The Fruitless Journey

Here’s a thought…instead of focusing on others, why don’t you focus on yourself.  What I mean is stop looking outward for anything.  Stop looking out for validation.  Stop comparing yourself to others.  Stop being envious.  Stop watching what others do and don’t do.  Stop judging.  Stop trying to find your fulfillment through comparison shopping.

Comparing yourself to others is kind of like trying to cook your favorite meal while shopping with someone else’s grocery list.  The two don’t match up.

I have learned a difficult lesson which consumed many of my years: if you are looking outward for any kind of fulfillment you will never, ever find it.  It is a fruitless journey.

Take a look deep inside yourself.


What do you want to do? What do you want to be? What do you want to have before you die?

Self inspection is the beginning of rediscovering your true passion…

Chasing Pesto


It was most certainly this existential exercise, which led me down the rabbit hole of self-inquiry. I found myself simultaneously both awestruck and dumbfounded. A year ago when I was working with my life-coach she posed the following questions, “What 30 things do you want to be, have, and do before you die?”

At first I thought it would be an easy exercise…after all, I knew – that I knew – exactly what I wanted out of life. After all, I had all the answers; well at least that’s what my ego would have me believe.

So I sat down with my journal and began with all of the things that I wanted to do before I departed this beautiful life. I sat down and realized for the first time that I’d never really thought about what I wanted to accomplish over the long term (or short term)…

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2 Simple Tips When You are Feeling a Down Turn

I have been struggling with inspiration lately.  I am not eliminating the possibility that it comes at the same time that I have been experiencing a slight down turn in my health and mentality.  I have this “dips” occasionally as I ride the MS roller coaster.

I have only had this happen one other time back in February.  Instead of fight against it and force things, I have decided to take the Taoist approach and let the river waters wash me down stream and see what happens.  Too many times in life we fight, kick and scream as life drags us in the direction that life is headed.

images (1)I have been concerned lately with the pain in my hips.  A few years ago my neurologist put me on an aggressive round of solumedrol.  It followed an aggressive dose 6 months prior.  If you know anything about this evil steroid you know that too much of it can result in restricted blood flow to the hips, leaving the recipient in need of hip replacement surgery.

I wouldn’t be so concerned except the pain is waking me up at night.  I remember my shoulder doing the same thing and was remedied by surgery in 2009.  I don’t want to have surgery as it will cut it to our charity work and that is very important to me.

Through this ordeal I am seeing how important it is to give.  I cannot encourage you more to get outside of your corner of the world and find a way to give your time to change lives.

Sometimes it feels as though I am talking to no one and nobody is listening.  The only way we are going to change this world is by helping others.  The only way you are going to find fulfillment is through becoming a servant.  Humble yourself.

I have a friend of mine Katherine that I met through blogging.  We email back and forth a couple of times each month and it is nice to read of her progress as she lives her life cancer free!!  (hello Katherine!!).  She has helped me become a better blogger and gain better perspective as I learn and find my voice.  She reminded me this week of the importance of personal growth.

As we get older we become set in patterns.  We do the same things and rarely take on new experiences.  This limits our joy.  If you are experiencing and down turn in life I encourage you to do 2 things

  1. Take on a new activity.  It could be as simple as going to the park 3 times each week to walk.  Or it could be taking on a new hobby.  Whatever it is force yourself into a new life experience.
  2. Find an organization to go donate your time.  Working with people less fortunate will open your eyes, I promise.

In the end, life is about you leaving a mark.   What legacy will you leave behind?  What example are you setting for your family, kids, friends?

Just a thought for a Monday morning…

Don’t Just Exist – Live Life to the Fullest

Will living a full life result in a fulfilled life??

Juliedee B. Parcia

At this day and age, only a very few people, if there are anyway, who live their life to the fullest. Everyone faces some uphill battles and has his or her share of excuses that need to be faced and dealt with day in and out that can suck all the positive energy and fun right out of life. But the really saddening truth is that even if almost all people know what it would be like to live life to the fullest, only a handful have the courage to let go of the reins long enough for them to allow themselves to do it.

fullestExpectations and responsibilities can loom large and dark in the horizon and the nagging negativity strings can hold your feet firmly to the ground that can restrict your wings from soaring high, clamping down your happiness.

