Free to Be Me

A great reminder on Peace From Panic!!

Peace from Panic


I wouldn’t call myself a perfectionist. I used to though. It really bothered me if everything wasn’t just right. I’d feel anxious if the house wasn’t clean, the girls’ toys weren’t put away,  or dirty dishes were left in the sink. I’d be hard on myself if I didn’t cook amazing meals every night or if I didn’t exercise enough that week.

I thought I had to be the perfect mom, wife, daughter, friend, cook, gardener, and housekeeper — all the time. It was exhausting. I wasted a lot of energy striving for unrealistic goals and self-imposed high expectations.

I’ve learned to let go. To be gentle and not criticize myself when things don’t go the way I planned. Give myself a break when I don’t accomplish what I set out to do that day. Let myself indulge on deliciously rich foods. Say no when my schedule is too hectic.

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It Takes a Village

Meet Peace From Panic!

Peace from Panic

It caught my eye as I drove past the local high school. “Parent Mental Health Night” flashed on the digital display board. I don’t have a child there anymore, my youngest is a senior in college. But as a mental health advocate, my curiosity was peaked.

I checked it out online and reserved my seat for Monday night’s meeting. The city’s Youth Commission organized the entire event and a movie theater donated the space.

As we arrived, groups of teens welcomed us and checked us in. I settled into my seat and looked around. I was happy to see how many people showed up.

The first speaker explained that the Youth Commission formed last year and made decisions on which upcoming projects they wanted to focus on. They felt the number one concern for youth is mental health. The number one concern.

They got to work and developed Parent Mental…

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Look Up

One of my favorites: Two Are Better Than One!!

Two Are Better Than One

For the first time in a long time, I took a day off from work — not because I had an appointment or a meeting, but because I needed to sleep. You can tell when your body is running low on fuel, and the logical thing to do is to fuel up. Unfortunately, we often times neglect ourselves — thinking that no one else can do our jobs or won’t do it the way that we will. I’m fortunate in the sense that no one wants my job. They actually tell me that regularly. Another plus for me is that the other leaders at my workplace could do my job just as well as I (if not better).

I really don’t like to miss work, mainly because I enjoy what I do, but when I notice myself getting a little snippier than usual or more easily frustrated, I know it’s…

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Sunday Comics #51: Vodka

This is Epicurious Texan!!

The Epicurious Texan

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Perhaps it’s the vodka talking, but I think it is the better option.

valentine vodka

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It’s Only Monday…

Welcome to Mellix Life!!

Mellix Life

Earlier tonight…

Aaron (yelling from the living room): “I just got Squirrel Girl’s helicopter on Lego Marvel Super Hero Avengers.”

Me: “That’s great buddy.”


Aaron (whispers): “I’m going to clean up this mess.”

He walks into my room.

Aaron: “I have 3 words. Where is the towel? No, no, no. I have 4 words. Where is a towel?

Me: “Over there. How big is this mess?” Pointing to a laundry basket of clean clothes.

Aaron: “Big.”

Welcome back to Aaron’s magical world. A world where he’s striving to become the champion of messes. Will he win for most spilled drinks in one week? I think he has a shot, folks.

Oh, you missed the last spill? Check this out…Brunch & Paper Towels.

Why are kids so messy? I would be happy if they at least contained it. They have a decent size bedroom. Just for the two…

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This is The Courage To Shift!!



Sharing a few moving passages on devastation, the quote defining ignorance is my favorite! If you are willing, please share your favorite and why!


Any quote by Maya Angelou is sure to be filled with words of wisdom!


Something I’ve had to do is to cease being over-dramatic (it’s not easy and does take work, lol) and change my definition of devastation when it comes to describing my own personal challenges! When I pay attention to what’s going on around me and in the world today, my reality is that I have a lot to be grateful for. The term life lessons is a better fit, and I’ve learned to take the message from the mess  (usually that I created!) and move on.

What helps me stay focused on the positive thru challenging times is a gratitude list. My BFF Liz and I text our gratitude lists to each other weekly…

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How to make nut butter slices

Meet Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS!!

Dinosaurs, Donkeys and MS

Another foody type post today! I always find by Boxing day I have completely forgotten what day of the week it is and am spending way to much time in front of the telly, so today me and Dizzy decided to make stuff in the kitchen instead!

I discovered these nut butter slices a while ago. I love them because they are super yummy but also super simple to make! 🙂

Nut butter slices:



  1. Nut butter of your choice (I’ve used peanut butter and triple nut butter before, both have worked really well!)
  2. Honey
  3. Oats
  4. Any extras you would like too add. 🙂 I add lots of ground ginger and/ or cinnamon as I love the flavour of these but you can add pretty much anything. Nuts, chocolate and spices work really well.

Amount wise is up to you! You can add the same amount of honey, oats and nut butter but I love…

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Big River

This is Ann Cavitt Fisher!!

Ann Cavitt Fisher

The Mississippi River at New Orleans, looking toward the GNO bridge. Photograph by Ann Fisher

Your eyes remind me of my river in the late afternoon,

Sun-golden and warm.

I once said so and you smiled.

I am alone now.

When the light of the setting sun hits his currents,

The river-god speaks to me, his child, voice low.

I bend forward, close over him,

My hands on his surface, feeling him move beneath me.

Forever I carry his sighs.

The visits back to New Orleans have been wonderful. This is for my Mississippi — amazing river that you are, Ann.

A trio of posts inspired by my recent visits begin here with To Miss New Orleans, about an old journalist who inspired my great love of the city.

I took this photograph on the bank of the Mississippi in the morning (we work with what we have :-)), looking towards the GNO bridge.

Copyright 1991 and 2016, Ann Fisher. All rights reserved.

The Mississippi River at New Orleans, looking toward the GNO bridge. Photograph by Ann Fisher The Mississippi River at New Orleans, looking…

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London Sky Garden Adventure.

This is The Wandering Broski!!

The Wandering Broski

Excuse me sir, no photos!

Alright Kanye, calm down.

I have to say, the start to my Sky Garden adventure was a rather annoying one; a very well dressed security guard jumping up in front of me to stop me taking a photo of the entrance lobby was not what I expected – I still got the photo though 😉

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