5 Things I’ve Learned From 5 Years Of Blogging

As I often say, “don’t try to reinvent the blogging wheel.” Doing what successful bloggers do is a great strategy. 101 Books has over 50,000 followers so pay close attention to his page when he offers any advice.

(as always please be mindful to leave comments here and with the orig. blogger. They will appreciate the gesture!

101 Books

I don’t know how long the average blog lasts—maybe a few months? 101 Books has been around for five years and, as blogs go, that’s pretty ancient. It’s like the Bush, Clinton, Kennedy families in politics—whether you like it or not, we never go away!

Over the years, I’ve learned a few things. Most of them by accident. When I started the blog, I just wanted to start a reading blog—more specifically, a reading blog that follows this little reading journey with the Time Magazine list.

I’ve screwed up a lot, but I’ve had a few wins too. And, today, I want to tell you a little about both. Here’s 5 things I’ve learned in my 5 years of blogging at 101 Books.

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