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There are days like today, that require that everything else gets put on hold, to enjoy fully. Today, my very best and dearest friend turned fourty years old. We gathered, ate too much, cheered many times to the birthday girl, laughed, chit-chatted, and didn’t watch the time going by.

Happy Birthday J!


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Description for the visually impaired: Close up on colorful confetti left over on the ground after our outdoor party.

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Trust God when it doesn’t make sense

Issues from the Heart

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Life has a way of screaming emphatically to us that it does not make sense to trust God. As believers, we often think that as we make a request to God, that instantaneously our request should be granted.  The fact that our prayers are seemingly not answered in the blink of an eye can lead to frustration and further resulting is a skewed concept of who God is.  This is because we make a request for help in what we would consider a bad situation and instead of receiving the help needed from God, He allows the circumstances to get even worse. In fact, our most severe problems become outright impossible to be resolved. As such, our mind begins to formulate questions regarding God’s location, His character, His nature, and sometimes even His very existence. We start to wonder whether or not the promises of God is true. We deliberate…

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A Perfect World


Let’s face it : life is not as pleasant or as safe as what it was in the past…and if things continue as they are, I don’t see that much will improve in the future.

“What’s the world coming to?”

A rhetorical question often asked in relation to negative changes that occur in everyday life – from television to radio, music to movies, health, safety – the list is endless.


But seriously……

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Maybe I got this

I Am My Own Island

I’ve got loads of changes happening. The last two days have gone well. After my worry post I started feeling more confident. But I don’t want to be cocky. I get moments of insecurity but I know that’s normal. I’m in a good mood so that’s a plus. This post is choppy I hope I’m not going manic hmmm

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My Next Readathon – Input?

This Is My Truth Now

With two successful readathons under our belt this year, I’m ready to plan the next one. In April, we held the fantastic Agatha Christie Readathon where we read 4 of her amazing books and shared brilliant reviews. In August, we held the fun Children’s Books Readathon where we read 10 books from a range of authors and shared awesome reviews. What’s next?

I’m targeting November for the readathon so we’re not too busy at the end of the year and right around some of the bigger holidays. I’ve got a few ideas, but I’d love to hear suggestions from everyone before I send out a poll with the topics and books. To kick it off, here’s a few thoughts:

  1. Book Series
    • Choose a book series with 4 books and read them all
  2. Cozy Mysteries
    • Pick a few themes from cooking to ghosts to pets to quilting
  3. Books with Numbers as…

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#CKBeauty: Favorite Lipsticks For Fall

Chantel Keona

Happy Beauty Wednesday! Lately I have been enjoying creating new makeup looks. So today I am sharing  three looks featuring lip colors from e.l.f. Cosmetics in Wine, Berry Sorbet, and Praline and all of these hues are perfect fall colors and can be paired with neutral or dramatic eye makeup. Keep reading for all the deets and to see my favorite lipsticks to wear for the fall season.

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The World Through My Eyes 🌙

20180907_205732.jpg “Blossom” – Photo by Gabriela A Tejada

You said, “It’s written in the stars.” 
as I laid on your side
and your fingers roamed my thighs
then you looked me in the eyes
and softly whispered
“I don’t know what might happen, but
this is where we belong. “

Gabriela A Tejada

Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved.

All Images were taken by me, unless stated otherwise. 

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The theory of the washing soap

Adaletey Paul Jnr

Many of us in the world visit the market place to purchase washing soap for our laundry but little do we know of the washing soap theory.

Our laundries are made of fabrics of different kinds but most often there are variations in the make of these fabrics and how to wash them in order to maintain a lasting use of them.

In this harsh economic world,no one would like to buy the same thing for the same purpose more often than usual but try to buy one that would be lasting enough to take them some few years before it gives up and this is where the theory of the washing soap is applied.

Not known to many as I have discovered,the right washing soap for the right fabric can only be purchased in advance to the washing day and not on the washing day because in haste to…

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Candles Online

I remember watching this famous comedy show (The Kapil Sharma Show) on television.  It was all grand and pompous with celebrities adding to the glitter.  The host had an impeccable comic timing but one thing that never got down well with me (and seriously who cares 😀).  The host of the show would continuously take a dig at the fellow artists’ appearance. Calling them names like Fatso, Buffalo, hot air balloon, chimpanzee and what not. And he successfully managed to evoke gags from everyone present in the studio and those watching the Idiot box.  How sensible was that is my reservation?  And sadly bullying in the name of comedy or entertainment isn’t reserved for one odd show.  It’s omnipresent almost everywhere.

Movies, Tele serials, advertisements, social media – whatever the form of media or stage it is, body shaming is more and more increasingly used as an entertainment and a marketing…

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