The failures of friendship

Scribbles by Shiv

Ive often felt like I’ve failed my friends. Infact, i know i have. Ive been the one that chose a relationship over a friendship, I’ve ditched people to move away and on to something else (usually only to return with my tail between my legs!), so its fair to say that through my own poor choices I’ve lost what i once considered good friends.

We naturally change friends as we go through life. We meet like-minded individuals and then our minds grow and develop, sometimes leaving said friendship faltering behind. Its not every time we lose a friendship that we actually feel that its a loss.

And then theres times when your completely taken off guard and all of a sudden those you considered your close friends seem to be withdrawing themselves from your life. The chatting slows, the tone changes, meet ups are few and far between. And no…

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The #Blessed Projects are in! You will laugh and cry…

Check out all the #Blessed Project posts!!!

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride


As I read The #Blessed Projects over the last few weeks, my heart was filled with joy. Each project was so different and a reflection of the writer’s heart. I had thought writing them would be a great exercise in positivity and banishing the blues, but I didn’t realize reading others would give me the same uplifting feeling. I smiled while reading all of them. Some made me laugh. One made me cry.

Those who linked up to my original Blessed Project post are listed below. Click to read them. Enjoy! Believe me. They will lift you up.

Thank you for sharing your blessings!

A Family Album of Thanksgiving, by Al from The Cvillean.

Everyday Awesome: A Blessed Project, by Angela Noel Author.

Blessed One, by Maggie C. from What Rhymes with Stanza.

Being Thankful, by Words from Anneli.

Blessed Two, by Maggie C. from What…

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A Thank You To The “True” Friends.

“Friends are like stars, they come and go. But the ones that stay are the ones the glow!” Such a great quote. I thought I would share this perspective on friendship to close our conversation tonight. Enjoy and have a great evening all!

Beyond The Beyond.

Yea, it’s been long since I’ve put up a post. And I have an exam tomorrow.. Nevertheless, here I am blogging. But this post was meant to happen weeks ago!

When we are kids, a friend is easy to come by. A friend is someone who wears the same sneakers as you and shares their sandwich with you in lunch breaks. Someone who you know you’ll see everyday in classrooms and someone who is a constant in your life. We find people that are really just like us, and who stay with us.

But as we get older, and as school turns into classes scattered across a huge campus, friends become harder to come by. Without the constant socialisation and the ample free time we once had, a friend is something you have a hard time carving out of your busy schedule. The ones you had slowly drift apart.

As time…

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Disconnecting 📵

Sometimes disconnecting is necessary. We must be certain that those in our lives are supporting and promoting us instead of causing drama and stress.


Since this summer I have made many new changes in my life. For one, I’ve lost 9 pounds since May. Going back to the gym was hard at first but after a while I began to enjoy. I even started to look forward to it after work. It is an excellent way to relieve stress. I’ve also cut some people out of my life. I don’t feel the need to hold on to friendships that are OBVIOUSLY not working. It becomes unnecessary stress to constantly invest time in someone who cares nothing about me. Yesterday I decided to disconnect from Instagram and SnapChat. My Facebook is deactivated currently. The only social media that I’m on right now is Twitter. Twitter is so different from all the other social media sites. It’s more about text than visuals. I’ve gone 8 months without social media before and I must admit, it’s quite…

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Friends throughout the Ages

This is an interesting approach to determining if you have reached best friend status! Funny and truthful…

"But with the Mind"

No matter what trends come and go, what new technology comes about, or how the times change, friendship is one thing that will never go out of style. Here is how to determine if you have reached best friend status no matter in which century you reside.


  • You don’t rape your friend’s wife
  • You don’t judge your friend for supporting an indecisive pope
  • You share a drink with your friend even when he exhibits the symptoms of the plague
  • You would do anything for your friend, including commit heresy


  • You keep in touch even after you or your friend set sail for the New World
  • You support your friend’s religious freedoms
  • Together you start the first book club to discuss the first novel, Don Quixote de la Mancha by Cervantes
  • You would do anything for your friend, including hide the other blankets in the box marked “Indians”


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True Friends

Who are your “true” friends? Not acquaintances, not associates, but ‘there for you no matter what’ friends. Be careful, not every person in your life deserves the title of friend.

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Let’s Connect on Social Media: My 4 Pages

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