Why It Is Important To Plan Your Disconnect Time

Danny's iphone 022This weekend Evelina and I decided to unplug and disconnect a bit.  She was on-call yesterday for work, but other than that slight inconvenience we decided to have some planned time away.  For me this was perfectly timed as I needed time to recharge following our vacation.  I know that might sound a bit ridiculous considering we returned from vacation on Tuesday, but the truth is the driving time zapped my energy.

I believe it is important to plan time away from technology.  It is important to plan time to decompress and do absolutely nothing.  Remember, life isn’t about working the hardest all the time; it’s about working the smartest all the time.  And sometimes the smart thing to do is…nothing!

Today’s Reblog winner is…EssenCentral!!

Today’s Reblog contest winner is…EssenCentral!!


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

What if I told you that we are simply a mass of energy manifested as form?

Sounds intense right?

Maybe a bit silly?

Quantum physics has found that within the atom, the basic building block of life, there is actually nothing there but energy waves – almost like an invisible force field. Though it is immaterial and lacks substance, these energy waves can not only be measured, but their effects can also be seen in the way of what matter they take form based on how fast the waves are vibrating. The atoms within all things are simply energy vibrating at certain rates. We’ve actually never truly “touched” anything ever, because all matter is simply energy. What we’re feeling is the electromagnetic force of our electrons pushing away from…

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This amazing photo is by a fabulous photographer, Joshua Weinfeld at http://www.joshuaweinfeld.com/

As you can see from this majestic photo, Angelic beauty is everywhere and looking at this photo I can feel the peace, the tranquility, the even flow of the Angels above looking upon the land and the minions below as well as the love we all feel for mother earth.  When gazing upon such a vast and open natural beauty such as this, it make me want to just sit silently, view my surroundings of the natural wonder, breath in and out, and just relax and meditate.  Ah, what peace that would be and what peace this photo brings.

Happy Friday my Angels and may you all have a great weekend!


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Why I Am So Positive: My Life Ain’t That Bad

I had a question posed to me this week: how are you always so positive considering you have secondary progressive MS?  Well the truth is I don’t live my life in a continuous state of positivity.  I write a blog that focuses on learning how to transform oneself from an under-achiever, non-doer into a personimages (1) of organization, purpose, plan and action; full of desire and ambition.  It takes a lot of work to remain positive.

Honestly, I am more positive now in life because the alternative is not acceptable.  I will not allow myself to go to the dark side and focus on how crappy life can be, how crappy people can be, how I hate my job, how life just keeps putting it to me.  I just refuse to allow my mind to think it those terms.

Why?  Because I choose to focus very little on the negative, while focusing heavily on the positive as I work toward achieving my goals.

This does not mean I am not aware of the negatives.  I do not live my life with my head buried in the sand.  I simply will not allow myself to use valuable life energy to focus on negatives.  It is not productive, thus I find productive things on which to focus.

It is not easy and takes much effort to live a life focusing on the positive.  Part of me wants to give in and just become negative.  I do not talk about my MS, too often.  I do not complain about my MS pain, too often.  I do not complain about not playing golf anymore, too often.  I do not complain about having to take my Copaxone shot 3 times per week, too often.

I think many people would understand if I did complain.  AND I know a lot of chronic sufferers that complain incessantly, most of whom I give a hall pass because I know what it feels like to hurt.  But I will not give in.  I will not relent.  I choose to fight.  I choose to stay positive.  I choose my mentality.  I choose my future!

I am positive because it is the one thing I get to control. 

To those that live a life of negativity I say: suck it up buttercup.  I bet there’s a kid in a third-world country that would give a limb to switch places with you and do it without hesitation.  We have it easy in civilized societies; we are so incredibly spoiled. Most of us suffer from first-world problems and act as if the world is coming to an end.

ProblemsWe don’t have to walk 5 miles one way to carry back dirty water to our families.  Water that will kill millions of kids each year.  We don’t have to worry about polio, AIDS, diphtheria, measles, deadly enfluenza, lions, tigers or bears!  Seriously, the next time you start complaining, stop and listen to yourself.  What are you complaining about?  Take action, change your position, change your future.  You have the freedom to do so.

You ARE the answer to your own problems; start acting like it.

Why do I choose to remain positive?  Because I live in a country that allows me to write a blog to help others.  I live in a country where I can speak to MS patients and let them know someone cares.  I live in a country that allows me to turn my life into whatever I want it to be.

Why do I choose to remain positive?  Because when all is said and done, my life ain’t that bad!

Use Emotion To Accelerate Your Success and Accomplish Goals

IMG_7051Emotions are extremely powerful tools.  When you make yourself aware of their power and then learn how to harness that energy, you will find yourself accomplishing your goals.  This is a great article which lays out how to invoke emotions to help you and how to build up your emotions when you are struggling.  I love this approach:


Passion 101: Discover Your Calling in Life

IMG_7064I believe finding your passion in life takes effort.  I know this sounds like common sense, but are you aware of the number of people that email me each month asking me about life and how to find purpose while doing nothing new and different.  You must take a different strategy, doing something new in order to discover something new.  Columbus might not have discovered a new route to Asia, but he never would have found the New World remaining in the known world.


