Top 10 Must Have Fishing Gadgets 2018 – Awesome Fishing Gadgets

Fisherman like to have some fishing gadgets to make it easier to catch that big fish. Here is our list of the Top Fishing Gadgets that you MUST have.

Source: Top 10 Must Have Fishing Gadgets 2018 – Awesome Fishing Gadgets

Honest Honey the Fish are Dead – (Non-Fiction)

I am not a fan of touching fish either! Funny fish story on Finally A Writer!

Tessa Dean - Blogger

This was about 30 years ago. My then husband, A, and I and of course our 2 daughters K1 and K2 were with us. Our son, W, wasn’t born yet. 

We lived in North Carolina at the time because A was in the Marine Corps. We lived on base and the housing wasn’t 2 bad.

Every weekend we went down to the shore and to our favorite pier and fished. Now I am afraid to touch fish, worms and other equally disgusting things. I put shrimp on my fishing pole. If I caught something A would have to take it off the line. That was all there was to it. 

K1 would run around and kick the sharks off the pier. The others weren’t too happy about that. They didn’t want them back in the water to catch. She wasn’t more than 3 years old at the most. K2 was…

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