The Park as Good Medicine – Part 7

Being Lydia!

Family Reunion

Every time I think this series is over, something else happens to earn another chapter!

I have talked about Miley, the cute little Mexican rescue dog we adopted last September. She was found by the side of the road in a plastic garbage bag with her 5 siblings by a volunteer from the Puerto Vallarta SPCA shelter. The six were nursed to health and put up for adoption when they were four months. By the time we got Miley, she was about 5 months (by their best calculation).

We found out that three more of the puppies were adopted out in the Vancouver Lower Mainland (where we live). The other two went to Bellingham Washington and Victoria on Vancouver Island.

We have been in touch with one family, who have Miley’s brother Tex since we met in Seattle where we had to pick up the puppies. I had…

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The Best Natural Antidepressant Ever!

Being Lydia!

I saw a meme on Facebook today that made me smile because I understood it completely. It said:

“Do I believe in love at first sight? Absolutely! I fall in love with every dog I meet.”

The featured image is our precious puppy, Miley. She really is the sweetest thing. Those eyes will make you melt every time. She is more than just “a dog”, she is very child-like and brings pure joy to our lives constantly.

However, this past week she has brought us three times more joy as we have connected with three more families who adopted from Miley’s litter of six. We all live in the same metro area and are trying to get the four puppies back together. In chatting with the other “parents” and seeing pictures of their pups it is easy to see that they are all very much the same and yet have their…

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Adventures in Volunteering- PAWS


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I’m almost half way through my adventures in volunteering. It came as no surprise that my experiences have been both rewarding and fun. What did surprise me was the difficulty I encountered getting scheduled at…

For the love of dogs


At the advice of my bestie and writing mentor, I am posting a chapter of my memoir that recently won honorable mention in a contest. As with many things in life, we rarely take the time to pat our own back or find it in ourselves to be proud of something we’ve done. I know I am one who has always struggled with low self-esteem and when it comes to writing I’m my own worst enemy. But the more I reach out and meet other writers, I learn that writer’s self- loathing is common. We edit, edit, edit, then re-edit again and proclaim our manuscript is rubbish and should never see the light of day.

Well, I’m taking my friend’s advice and posting this. No it didn’t win, but I am happy that it stood out to a few literary judges who read many entries from across the states and…

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The heartbreak of loosing a pet | Multiple experienceS

I’ve been blogging for a little shy of two years. I’ve come across many other blogs in that time. However I have one that is truly my favorite, Conversations with Stella. Conversations with Stella is…

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Pets as Good Medicine – Let Them Entertain You

Being Lydia!

While everyone with a chronic illness (physical, emotional, or both) has a different set of health circumstances, one factor remains constant. We all feel lonely, trapped in a world of feeling crappy.

I hadn’t checked the daily prompts for awhile now and since I have not been able to get a post written lately, I decided Sunday I would see if it could generate some inspiration. It didn’t let me down – in fact, I had already thought of what I would try to write about and it all just came together! I just wasn’t feeling well enough (fatigue and pain mostly) to finish it.

Dogs have been known as “Man’s Best Friend” for generations. They can be trained to do many things from fetching the newspaper to guiding the blind and everything in between. The one thing that doesn’t need to be taught is unconditional love.

And while cats…

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The Transformations of Dogs and Trees


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Sitting around with my family this morning after yesterday’s Thanksgiving celebration, I’m reminded of just how much transformation effects all of us, and even while in uncertain situations, we remain positive and thankful.…

Danny’s World: Out For A Stroll

It’s already in the 90’s today which makes it really difficult for me to walk long distances. MS forces me to limit my exposure to hot temps. Even Bentley doesn’t want to be out here!

I love our neighborhood.  It is quiet and friendly and easy to walk for a little exercise.

I’ve seen this building a thousand times but never from this angle; it was like seeing it for the first time ever.  Perspective is a funny thing isn’t it?!

Danny’s World: I’m Torn On the Issue Of Pit Bulls


I saw a video on Facebook today about a guy in California who lost his dog to the city because it got loose and killed the neighbors cat in the cat’s yard.  The dog then died in their custody from a heat stroke after being left for hours in a hot truck.  The guy is upset as any dog owner would be.  You can read about it here: justice for Cuda.

I am torn over the pit bull issue because I know pit owners who have great dogs.  But I have also come face-to-face with aggressive pits and it is terrifying.

We have a neighbor who owns a pit who lunges even when on the leash.  Now most people will argue that it’s the owner who makes the dog.  And I agree.  But the problem I have is trusting a dog who has the power in one bite to snap my arm or rip an animal to shreds.

I have had to stand my ground with an aggressive pit and I almost peed my pants I was so scared.

horrible mornings

Had a horrible morning. Woke up to find the toilet completely clogged and spent three hours trying to unplug and snake it.  The snake only went so far before it was jammed up against something. I finally had to (gag, cough, gag)…

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