How the Successful Deal With Toxic People: 12 Tips


Today’s discussion has revolved around how to handle toxic people.  Rarely are we reinventing the wheel, so I thought I would seek out an article on the subject that would help you better understand or provide a different perspective. 

I found this article on Forbes.com:


11 Types of People to Avoid Like the Plague

I have written in the past about friends and relationships and how we must carefully consider those we allow in our circle. Too often we allow people to creep into our inner-circle that have no business participating in our lives!   When this happens we end up using valuable energy dealing with these individuals.

Be aware to surround yourself with people that are generous, kind, loving and supportive.  This way the majority of your energy can go to building a positive and productive life.

I have listed 11 types of people that you should avoid like the plague:



  1. The Leverager.  There are few things that will kill you inside more than a person that is constantly reminding you of how you have let them down so as to get you to do something for them.  This person is constantly documenting other’s mistakes in order to use those mistakes for leverage.
  2. Mr. Impossible to Please. 
    These people are the worst restaurant dates.  Because they cannot be pleased, they complain about everything!  Their taste for imperfection is insatiable which leads to loads of negativity and incessant complaining.  And it is only a  matter of time before their complaining and negativity gets directed at you and your life!  Their general negativity quickly becomes a drag to be around.
  3. The Dream Dumper.
    This is the person that is so unhappy with the results of their own life that they want to convince you that you are not capable either.  Misery needs company and they can’t have you achieving success because they might be left alone.  Therefore, their mission is to keep you anchored down right beside them.
  4. The Manipulator.  This is the most venomous of traits.  Manipulators are constantly directing the traffic, usually stirring up controversy.  Manipulators don’t live life, they plan it!  And their planning involves using their negativity to intimidate you to direct your thoughts and actions.  ELIMINATE THESE PEOPLE FROM YOUR LIFE IMMEDIATELY!!!  You will always lose with a manipulator in your life.
  5. The Drama queen.
    These friends always have some problem cooking in the pot.  They always seem to have someone causing them strife, accepting no responsibility for their contribution to the drama.  Problems are always someone else’s fault.  They are incapable to see that they are the common denominator.  And if there is no natural drama going on they will stir some up!
  6. The Selfish.  Most of you are aware of my belief that volunteering is the way to fulfillment.  Selfish people are only interested in activities that benefit themselves.  Why should they be bothered to do something for another human being?  It’s a dog-eat-dog world and they are only willing to focus on numero uno.
  7. The Controller.  This person is always looking for ways to keep you right where they want you; under their thumb.  They must know where you are, what you are doing and who’s company you are keeping.  The controller by nature plants seeds of distrust due to their high levels of insecurity.  Run!
  8. Mrs. Arrogant.  The arrogant person downplays the achievements, possessions and qualities of others in order to protect their limited worldview and lack of experience.  The arrogant person acts and reacts from a place of deep insecurity and will act out aggressively when cornered.  They must look the best, must be the center of attention and must have the best.
  9. The Materialistic.  Materialism might be the surest sign of a shallow person.  This person’s sole focus in life is to wear the latest and most expensive clothes, jewelry, perfume/cologne and loves to show off their stuff!  Nothing is too big and nothing costs too much!  Their self-worth is anchored in the possessions that they own.
  10. The Constant Victim.  The victim might be the most frustrating person to deal with as they demand lots of your energy and time.  Their story is the same over and over: someone or something has screwed them over.  They accept no responsibility in the events of their life, always casting blame for failure or mishaps on others.  They will bleed your energy reserves bone dry.
  11. The Liar.  This person can be difficult to identify.  The liar has made a life of weaving webs of deceit and rarely speaks the straight truth.  They can lie about the simplest things, even when the truth would benefit them more.  The problem with the liar is their character is like Swiss cheese: full of holes.  And their low character makes them prone to more serious character offenses.


(I frequent AskDr.Darcy.com as a research tool as she has people write in and she answers the reader; kind of a modern version of Dear Abby only with a Masters degree and PhD!!   Anyway, click the link and see what she has to say about toxic friends and the way they drain your life-energy.)

These are just a few of the types of people that I have had personal experience with that I eventually eliminated from my life.  In the end we must have positive, successfully-minded people in our inner-circle.  If not you will waste time and energy dealing with the shenanigans of people that do not have your best interest in mind.

If you practice speaking less and listening more you will be able to more easily identify these types of people.  And as Maya Angelou said: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them; the first time.”

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Thought of the Day: Energy

You must be aware of how you are using your life energy. Negative begets negative, positive begets positive.

good energy quote

The Midnight Station

good energy quote

Energy is everything. Where we invest our energy and where we waste our energy defines who we are and determines the places we go. And it’s not always easy to see whether we’re investing or wasting. Sometimes it’s a matter of perspective. But we’ve still got to be conscious of our energy. If we soak in negative energy, it will weigh us down. If we feed ourselves negative energy, it will consume us. If we circulate negative energy, it will fester in the world, only to create a downward spiral. But if we soak in positive energy, feed ourselves positive energy, and circulate positive energy, we send out love and faith in life to both ourselves and the world. Energy is contagious. Use it wisely.

(Image: styleandsunshine.net)

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