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Blog of a Mad Black Woman!

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

Friends are those rare people who ask how we are and then wait to hear the answer.

Ed Cunningham (1969)

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Father’s Day. He always started off the week leading up to Father’s Day coming up with all the possible excuses not to visit his father. A presentation that needed tweaking, a new romance that needed coaxing…something. However, when it came right down to it, he always made the trip; this year would be no exception. He sat on the edge of the hotel bed, staring at his hands, thinking about how different he and his father were. He slowly rotated his hands around looking at the well manicured nature of them, the pushed back cuticles, the perfectly trimmed nails and the buttery, softness of his hands, and he felt acutely ashamed. He clenched his fists, feeling his trimmed nails bite into his palms. He would wait until dark to make the trip, so there would be less chance of other visitors.

A few hours later, he walks out of the…

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Today’s Featured Blog is…Harsh Reality!

Harsh Reality!

HarsH ReaLiTy

Sometimes it feels like life is an endless road of wanting to be accepted. After your family it begins when you comprehend the concept of friendship and with it the pain and harsh reality that not everyone has the same amount of friends in the world. For some who find it hard to form bonds on this planet, this realization comes much quicker than for others. I think regardless of how popular we are there are times at night, when we are alone, that we feel an alienation from everyone else in the world. This includes the ones we love, no matter how strong those bonds might be, for we are human and have those moments. With the severing of the umbilical cord comes a very real release into a world that will often times distrust or hate us. And so we spend the rest of our lives searching for…

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Dragonfly Surprise!

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives!

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

The weekly photo challenge offers a Surprise in the guise of an ordinary dragonfly.A close-up a an ordinary dragonfly

Dragonflies are beautiful creatures. This one was near the end of its life and simply rested unmoving on our outdoor chair. I used last year’s, then new, digital camera and took a series of shots.

In my next image, I photographed him from the top. You can see the gossamer wings almost like delicate stained glass, and the emergence of something else. But in the next shot…wait for it…

Top view of the dragonfly reveals something!

SURPRISE! No wonder other bugs quake in fear!

A surprise face from this angle

Hope you enjoyed the show!

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All Is Not Lost…

Kingdom Living!!

Kingdom Living

It is seriously easy to be taken away by the busyness of life. For instance, this morning for me was pretty much a carry over from yesterday. I worked late. I brought work home with me (something I have been trying not to do), and I awakened early this morning to complete what I had started yesterday. My plan was to not go into the office today, but to spend some time with the family. Needless to say, I am typing this from my office as I have just finished the work which began on yesterday.

What am I trying to say? This happens to the best of us. It does not matter how much effort we put into not doing some things, there will be those times wherein our efforts will be in vain. What is most important is that we do not sit back and wallow in pity…

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Tending Our Gardens

Peace From Panic!

Peace from Panic

talking to plants

I smiled when I saw this quote, because I definitely can relate. When I was about twelve, I started to love house plants. Once a week, it was my job to water and mist the fern in our living room. I loved that chore (much more than the vacuuming and dusting I had to do).

My mom saw how much I liked caring for plants, so she bought me some for my room. At one point, I think I had eight, which now seems like a lot for one bedroom. When it was time for watering, I’d carry each plant to the bathroom and put it in the tub. It looked like a jungle in there. I’d get a large plastic cup and sprinkle water over the Boston Ferns, Spider Plants, and Peace Lilys, and let them drain.

There was something I didn’t want to admit. I talked to my…

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At the beach



642CECB2-EAFA-4EEB-B0CF-6EC2556F3A4CHi my blogger family!

We’re having a mini family vacation at Emerald Isle North Carolina. We are celebrating my niece’s 20th birthday and my mother’s 90th.  The niece that is came with my mother and I is my younger brother’s daughter. My older brother’s daughter and her family received the vacation voucher from her husband’s work.  My older brother, his wife, and his daughter and her family are with us as well.

It is right on the beach and just a few steps to the ocean. However, there are stairs down to the beach and then a sand dune to climb up and then over and down to the beach by the ocean. Since I am not able  to navigate that path, I won’t be going to the ocean.

However, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.   It was very foggy this morning, and the waves were crashing into the…

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Bipolar, Ugh!

Advocate For Mental Illness!

Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

Teresa (Tessa) Dean Smeigh

-Advocate for Mental and Invisible Illnesses

-Author of Articles, Stories and Poems



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