot take the pounding of running nor can I walk for long distances.  But it is the walking that I am going to tackle in hopes that I can eventually build up to running.

I believe that being fit is the single most important thing anyone can do to get anything they want in life.  I believe that making incredibly healthy food choices is the most important thing someone must do in order to be fit.  Therefore, if you want more from your life, then you must begin to make incredibly healthy food choices.

Some might disagree with statement and that is okay.  It doesn’t make it any less true.

I must begin making strict food choices, especially when eating out.  I will be loading my body with tons of vegetables and fruits, with low-fat proteins like fish.  I am not much of a fish fan so I am going to search out the types of fish that I will like, but I’m making the transition off of beef, chicken and turkey.  My eating will be primarily veggies.

A strong mind begins with a strong body.  If the body is fat, like mine is now, then the mind gets weak.  But if the body is incredibly strong, then the mind will be stronger.  Your Discipline will strengthen.  Your Will will strengthen.  Your Motivation will get stronger.  Your Inspiration will get stronger.  Your Resolve will get stronger.

And all of this happens when you have a strong body.

Conversely when the body is weak, layered in fat cells and receives foods loaded with low nutrients, then the mind is weaker.  This leads to low resolve, low energy and lower results.

I think this time change is a great opportunity for all of us to get outdoors and get fit.

It is time for a fresh start.


Let Me Ask You a Question – 3/12/18


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