1958 was a great year for producing men ⋆ LORIEB (Lor-ee-be)

1958 was an awesome year that included the birth of five best friends who have remained closer than many biological brothers since early childhood.

Source: 1958 was a great year for producing men LORIEB (Lor-ee-be)

It’s that time of year once again …

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall

When American college football begins once again.  With cheering fans …


And handsome guys in the stands …


And some guys like me …

giphy (1)

And guys that only a Momma could love …

giphy (2)

And lotsa other cheering peoples in the stands …


And some student traditions …

giphy (3)

And over-paid coaches setting wonderful examples …


And some we’re not really sure what they’re trying to do …


And exciting plays on the field …


And players celebrating …


And some dancing …


And let’s not forget the perty girls …


But in the end, someone is gonna lose ..


And Alabama will more than likely win yet another National Championship whether we like it or not.



Oh well …

“Go Hawks!”

giphy (1)

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Here Are A Few Of My Crazy Random Thoughts…8/29/18


Here Are A Few Of My Crazy Random Thoughts…

  1. I have found a sales person at one of my properties who completely buys-in to the process I train and is finding a lot of success.  I am working with him intensely over the next couple weeks and I am excited to have found him.  He is professional, intelligent, driven, organized and thorough.  All of the attributes needed to be successful.  Needless to say I’m excited.
  2. I cannot believe the number of people who do not know that potatoes are not a vegetable.
  3. A recent study shows that 11,000 people every day are injured from walking while texting.  This is natures new way of thinning the herd.
  4. Tiger Woods is playing the next 4 weeks on the PGA Tour and that makes me happy.
  5. Here are a few things you might not know about me: I do not like fish unless it is fried.  I love veggies, but I don’t like cucumber.  I enjoy the beach, but I can’t stand having sand on my skin.  I love fruit but cannot eat it when it is overly ripe.  I prefer fruit when it is a touch on the hard side.  I was diagnosed with MS in 2007 and am in the secondary progressive phase.
  6. I am excited to have the NFL starting back up and I’m in 2 fantasy football leagues.  I think I might be addicted to fantasy football.
  7. I wake up each morning at 5 am and begin my work day.  I try to get caught up on emails and review my to-do list for the day.  I find that starting my day early allows me to be a step ahead of everyone else.  The downside is I run out of energy around 3 pm.
  8. I know people who have a different password for every login.  That would drive me crazy plus I’d have to carry a password cheat sheet in my wallet!
  9. If you like protein bars, I’ve found the best protein bar ever!  Try the brand called Nugo, especially Chocolate Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate and Pretzel.  Delicious, vegan, gluten-free and tasty.

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!


If Interested…A Quick Healthy Living Update-8/28/18


If Interested, A Quick Healthy Living Update…

Two weeks ago I just went ahead and made the leap to stop eating animal protein.  I didn’t have a plan I stopped cold turkey (pun intended) and went with “jump on cliff, build wings on the way down” approach.  And so far I am better off for having done so.

Here are a few observations thus far…very few restaurants serve vegetables.  I had paid much attention to this phenomenon, but it is a fact that less than 5% of restaurants I’ve encountered serve more than 1 green veggie.  No wonder Americans only eat 2 servings per week.  Most serve 3 variations of potato and for those who were not aware, a potato is not a vegetable.

Observation 2…I feel better and have lost a few pounds.  My body feels better and I seem to be less tired at the end of the day.  Plus I am down to 181 pounds.  My weight goal is 170 by October 31st.

Observation 3…eating only veggies I do not experience the feeling of being bloated after I eat.  I never really feel “too full” as I have felt in the past.  Plus I can eat 3-4 massive servings of veggies for lunch and it might total 400 calories.  I know I am doing my body justice by eliminating the meat.

Observation 4…on the road I visit Golden Corral often which is a buffet restaurant I wouldn’t have ever visited prior.  The nice thing about GC is I can get lima, green beans, spinach, collared greens, okra and a small side salad.  Now that’s a lot of green vegetables!

All-in-all I feel a lot better after 2 weeks of veggies only and the transition has not be hard or difficult.  One advantage of my OCPD is when I make up my mind and change my rules, I can stick to something immediately and change my habits with zero struggle and zero fails.  Sometimes there are advantages to having a compulsive personality issue!

