The Most Important College Course Ever: Happiness 101

Peace from Panic

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Last night I was making dinner and half listening to the NBC Nightly News. I rushed around the kitchen, browning the chicken, dicing the red rose potatoes, and making a salad, when I heard a story that literally stopped me in my tracks.

The reporter was talking about the increasing mental health problems on college campuses. More than ever before, students are anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed.

There’s a course at Yale that teaches kids how to be happy. Ingenious.

Psychology professor Laurie Santos developed the class. She teaches students how to live a more satisfying life.

“Psychology and the Good Life” is the most popular course in Yale’s 316-year history. Nearly one-fourth of Yale undergraduates students are enrolled.

That statistic speaks volumes.

Millennials, also known as “the anxious generation,” desperately want to know how to be happier, less stressed, and more fulfilled.

“Psychology and the Good Life” focuses on:

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White teachers who teach black kids about slavery…..piss me off!

Lifting Taboos

white teacher

We live in an age where American History is in our textbooks and all teachers are required to teach it. But the thing about US History in the classroom is that often the stories told in the textbooks are from the point of view of the oppressor, not the oppressed.

We see it so often how those who have not been oppressed think that certain time periods were amazing. There are those who go to civil war reenactments, renaissance fairs, and those who say “I should have been born in the 50s and 60s because life was so much better, and more peaceful.” To which I respond…for whom?

For whom was life better and more peaceful in the 50s and 60s? What exactly was better in the 50s or 60s for anyone really? “Oh, well, we didn’t have to strap kids to car seats.” Welp, at least you had a…

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Positive Quote 08.12

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

When you learn, teach. When you get, give.

Maya Angelou (1928-2014)

Have a blessed day all.

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Turn, turn, turn…

Who's My Favorite Today?

Some of you may be familiar with the Byrd’s song, “Turn, Turn, Turn.” (Lyrics here)  It is based on Ecclesiastes 3.  To paraphrase, there is a time for every season, a time love, a time for peace, a time to be born, a time to die, etc… (full verses listed at end).  Well, this week our time came.  Our time to fulfill one of those rights of passage – dropping off our first daughter at college.

Of course we are extremely proud of Avery and so excited about her future!  We are so blessed that she lives in a country where girls are afforded an education and that she was accepted into a wonderful university.  I know it is a great place and we have been so impressed each time we have visited and know that the staff will “take care of her,” both academically and emotionally.

However, there is…

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The Journey to Vibrant – The Little Things

Being Lydia!

It is funny how a simple little change can make all the difference in the world. I have done a few things lately that have had an impact.

I have really crappy finger nails. They split and break and I end up clipping them really short. I am always envious of women who have beautifully manicured nails… even the false ones. I don’t have a budget to get mine done professionally, so I decided to get some good quality nails and do it myself. A few fell off but were replaced and I love them. While they do make some things more difficult, that is minor compared to how they make me feel – feminine and vibrant! I don’t think I will always do them, but they are a great pick-me-up!

I am starting to organize things. I have to work my days around trips to the park with Violet. With…

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Today’s Featured Blog…Didi Oviatt!!

Didi Oviatt

So this happened today! I’m split equally in three ways. Gratitude (thanks Kim!),  excitement, and obssession are all three pulling me in their direction!

I can’t believe I have my next cover!!!

I think this makes it all real (or sureal, take your pick!) Four novels in four years, I’m setting my goals and then killin’ them. You can probably just call me ‘the goal slayer’ from here on out.

Also, on a side note, completely off the subject — I’m about 92% sure that I’m going to get a tattoo on the back of my neck that says ‘Edit Me’… If anyone has any thoughts on that then please share, I’d really love some input, or encouragement. Lol really though, my husband thinks it’s silly so a few votes in my favor might shut him up a little because we all know that I’m going to do what I…

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Wait.. Wait, What Day Is It Again?? It’s Release Day!! + $25.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway #newrelease #amreading #kdsuspense

Author, Kim Knight

It’s release day!!! Well in the UK it is, according to Amazon The Suspenseful Collection Volume One is on sale now! I have the pleasure (and satisfaction he he), of saying this seven hours before my partner in crime. Hold onto your e-readers people… There are some excellent thrilling stories. I had a ball, picking up where Didi left off as author two, and writing the start as author one in our first anthology. No matter what I wrote, I loved every moment and I’m so proud of us both.

Don’t forget, we have a giveaway too $25.00 Amazon gift card up for grabs. At present all our books are on sale for .99p / .99$, if you grab a copy of any book on sale, before the 31st July, be sure to enter to win the gift card by clicking here.

£2.69 UK for e-book or $3.50 international


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Today’s Featured Blog…Kindergarten Knowledge!!