Welcome Dream Big Partner: Dream Desire Achieve!

I am pleased to welcome the latest blogger to become a Dream Big Partner: Dream Desire Achieve:



Here is an excerpt from the Dream Desire Achieve about page:



Hello, my name is Obioma Ibe- (Obioma means good heart). I am a lawyer from Nigeria, though not practicing yet in the UK. I am a loving wife and mother, a committed and dedicated Christian. I currently live in the U.K. I enjoy reading and more importantly, writing. Currently, I have no areas of specialisation or literal niche but rather I enjoy writing about everything that captivates her mind and that which conforms to my Christian faith. Talking about my faith in Jesus is very important to me, so it will always be a recurring feature in my posts. I enjoy the ability to create literature out of anything, the ability to explore every facet of life without inhibition or tradition and allow my mind to harness the deep cores of ideation and fantasy.


My point of view: there is a line in every thing you see; there is a poem, a song or simple words waiting to be written. Ask the trees, run from the glaring sun or stare away endlessly into galactic stars, deep into the crust of the earth’s core or far above the third heavens; if you open your mind, creativity and inspiring words will captivate your imagination. A wellspring of undiscovered piece of literature around you does abound!


My blog is Dream Desire Achieve. Every thing on earth today was someone’s dream before it became a reality. Every project, every skyscraper, from stationaries to books, from household furniture to technology, every single item we use today was once in the dream, in the mind and brain of someone. They acted and fuelled that dream- today we have better lifes. You and me can make a difference too when we connect to our passions and dreams. “With God, nothing shall be impossible, for to him that believes there will be a performance of the things spoken by the Lord to him/her.”


From one writer to another: The pen is mightier than the sword.

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Here is Looking Up Your Old Address

The Rooster Times

Moved away did she
changed her name,
once or, twice
such is it with women
these days,

Phone books no longer
no forwarding address
cellphone number,
all of the clues
all turned into dead ends
all the hints, innuendos, lies

Turned the tables on me
in the end…

Lucky thing
she was sitting
right next to me

helping me along the way
or, I never would have found her


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Sweet On Me

The Rooster Times

“Don’t you think,
I’m the sweetest thing?”

She had a way of asking me
in such a direct way

“If you were chocolate,
at least 70%
then you’d both be sweet
and good for me” – I replied

So much for her
sweet disposition…..

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Cyranny's Cove


Ok, put an X on your calendar. I am about to talk about politics, and that’s not something you’ll see often.

Nikki, from Flying Through Water has chosen the theme independence for her fourth week of Penguin Prompts… I am guessing it has to do with the fact that Americans celebrated Independence Day this week. Happy Holiday, a bit late, to you all… But I am going to go a little bit further back for my independence prompt.

June 24th is St-Jean Baptiste day in Québec. As in many countries, this holiday was originally one to celebrate Summer solstice. St-Jean Baptiste was first celebrated in 1834 (guess the date!), when Ludger Duvernay organized a large buffet, to unite French and English Canadians… The party was a big success, and it became an official holiday in 1926.

For many Québécois, St-Jean Baptiste is a yearly reminder of the two referendums that…

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All Their Faces…

Cyranny's Cove


All the people
all their faces
shapes and sizes
ways of speaking
outward appearances
part in hair
earrings, tattoos
fashion of dress
styles and colors
smells and sounds

All the people
everyone else
I’ve met over time
each and every person
my entire life
every waking moment
every breath taken
every thought

How can you be
so different
so unique
think so differently
see me like no others

How can you be
someone who makes
someone who says
someone who can’t

can’t seem to live
without me?

How can you….

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Today’s Featured Blog…Robert Turner!

Robert Turner

Do you need your “space” to create? A sacred area of peace and tranquility where you can tap into that wealth of creativity you can feel lurking in dark crevices in your mind.

Is it a place no one dares enter when you are in residency for fear of serious bodily harm or a tirade of verbal abuse that will need years of counselling to reverse? I too, once enjoyed my own fortress of solitude, perched loftily behind a kitchen wall and accessed through a narrow passage way.

Those days have long passed, the fortress now abandoned to a hoard of hobbit sized little trolls who exercised squatting rights the moment I left.

For those of you who are shaking your heads in horror at the thought of fellow writer divested of his creative castle, take heed of these words..

FREEDOM, freedom, freedom. Okay so just one word, but repeat…

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Welcome Dream Big Partner: Essential Living with Dakota!!

I am pleased to welcome the latest blogger to become a Dream Big Partner: Essential Living with Dakota!



Here is an excerpt from the Essential Living with Dakota’s about page:

I’m a wife of 6 years to the most supportive, caring, loving, and understanding man I’ve ever met. A mom to three wild, rambunctious, stinky, loving, beautiful boys. And an Independent Distributor of Young Living Essential Oils.

I came about Young Living out of desperation. Postpartum kicked my rear the 3rd time around, and I needed to do something to gain some control over my life. Young Living’s essential oils are so powerful and amazing, I got my life back. And I’ve found my purpose in this life to help others find wellness in their lives, to find their purpose, and to gain some major abundance with Young Living.

Whether abundance means getting chemicals out of your home and replacing them with essential oils. Or abundance means having your oils and products paid for each month. Or abundance means taking your kids to Disney and not dipping into savings. Or abundance means replacing a full time income with sharing your love of Young Living’s products with others, I’m your girl. I’m here to support you along the way. I’m here to encourage you to accomplish your goals. Fulfill your dreams. Your dreams aren’t accidental, y’all. They are burning a desire in your heart for a reason. Let me help you check some things off your bucket list!

Are YOU ready for a life of purpose, wellness and abundance!? JOIN ME!

You can find Essential Living with Dakota’s logo in my sidebar and on the Partners’ Page at the top of my website!  When you visit be sure to tell her Danny sent ya!