That’s it for today.  Hope you have an inspiring Tuesday!!


The Hidden Pain of One Man’s Talent


The Hidden Pain of One Man’s Talent

Many years ago I knew a man who had an incredible talent.  He knew the words to almost every song that ever came on the radio, especially 80’s music.  And it didn’t matter the genre!  Rap, pop, country, rock.  He could sing the words as if he wrote the songs.

One day we were having lunch and I was explaining to him how I admired his talent for remembering so many lyrics to so many songs.  When I asked him how he knew so many he began to talk to me about his childhood and I quickly realized there was a lot of pain behind his talent.

Come to find out the reason he knew so many songs was because the radio was his only friend growing up.  When other kids were outside playing he wasn’t, he was listening to the radio.  He didn’t have friends and got picked on a lot so he learned to avoid people and listen to songs.  I guess in a way music became his escape.

I had forgotten about this guy until this past week when for some reason his story popped in my mind.

There are times when we look at someone and we envy some aspect of their life.  We admire talents from the outside, but we often forget about the sacrifice behind the talent.  Sometimes talents are the facade covering up pain.  And it isn’t until we have a deeper look that we realize we should be slow to envy.

I have had coworkers say they wished they were as organized as I am, but I wouldn’t wish my curse on anyone.  My obsessive compulsion creates more stress inside my body than I would wish on my enemy.

I think the best practice is to be the best version of ourselves that we can be and keep our envy at a minimum.

Just a quick thought for a Monday.


There’s Way Too Much Average in the World


There’s Way Too Much Average In the World…

I see it every day.  People going about their business, waking up, making the donuts, going home and doing it all over again the next morning.  Many people move through life like a zombie not expecting much more of themselves than doing what is required to make it through each day.  I don’t think like that.  I don’t allow myself to accept the status quo and I challenge you to think the same.

Life wants to beat you into submission and most often it occurs through the words of others.  People will try to convince you that your goals are not “realistic” or “practical”.  When kids are young they say they want to be an astronaut or President and most people will tell them, parents included, that they should aim a little lower because there aren’t a lot of astronauts or only one person can be President.  Kids then grow up seeing other people working normal jobs and they decide they will become an accountant instead of an astronaut.

We learn so much by watching the world around us and sometimes this is a bad thing.  We learn to take the safe route.  We learn that dream living is only for kids, not for adults.  Banking is realistic.  Accounting is realistic.  Mid-level management is realistic.  Being an astronaut, not so much.   Being the CEO of the bank is not realistic.  Becoming the President of the United States is not realistic.

We learn to think average and to expect average.  But what if we changed the way we think and changed what it is that we expect from life?

Last night I voiced a new dream I have with Evelina and we agreed that we wanted it.  So now we (I) are revolutionizing our thinking and our mental preparation to achieve our new lofty financial goals so that this new dream comes true.  If I told most people what this dream is they would poo poo it so I am not telling anyone except my wife and it will stay that way.

Don’t let other people put their limitations on you.  Don’t accept limits.  Don’t accept average thinking.  Dream big.  Plan big.  Prepare big.  And be ready to work hard to make your dreams come true.  When someone tells you it cannot be done, then dig in even harder.

Hope you have a great Wednesday friends.


Triumph Results From A Lot of Lackluster Decisions


Triumph Results From A Lot of Lackluster Decisions…

I work with sales reps every day.  My job is to help them get better at what they do so they can make more money while generating more revenue for their property.  A common misconception on their part is that I’m going to arrive in town with a bag full of magic tricks and those tricks are going to instantly transform them and their numbers.  The truth is quite the opposite.

My solution for them centers around the idea of making a lot of normal, boring decisions to be better.  Typically they need to practice better organizational skills.  Typically they need to restructure their thought processes.  And most need to practice their skill set to get better.

I liken the improvement process to that of someone who decides to lose weight.  From the first day, the weight loss candidate is faced with a series of small, daily decisions.  Google calls these moments ‘micro moments’ and they are defined as crucial points in a customers journey to finding the right business to meet their needs.  As it relates to weight loss, these micro moments occur every time someone has a food decision.  Each time someone makes a better food choice they win and move closer to their goal by losing a couple of pounds.  Over time these small weight loss amounts add up to a greater total and before they realize they have lost a lot of weight.

