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This week I started back up the Let Me Share Your Page post and the response has been overwhelming!  This is a good thing.  In order for me to share all the bloggers who are leaving links to their pages, I am adding a few more of these link share posts.  So take a few minutes and check out these folk:

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Meet The Crow Reborn!!

The Crow Reborn

“Man, though well-behaved, at best is only a monkey shaved.”
– W. S. Gilbert –

No, I seriously don’t think that quote by Gilbert is a fair one. As much as I like our funny simian cousins, especially in their natural habitat, I don’t believe that monkeys can define friendship the way we do; at least not consciously.

In my book, friendship is a relationship between two or more people who hold mutual affection among them. This mutual affection can be caused by lots of things. It can be caused by the needs to be able to trust someone, the needs to receive affection and sympathy, the needs to share ideas and experiences, and many others. However, there is one that I always think is the most important reason of all, and that’s the needs to be yourself, and thus to be able to express your feelings and make mistakes…

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Who's My Favorite Today?

If you ever wondered what happens when you are three years old and fall asleep in the car with teenage sisters……….  Well this is the result.

We were on an hour long ride one Saturday afternoon and Kate was pooped.  She immediately fell asleep as soon as we got into the car.  Brooke was bored and proceeded to find different objects in the car to use as props and take photos of her sister.

Kate never moved.  She was oblivious to the whole thing : )

Brooke is my favorite today.  She is sneaky and funny!  Much like her mother ; )

Daily tally:

Avery +14/-3, Brooke +15-2, Kate +15/-6, Me 0/-2

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Snow Cones

Who's My Favorite Today?

Sometimes it’s the simple things……. snow cones on a Sunday afternoon.  I am trying to treasure every minute right now.  Every second.

We have 10 more days until Avery moves into her college dorm.  I know things will never be the same after that.  She will be independent and her own person.  And I want her to be all that.  We have worked all these years for her to do well and go to college.  I know she is extremely privileged to be one of the few people of the population of the world that is able to do this.

I try not to worry.  If I begin down that trail, it is never ending.  There are so many things my mind can conjure up!  I have to trust that we have instilled in her the skills and judgement she needs to make it on her own.

I guess my…

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While waiting at Winners…

Cyranny's cove


For a while now, I’ve been partners with Danny.

Like a lot of you, I follow his blog for a daily dose of inspiration and thought provoking interaction. No wonder why he came to my mind, when I spotted this mug while waiting to pay at Winners.

And like Danny, it was the unique one! 🙂

Daily Prompt: Partner

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The Staircase Effect

This morning as I was praying about this post, I was reminded of my first position as a school leader.  I worked in a comprehensive high school with lots of stairs. Each set of stairs had a color, so it was really important to know…

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Today’s Featured Blog…Welcome To My Blog!!

Welcome to my Blog

via Daily Prompt: Tea

Oh my, how I love my Sweet Tea!!! Even living in the Chicago Land Area, I love it!  And when I go even more south, it gets better and better!!!

I loved going to the fair for 4th of July fireworks in Ohio, and the one vendor had a sign, “Get a BIG cup of Sweet Ice Tea”, yes it called my name. For $2, Its mine!!!

I drank raspberry tea toward the end of my pregnancy to make my son move faster,lol ladies you get this!

Camomile Tea- is so great for relaxing!

Hot tea in the winter or if you have a cold, add a little lemon and honey and it helps the sore throat!

Sleepy time tea is awesome if you’ve a hard time going to sleep and rest easily.

Teas up! Have a great day!!!

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It Is Important To Take Stock In How One Acts

Danny's iphone 022

I believe it is important to take stock in how one acts.  It is easy to continue on as you have always done, oblivious to how it impacts those around you.  Some will even justify their actions with statements like “that’s just the way I am”.

For me, that is not good enough and I expect more of myself than that.

The wise person doesn’t continue on as they always have.  The wise person evaluates their actions and changes when they realize they need to change.

Danny’s World: One of the Characters From My Golfing Past

A while back I wrote a post called Life Lessons Learned at an Old Golf Course in which I talked about my youth growing up on a old, abused golf course called Sunset Hills.  That

Image result for sunset hills golf course charlotte ncpost is still one of my favorites and you should take a few minutes to read.  Anyway, one of the cast of characters was a guy who actually worked for one of our sister courses Paradise Valley Golf Course.

Paradise Valley was a short, 9-hole course located in the north part of Charlotte on what is now a shopping center.  It was a fun track and it was right across the street from UNC-Charlotte where I attended college so you can imagine my break between classes involved some golf.  And almost every time I went over to Paradise Valley or the range a familiar face was waiting: Robert Earl Maybin, Sr.  Or as I always called him…Bob.

Bob was a funny guy and to say he was a character is the understatement of the century. There isn’t a week goes by that I don’t think back on many things Bob would say.  At this time I was around 19 or so and Bob would have been in his mid-30s.  He was a portly fellow who wore a trimmed beard and smoked a pipe.  My memories of him involved him giving me advice or telling me a story while packing that pipe.  And the aroma was great.  I even remember the type of tobacco he smoked which was Captain Black!

Image result for captain black pipe tobacco

I worked with Bob until I left the golf course in 1998 and Bob would finally leave go back to selling cars.  Bob and I kept in touch and actually became golfing buddies.  We would play everywhere together.  I was a PGA Professional at that time so I could get us on some of the top tracks in North Carolina. We would ride, play, gamble and laugh; mostly me laughing at him.  Looking back on his stories, I don’t think Bob was trying to be funny, but I laughed anyway.  He was a good friend.

Bob eventually moved to Myrtle Beach which disrupted our golf, but I would still visit him every time I went to Cherry Grove Beach, which was only 30 minutes or so from his house.  We would meet at a little southern cooking joint called Magnolia on 26th and catch up.  And it was as if we had never missed a beat.

In 2010 I tried to get in touch with Bob via text but I never got a response.  I was afraid I knew why he wasn’t responding.  About 6 months of texting and I found out from a mutual friend that Bob had passed away.  It was tough to think that Bob had died and I wasn’t there at his funeral.  I’m not sure why he died, but suspect it was a heart attack.

My memories of Bob are vivid.  I wax nostalgic thinking back to those days at Sunset Hills gambling with him, learning about life and losing money.  I smile when I hear his voice in my memories and it makes me 20 years old again to envision seeing him unloading his clubs from the trunk of his Firebird as I pull up in a golf cart to meet him.

I miss my friend and always will.  RIP Robert Earl Maybin, Sr.  You meant more to me than I ever told you and I hope you knew it.