The million dollar question now is, how can a…

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Megan and the search for happiness.

Read this post on happiness. Everyone says they want to be “happy” but the word is sometimes misused for content or fulfilled. Some argue this is semantics, but I argue that one associates joy with “happy” where “fulfilled” expresses the true intention of living a complete or full life. Just a thought… Great post nonetheless!

Why You Should Seek Fulfillment Instead of Happiness

IMG_7129Our discussion today has been that happiness is an emotion and not intended or realistic to be a life goal or state.  Instead seek to be fulfilled.  This will eliminate the stress and frustration and eliminate the feelings of inadequacy that not being happy bring.  It is okay to be sad sometimes and doesn’t mean you are not necessarily fulfilled!

Chasing Happiness

In light of our conversation today, this post reflects my attitude toward living a fulfilled life. This author uses the word “happy” but I am not going to get caught up in semantics.

Sonorous Silence

What is happiness? “Happy” is defined by the Oxford dictionary as “showing pleasure or contentment(1),” yet it is so much more than that. Happiness is finding the silver lining in this chaos we call life. Happiness is the gratitude for yesterday, the motivation for today, and the hope for tomorrow. Happiness is, ultimately, what many of us aspire to achieve.

Personally, I’d like to think of happiness as a path, not merely a choice, but an entire path of decisions. Happiness is a journey, with many forks in the road, and inevitably, one may become lost. Every decision we make, thought which crosses our minds, person we encounter contributes in some way or another to our path of happiness. It is a path with an unknown destination, a path which twists and turns and even goes in circles sometimes, but it is a completely custom-made and constantly growing…

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Another perspective on our topic o’ the day…


CONTENTMENT is a mental or emotional state of satisfaction drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind.  It is a state of having accepted one’s situation and is a for of happiness.  Contentment and the pursuit of contentment are a central thread through many philosophical or religious schools across diverse cultures, times and geographies.
Quotes :
(1) Ten poor men sleep in peace on one straw bed, as SAADI sings, but the biggest Empire is too narrow for two Kings. —– William R Alger.
(2) Health is the greatest gift.  Contentment is the greatest wealth.  A trusted friend is the best relative, NIBBANA is the greatest bliss.  —— Gautama Buddha.
Contentment(3) A joyful heart makes a cheerful face.  A sad heart makes a despondent mood.  All the days of a poor person are wretched, but contentment is a feast without end. ——- Rabbi Meir Leibush.
(4) Where…

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Saying ‘Yes’ to your dreams!

We must make an effort to move toward being more fulfilled. It doesn’t just happen by accident!



Everybody wants to make it big in life. Everybody wants to make money. Everybody wants to be rich. But how many of us work hard enough to get what we want?

I hear people talk about their dreams, their ambitions, their aspirations. But very little of them actually DO something about it. Very little of them actually work sleepless nights to really build something valuable.

And then people say things like “Why would we torture ourselves?” And that is what I fail to understand. How can doing something that you love, be torturous? How can the ‘want’ and ‘happiness’ we get by working on our dreams be compared to torture?

I then respond “What seems torture to you, might feel blissful to me”.

If I don’t get enough sleep or relaxation during the day, it is for a reason. That being I do not want to sleep or relax at…

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On Being Fulfilled

Sometimes doing something that makes you happy will lead you down the road to fulfillment. We all need to do more of the things that we enjoy!

I Have This Now

It has only been these past few months that I have completely noticed and been willingly out-of-this-world-gobsmaked by Mother Nature. I know, it’s bad! But I am doing so much better now. Call me a hippie, but I can find myself totally fulfilled when surrounded by Mother Earth. Of course I’m not a hippie, and you don’t have to be one to fully appreciate this head spinning-ly amazing earth we live on. Oh, and don’t even get me started on how badly we have and continue to treat this super powerful lady earth because I will go on for hours.

I find that I can be inside all day, eek!, or buy a very seldom magazine, or spend a little too much time on my laptop and feel totally unbalanced and not even close to being fulfilled. Yet, as soon as I step bare footed outside I feel something…

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