To add or not to add?

Getting Fit For Forty!

Getting Fit For Forty

If you had taken the time to read my last post you will have seen that I had decided to attempt to write a “Bucket List”. This is something I haven’t done before and also when considering what to include in it, I realised I wasn’t sure even how to get started.

I mean, writing a “Bucket List” is a personal list of things to achieve before you die. A list of things that are seemingly unachievable during your daily routine but are things you aim to have achieved should you be given the opportunity. This therefore should be fairly straight forward right? Then why am i struggling to come up with some of them?

I believe the majority of people who take the time to read this post will have agreed with my last statement and will naturally be sat there thinking, yeah so what…Why cant you get…

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Nous sommes tous les Parisiens

See-Clic-Pic shares photos of the Paris tribute.


Last night, Saturday November 14th, I went to Trafalgar Square.  I was still recovering from being ill but I could not stay in with such awful news.  I felt the need to document this event of commemoration, solidarity and fraternity.  It was moving, extraordinary and beautiful in its tragic sadness.

To have Trafalgar Square filled with French people seemed oddly apt, burying any age old enmity in a shared sense of outrage, grief and steadfast determination to stand against evil and terror.  Though the Square was filled with French people I met folks form all over the world who had gathered to stand together, from Australia, China, India, USA, Germany, Holland, Spain and closer to home Ireland and Scotland.  All united in a common purpose; to oppose tyranny, and show that they will stand with France in the coming days.  If we are to defat this utterly evil regime we…

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To Paris With Love.

A tribute to France.

Game, Complain, Repeat

wpid-img_20151115_235300.jpgOn Friday one of the worst atrocities inflicted by a terrorist organisation since the Madrid bombings occurred in Paris, resulting in multiple casualties and hundreds more wounded. I was deeply saddened and horrified by the callous hostility demonstrated by a terrorist group whose name won’t be published, as they deserve no further media recognition for their vile expressions. Any event of such magnitude would be cause for condolence and grievance, yet this heinous perpetration was only exacerbated by my girlfriends arrival in the capital earlier on that day. I wasn’t notified of the attack until late in the evening when I promptly attempted to contact my girlfriend. And for the briefest of moments, for half a heart beat I thought I’d lost her. Almost believing that she had gone to an ethereal realm where I could not follow. She is fine thankfully, returning today a little shaken and rather surprised…

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The City Of Love

A Momma’s View discusses the current situation in France.

A Momma's View

Over the last 48 hours the city of love, Paris, was turned into the city of pain and sorrow, uncertainty, maybe fear and terror. It feels like watching a Bond movie. But it’s terribly real. In times like this it’s difficult to grasp what has happened. I’m sure that there are many posts out there about this at the moment. Honestly, I did not check my Reader just yet. I want to keep my mind free of everyone else’s thoughts. This time I don’t need any inspiration from the outside.

What happened in Paris should make us think once more. We get forced into no longer feeling free or safe in our own country, we are forced into worrying when we go out. We are forced into fighting back, maybe officially starting a war, which then feeds the ones that want to hurt us.

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Paris Attacks

Stereotypically Able expresses her thoughts on the Paris attacks.

Stereotypically Able

I honestly have so many emotions going on in my head right now after hearing about the Paris Attacks last night. I’m sad, and pissed off, and probably a lot more emotions that I can’t put into words right now I don’t understand why people would voluntarily bomb and shoot out places. What are they trying to prove? I just don’t get it.
I woke up to the news this morning that ISIS admitted to being behind the attacks. Honestly, it wasn’t that hard to wonder who did it right after the news broke so I was already expecting to hear that, it was just a matter of time. Once again, I just don’t get it.

I was talking to some family and friends last night and the question of “How can we stop this without stooping down to their level and fight?” As much as I want to know…

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