Being triumphant happens exactly like weight loss.  Each day you make decisions to be a little better and these small daily decisions add up over a long period of time to equate to getting better.  The longer you make better decisions the better you will be.

This is why I admire people who are exceptional at something because I can appreciate the dedication it takes over a long period of time to be good at anything.

So the next time you make the decision to eat vegetables instead of fast food, you win.  When you decide to be a little more organized, you win.  Each time you work a little harder, you win.  Let these small decisions add up to something positive.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


**The opinions expressed in this post are mine and mine alone and do not represent the opinions of my employer or its subsidiaries.

I Have Eliminated One of My Favorite Foods


I Have Eliminated One of My Favorite Foods

I have been kicking the idea around for a couple of years now, but just never took the plunge until this past week.  And I didn’t make a major declaration in my soul to stop eating this food I just decided at one meal to make a wiser decision.  Last week I stopped eating meat and have opted for vegetables.

I was out-of-town and decided to order a vegetable plate instead of baked chicken.  That decision led me to do the same the next day and then the next.  It has now been nearly a week and all I am eating are veggies.  I’ve also decided to greatly reduce pasta and bread.

Don’t worry I’m not going to get obnoxious about it.  With the MS and UC issues I think this will give my body the best opportunity to function at a high level and fight both diseases.  Also I believe eating more vegetables will make me healthier and allow my weight to level out a bit.

It isn’t easy to eat this way because not all restaurants serve vegetables.  If you’ve ever noticed many restaurants serve rice, potatoes and maybe a green, but not much.  And for those who might not realize, potatoes are not a veggie.  Evelina and I ate at a restaurant last night that didn’t have one vegetable on the menu.

At any rate, I’ll see how this makes my body feel in a month or so and re-evaluate.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Happy 82nd Birthday Robert Redford


Today is the 82nd birthday of the film legend Robert Redford. His version of Jay Gatsby is the best, by far. The world is a better place because he is in it.

NAME: Robert Redford
OCCUPATION: Film Actor, Environmental Activist, Television Actor, Director, Producer, Theater Actor
BIRTH DATE: August 18, 1936
EDUCATION: American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Van Nuys High School, Pratt Institute, University of Colorado
PLACE OF BIRTH: Santa Monica, California
HEIGHT: 5′ 10″

BEST KNOWN FOR: Actor Robert Redford is a Hollywood legend, known for his roles in acclaimed films like ‘The Sting‘ and ‘The Way We Were.’ He is also an accomplished director, producer and entrepreneur, having started the Sundance Institute in the early ’80s.

Born Charles Robert Redford Jr. on August 18, 1936, in a multicultural neighborhood in Santa Monica, California, actor and…

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I Can’t Make You Want It…



I Can’t Make You Want It…

I had one single goal when I started blogging and that was to pass along some of the things that I did to turn my life around.  Prior to November 2014 I considered myself an underachiever.  I would wake up each day and whatever happened, happened.  For the most part life happened to me, not the other way around.  But then I underwent a transformation.  I spent a year completely redesigning my habits and my thoughts to change careers and find more success.  I restructured my thoughts so that I happened to life, not the inverse.  I stopped drinking alcohol, stopped watching television, started watching what foods I ate, started reading books to help me expand my mind, and most importantly, started making my bed each morning first thing.

All of my habit changes changed the way I looked at the world, but it also changed how I saw myself in the world.  I began to envision the result I wanted to achieve.  I began seeing myself in a successful position and eventually a new career opportunity presented itself and I scooped it up.

The key was I made up my mind that I would change.  But I can’t make others want to change the way they see themselves in the world.  I believe you can create your own ending, that you can write the script you want.  Then combine that with preparation and hard work and you can transform your life into what you desire.  The catch is you have to believe it, I can’t believe it for you.  I learned this principle from the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

I consider myself fortunate that my eyes were opened to this fact and I want so badly for others to realize it also.  But it is not up to me and I cannot make people rethink their existence.  Each person has to live their own life and all I can do is talk about my experience and hope that one other person experiences the awakening I experienced.

And for that reason I type each morning hoping that my story might help someone in some small way.

As Bob Wiley said “Baby steps onto the elevator.”

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!