Why you get caught up in jealousy (2 min read)


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Remember I said every emotion carry within itself a hidden message?
See that post here if you’ve not seen already》》Every Emotion carry a hidden message
Jealousy is felt when a person stops focusing on his/her own growth and begins to focus on other’s growth. Feeling of jealousy is sending you a strict message pleading with you to focus on your personal growth.
It’s calling you to ask yourself questions like
Am I being disciplined enough in my studies/prayer life/work?
What are some abilities I really need to develop now?
Which area of my life do I need to major, which do I need to minor?
When good things happen to people, appreciate them and know that it only takes hardwork and time to get there.

Appreciating the good in other people doesn’t always come easily, right? How can we inculcate this habit into ourselves so that jealousy…

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Emotion Is Such A Powerful Tool


Anyone who says life is too difficult is as mistaken as the person who says life is easy.  I’ve never found extremes to be beneficial for too long.  I try to maintain myself in the middle; never get too upset, but not afraid to display emotion.  It’s not always easy to maintain perspective nor is it easy to live in the middle-ground and also stay inspired and motivated.

This is my goal-to live in the middle of emotionless and emotional overload while still keeping alive my passion and vision.  Emotion is such a powerful tool, but used incorrectly it becomes the Achilles’ heel.

10 Ways to Pull your Spirits Up when you are Extremely Low! :*

Begin to note the similarities in the advice on fighting depression or times when you are feeling a bit down. Change your environment, get outside, exercise…you cannot break the cycle if you continue the same old habits.

Diaries Unsaid


Many times there are situations when people; no matter how close or how significant or insignificant they are for you, try to put you down, make you feel small and dejected. Depression and anxiety are the easiest escapes. People around you, tell you to stay positive and hang in there, but nobody tells what objectively one must do to fight such times.

But, to our rescue, there always are some tried ways in which we can pull our spirits up. Let us try a few to revitalize our souls in low times:

  1. Change your environment: A change in environment in times of depression and lowness is a good idea. It refreshes you and diverts the mind to a certain extent. Of course scars take a long time to heal, but changing environment is a step towards changing your life. Every one deserves a good life; a life of their own…

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Why You Should Seek Fulfillment Instead of Happiness

IMG_7129Our discussion today has been that happiness is an emotion and not intended or realistic to be a life goal or state.  Instead seek to be fulfilled.  This will eliminate the stress and frustration and eliminate the feelings of inadequacy that not being happy bring.  It is okay to be sad sometimes and doesn’t mean you are not necessarily fulfilled!


Happiness is Overrated: Try Fullfillment

IMG_7127I found this article this morning on Huffington Post to further our discussion on what I believe leads many to a frustrating life: seeking happiness as a state of being.  The emails I receive asking about happiness tells me that too many people are misusing “happy” when in fact they are referring to being “fulfilled” or “content.”  Remember, happy is an emotion not a state of being.


7 Rules To Live By For A Better Life

These 7 rules are a great start to finding more fulfillment in life.

James Michael Sama

As I sit here to write this, the first article produced in my new apartment, I look around and reflect on the previous few months of life. Much has changed. Things are crazier, hectic, and in some ways, uprooted. I look around, though, at this beautiful place I’ve become fortunate enough to live in. The music in my headphones is mildly sentimental, and tonight we celebrate a special occasion.

It’s all a bit surreal, actually. For seemingly the first time in months, there is, but for a brief moment – calmness. Nowhere to rush to quite yet, no clients to call, no errands to run. Just some time to sit and wonder.

To sit and wonder how I have handled all of the transitions that have happened in my life recently. Have I been the best son? Brother? Boyfriend? Have I let the stress get to me even when I…

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Use Emotion To Accelerate Your Success and Accomplish Goals

IMG_7051Emotions are extremely powerful tools.  When you make yourself aware of their power and then learn how to harness that energy, you will find yourself accomplishing your goals.  This is a great article which lays out how to invoke emotions to help you and how to build up your emotions when you are struggling.  I love this approach:


Savoring a sunny day

You can practice associating emotions just as this post discusses. Emotions are a very powerful tool. And they don’t always just happen. They can be invoked! When you begin to use them in this manner you crank up a powerful weapon!

discover santosha

What do you want your day to feel like? The question isn’t what do you have to do today, or what do you want to accomplish today — but how do you want it to feel as you are going about it? What emotion or sensation do you want as an evocation of your day?

I want my day to feel like sunshine.

How did I choose sunshine? I started my day with an on-line meditation from Amy Ippoliti. With a paper and pen nearby, the practice began with gratitude – what do you feel good about, grateful for, right now? The next few minutes were spent contemplating yesterday’s successes or positive moments. In each case, I meditated on the question, then wrote things down. And for the final step of the meditation, the question was, “What do you want your day to feel like?” Is it a feeling of joy, or fun, or ease?  Can you…

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How to make your dreams come true

We’ve been discussing emotions and how you can use them to propel yourself to victory. Usually fear is a great motivator and I love the line in this post…”Usually what we fear doing is actually what we need to do.” Let fear motivate you not discourage you!

Photography by Alexk

Everyone has dreams but not everybody is actually doing something about it and keeps finding excuses and postpone things. Have you ever said that this is not the right time to do or once you saved more money you will do it; you will travel once you are retired or you are not perfect enough to do so? I am pretty sure this sounds familiar to you. You know these are just excuses. The time will never be perfect to action on your dreams. What can you do to make your dreams come true?

First of all we need to set our goals. Without a clear goal nothing will happen. Write down your goals and make a list of things you want to achieve or dream of having. Maybe it is

  • one place to visit

NYC skyline at sunset NYC skyline at sunset

  • one thing to do daily and weekly

getting out and watching the waves getting out and watching the waves

  • one…

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