Happy 89th Birthday Stanley Kubrick


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Today is the 89th birthday of the film director Stanley Kubrick.  You know and love his films, I specifically love 2001 and The Shining, but Clockwork Orange is great, and, and…  His vision and direction gave us something…

Reinventing Dickens: CAROL FOR ANOTHER CHRISTMAS (Telsun Foundation 1964)

It’s a Christmas special over at Cracked Rear Viewer!!

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You’d think with a cast featuring Sterling Hayden, Ben Gazzara, Peter Sellers, Eva Marie Saint, Robert Shaw, and other notables, a script by Rod Serling, score by Henry Mancini, and direction from Oscar winner Joseph L. Mankiewicz that CAROL FOR ANOTHER CHRISTMAS was a long-lost big screen spectacular, right? Wrong. It’s actually a made-for-TV movie produced by the Telsun Foundation, Telsun being Television Series for the United Nations. That’s right, the UN (funded in part by the Xerox Corporation) once produced a series of television specials with big name artists in an attempt to promote brotherhood and world peace (or to create a New World Order, depending on which way you lean in the political spectrum).


The first entry was a take on Charles Dickens’ classic A CHRISTMAS CAROL. Sterling Hayden starred as Daniel Grudge, filling in for Scrooge. Grudge is a wealthy industrialist whose son was killed in World War II , and who…

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Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra: SUDDENLY (United Artists 1954)

Cracked Rear Viewer pays tribute to Old Blue Eyes!!

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Today marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. The Chairman of the Board certainly had a long and varied career, beginning as a bobby-sox teen idol in the Big Band Era, then a movie star at glamorous MGM.  Hitting a slump in the early 50s, Sinatra came back strong with his Academy Award winning role as Maggio in FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. His follow up film was the unheralded but effective noir thriller SUDDENLY.


The title refers to the sleepy little California town where the film takes place. Suddenly was once a wild and wooly Gold Rush settlement, now just a peaceful suburb. Sheriff Todd Shaw (Sterling Hayden) is a stand-up guy, in love with local girl Ellen Benson (Nancy Gates), a war widow with a son, Pidge (Kim Charney). Ellen’s not ready to stop grieving her husband’s death, and to further matters she abhors…

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My List of Top 10 Halloween Movies

This is Life of an El Paso Woman!!

Life of an El Paso Woman

OK OK I’ll admit it, I don’t like watching scary movies that often. I’m a little bit of a scaredy cat! Since there’s SO many movies out there, it was hard to only pick 10. Here is my list. Which movies do you enjoy and recommend for Halloween?

10. *The Blair Witch Project* I haven’t seen the movie since high school but I still recall the dark and scary woods. The camera’s movements made me a little bit dizzy. I remember the movie gave me a good scare. I don’t recommend the movie for children. However, if you and your significant other are bored, cuddle and watch it for kicks!

9. *Casper* The story has a cute plot and kiddie/puppy love story. OK, this one isn’t  scary but it’s a fun one to watch with the family. The movie made me tear up a little bit.

8. *The Rocky Horror…

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Bet Me Crusie

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Michelle, Books and Movies Addict


Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie 4

(The short synopsis: heroine (h) gets dumped by a jerk. Jerk then tries to bets the hero (H) that H and h won’t have sex within a month. The h knows about the bet but dates H anyway. Chaos ensues with jerk trying to stop h/H and also chaos with a lot of family drama.)

A typical Crusie Chick Lit book. But in this case I did like the characters. The story line was ok. Bonnie and her fairy tale fantasies was great (other character’s fantasies were good too). The bet the “Cal” (did or did not) make with “Min” seemed like just an excuse the author used to keep the characters apart. Whenever Min wasn’t thinking of the bet, she and Cal were inseparable. And even had a touch of instant-love (seems like a norm for a Crusie book).

I liked all…

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Who Should Be The Next Bond? My Choices

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Who Should Be The Next James Bond?

The next James Bond is a topic that has become a cauldron of discussion by everyone from the producers and directors of the Bond films, the current cast members, the potential replacements themselves, the acting community in general, celebrities not in the acting field and people on social media. James Bond is the creation of the brilliant Ian Fleming and has been successfully transferred from the pages of his books to the cinema screens seen by millions for over half a century.

The favourites are Damian Lewis, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy. Personally, I would prefer if none of them got the role as James Bond. They are all great actors and I love them in some of the films and TV shows that I have witnessed their considerable acting abilities in. These three are the favourites because even though James Bond is…

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Matt Damon Tribute

Welcome to The Humpo Show!!

Matt Damon Tribute

Matt Damon turns 45 today!

my_collage (18)

I would have done a comedy skit with Matt Damon to celebrate his birthday with hilarious sketches of roles he has done throughout his career but James Corden beat me to it! I suppose we’ll have to make do with a blog post about him! Check out the James Corden skit when you have time, it is great fun.

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Tough As Nails: BRUTE FORCE (Universal-International, 1947)

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The prison movie has long been one of the most popular of the crime genre. Beginning with 1930’s THE BIG HOUSE, to THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and beyond, audiences flock to get a forbidden glimpse behind the walls. Newspaper columnist turned film producer Mark Hellinger gave us one of the starkest, most realistic looks at prison life in  BRUTE FORCE, as relevant now as it was back in 1947.


Westgate Penitentiary is a walled island facility much like Alcatraz, ruled with an iron hand by Captain Munsey (Hume Cronyn). The warden (Roman Bohenen) is weak and inefficient, and the prison doctor (Art Baker) a drunk. Inmate Joe Collins (Burt Lancaster), just back from solitary thanks to having a shiv planted on him by one of Munsey’s stoolies, is desperate enough to plan a jailbreak with his cellies in R17. They stage a fight in the machine shop and drive the rat to his death while Joe visits with the doctor…

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Happy Birthday Robert Mitchum: OUT OF THE PAST (RKO 1947)

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One of my favorite actors, the laconic, iconic Robert Mitchum was born August 6, 1917 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Rugged Robert had a wandering spirit, riding the rails in the days of the Depression, and even did time on a Georgia chain gang. Mitchum eventually ended up in California , and was bitten by the acting bug. After small roles in Laurel & Hardy comedies and Hopalong Cassidy oaters, Mitchum got noticed in a series of B-Westerns based on the novels of Zane Grey. His big break came as a tough sergeant in 1945’s THE STORY OF G.I. JOE, which he received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. But the role that made him a star was world-weary private eye Jeff Bailey in the film noir classic OUT OF THE PAST.

We meet Bailey running a gas station in the small town of Bridgeport, California (an homage to Mitchum’s hometown, perhaps?) He has a mute…

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