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We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident

Suziland has nominated We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident/blackbutterfly7 for the Blogging Chums Award.  Thanks so much!   This means so much to me because I’ve not been able to get around to all the blogs I follow, much less participate in a manner that I used to and enjoyed.  It is inspiring to know that I’m still considered a blogging chum.

The “logo” for this award was created by Robert’s blogging chum Dressing To Impress  and the award was named by beams19 of Crave the Unknown. Robert created the “rules”.

The Blogging Chums Award is given to particularly brilliant bloggers who are really providing something special to the community, either through their writing or the way they engage with other people: they’re just brilliant! 

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ColourPop Ultra Metallic Lipstick Swatches!


Hey everyone! I hope you love makeup as much as I do because I swatched some shimmery lipsticks for you all. These retail for only $6 and I absolutely love them. Check out the collection and please subscribe if you haven’t already.

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CNN President Jeff Zucker Would Consider Running for Political Office

Matthews' Blog

By Erin Corbett

CNN President Jeff Zucker said he is “still very
interested in politics” and would consider an eventual run for office,
according to a Monday interview with CNN analyst David Axelrod, the
former chief strategist for former President Barack Obama’s campaigns,
who also served as a senior Obama administration advisor.

“I still harbor somewhere in my gut that I’m still very interested in politics,” Zucker told Axelrod, host of The Axe Files
podcast. “It’s something I would consider,” he continued. The executive
was responding to Axelrod’s question about where the CNN chief sees
himself in five years. “You turned down the opportunity to work for Al
Gore in 2000. You’ve talked in the past about possibly running for
office,” Axelrod said.

The two also discussed President Donald Trump’s
verbal attacks on CNN reporters and accusing the cable news channel of
generating “fake news.”

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Elsa said.. Let it go, let it Go! Brain-heart connection

Hey! ItIsMeJacque

“I just want people to stop worrying so much about the small, meaningless and stresses in life and try to remember that we all have the same fate after it all so do what you can to make your time feel worthy and great, minus the bullshit.”

It comes from a letter of a 26-year-old woman diagnosed with cancer and died at that age. Are you surrounded by people who give you problems, stress, negative feelings, who betrays you, insult you, have no life, and so on and so forth. This is the phrase corresponding also to those who face problems related to the people around them.

Maybe you need to throw away things that causes you sorrow no matter how hard you try to make it better. Because the things we really want but gives us a sigh of extreme resentment are not really meant to be in our…

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Heavy Hitter: THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK (Warner Brothers 1974)

cracked rear viewer

The last time we saw BILLY JACK , he was being hauled off to jail – and raking in about 60 million bucks at the box office! The eponymous hero of the surprise 1973 indie hit struck a chord with young audiences disillusioned with the Establishment’s endless wars and crushing their hobnail boots on the throats of dissidents (like I always say, the more things change…), and cheered as Billy Jack struck karate blows and Hapkido kicks in the cause of freedom. A sequel was inevitable, with Tom Laughlin returning as star/director/co-writer (along with wife Delores Taylor, who plays Jean) in a film loaded with political and spiritual philosophies designed to open those young moviegoers’ hearts and minds (not to mention wallets!).

But while BILLY JACK (and its predecessor, BORN LOSERS ) are fun flicks, THE TRIAL OF BILLY JACK suffers from that dreaded disease many filmmakers are prone to…

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Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

We Are Women


Hey Everyone, I have returned and left my cave, I literally feel like I have been in some kind of hibernation for weeks. Funny thing is I have left my house everyday to go to work but I’ve been very inward and haven’t had much motivation. Let me explain why this is the case….

I came to the realisation that my life has evolved and it all happened so quickly that I felt overwhelmed by all the changes. To put it this way the year has gone so fast with so many big life events ie; moving house (stressful AF), planning a Wedding (stressful AF but somehow didn’t let it affect me) getting married (which of course was the most special & magical day in my life) and just recently starting a new job which is Full Time. Now I know everyone has to work and its part of life…

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#WritePhoto – Hidden

But I Smile Anyway...

Sue’s #WritePhoto Prompt this week:

A reverse etheree for you this week! 

Hidden amongst the wonders of nature
A calming setting where peace just flows
Where rays of sun bless the surroundings
Giving a heavenly glow
Serenity prevails
A haven from life
Flowing water
Fresh air

Ritu 2018

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My Week 217: Things You Learn While Travelling


I just got back from spending a week on a cruise ship sailing around the Caribbean. It was great fun but I definitely learned some things about myself among other things, as one does when one is on a boat.

1) I’m not good at packing. I mean, I can PACK just fine—I’m a f*cking amazing packer. I roll everything into tight little sausages which makes them more compact AND unwrinkled. I can fit so much stuff into a small suitcase, you wouldn’t believe it. Also, I never pack until the night before, but I spend a lot of time thinking about the process and what exactly I will need. My parents actually PRACTICE packing to make sure everything will fit. They practiced on the Tuesday before we left and did such a great job that they just kept everything in the suitcase until Friday and I was like “My…

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