Things are getting bad on the internet.

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

WordPress just shut my accounts down due to suspicious activity and forced me to create a new password.

Just recently my Amazon account was hijacked (email and password changed), after I got it back someone went in and closed it. I also had an account set up with my name and email in the UK.

I had to use a new email without my full name in it and change the password to something really weird, but someone still might be able to crack it. I created a new account. They were going to reopen my old one again, but what’s the point. Someone or more than one person has been busy on my accounts. Please be careful people. I would hate to have to create a new email and resign-up for everything. A lot of us use our names in our email addresses.

I also in the last year…

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3 questions to ask yourself if you raised kids in a dysfunctional home.

Lucky Otters Haven

Nobody’s perfect, and that goes for parents too.  There’s no such thing as a perfect parent. There’s something called a “good enough” parent though, which means that you are going to make mistakes raising your kids, no matter how much talent you have for the task or how well adjusted you are.  Children don’t come with instruction manuals, and some of the mistakes you make might even be pretty bad ones.    But overall, you’re “good enough” if your kids know you love them no matter what mistakes you made, and they turn out to be functioning, reasonably happy adults.

But for survivors of narcissistic abuse, things are a little more dire.   Because many of us suffer from mental disorders caused by abuse–C-PTSD, BPD, OCD, anxiety, depression, and a host of other mental maladies–we probably entered parenthood with less of a sense of ourselves and our place in the…

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Being considerate?

Cyranny's Cove

If you haven’t started blogging five minutes ago, you must know Danny, from Dream Big Dream Often. Danny is some kind of Godfather of the bloggosphere, in an inspiring way! And each day he asks a question to his readers.

Ok, sometimes you might be tempted to wonder if he had a strong fever during the night. (“If you had to choose would you rather loose a finger or a toe?” Really, Danny?) But generally, the questions are thought provoking. Today’s is, and I wanted to adress it, but I was afraid I’d break Danny’s comment box, so I decided to write this post instead.

In a general sense do you try to be considerate of others? Do you see a lot of consideration being paid in the world around you?

You can read Danny’s thoughts about it here.

Personally, I like to think that I am, indeed…

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SSDD | sparksfromacombustiblemind

Hubby liked to say that “SSDD”.    Depending on who you are and how clean your mind/mouth is, it might be “Same Stuff, Different Day”, but hubby’s take was “Same…

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Life – A Precious Jewel

The Daily Stroll

Twilight melted away, colours spread across the sky, red orange glow seeping over the horizon as if the light itself was being poured from the molten sun. The lines of glares that shot on my eyelids awaked me.

I have been waiting for this morning for so long that I barely believed my eyes when the shadow of that castle of my own fear starts to fade diluted by the onset of daylight.

I was engrossed in the web of my own thoughts when I heard a shrill sound of a gentle knock at my door, and I leap out of my bed faster than a gusty wind from a window. I opened the door and it was mom standing with the mix expression of excitement and fear before I could have said anything she spoke,”Avanti, your dad and me are waiting for you downstairs yours results are going to…

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The Chain Reaction Continues: Meghan Trainor Opens Up About Her Mental Health

Peace from Panic

It's the most confusing, frustrating thing ever

I love Meghan Trainor’s music. With empowering lyrics, her pop songs are upbeat, happy, and make me want to sing and dance. I’ve always pictured her that way too — bubbly, energetic, and confident. Maybe that’s why I was surprised when I heard her talk about her struggle with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression.

But hold on… why would that surprise me?

As a mental health advocate and someone who has recovered from panic disorder, I know darn well it doesn’t matter what the person looks like on the outside, he or she can still have problems on the inside.

People have said to me, “How can you possibly have anxiety when you’re so calm all the time? It doesn’t make sense.” I shrug and think, I don’t know. I can’t help it. 

That’s the thing. You never know.

I saw Meghan Trainor on NBC’s Today. She said the person…

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Slim Shady – Eminem

Slim Shady – Eminem on Multiple experienceS | Besides my Linkin Park, U2 and Red, I love Eminem. Dr. Dre says when Eminem came into the recording studio and heard the riff to this song, he just started spewing out the Slim Shady lyrics. He was that quick and fast with he’s rap and understands beats.

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I’m a Product of Depression Era Kids

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


My oldest has determined that the old man is losing it … as in starting to show some dementia.  I salvage and repair and put back into use whereas she’s more of a “throw this away and get another new one“.  She’s like a lot of other men and women in their 30’s in as much as she (and others) have succumb to the Madison Avenue marketing schemes and believes that once something is broken it must be replaced with something new.

I on the other hand listened to Momma, my step Dad, my aunts and uncles and the older men and women in my neighborhood talk about how bad things were in the 1930’s.  The biggest phrase that I heard was “Don’t waste _________!” (insert whatever you shouldn’t waste and a lot of times it was paper).  That and “Eat your supper.  There are…

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Meet and Greet: 7/6/18


It’s time for the Meet and Greet weekend everyone!!  Strap on your party shoes and join the fun!  

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