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From Food Stamps To A Future

Follow the Golden Rule

Over the past 34 years, I have been witness to 2 acts of kindness. The first was a few years back. I was picking up some cleaning supplies at the Dollar General store and was in line behind a woman in her late 20’s, early 30’s. There was an elderly lady in line in front of her. Her items had been rung up, and she was digging through her change purse trying to find her remaining balance. She informed the cashier that she was going to have to put some of her items back, as she didn’t have enough to cover the bill. The younger lady (in front of me) told the cashier not to worry about it, and to ring her items onto the ticket, as she was going to pay for the elderly lady’s things. The little old lady was flabbergasted. She just could not do that. The…

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2 Reasons to Listen to That Little Voice Inside

IMG_7061This post spoke to me in two ways: 1. It is not our job to judge whether or not someone truly needs, it is simply our job to give, and 2. When you fail to give, 2 people get robbed of a gift.  Read this post:

Have you made anyone smile today??

Acts of kindness and looking out for our fellow human beings adds up! Do not underestimate your sphere of influence…people see your acts and it can become contagious!!

Moji Speaks

I believe everyone deserves an opportunity to be happy, to smile, and i believe we can make the world a better place, if we as individuals choose to make it a habit to make someone smile daily, i cannot over emphasize the need to for us as individuals to make it our duty to do this.

Today, a friend of mine shared this story, he was out on his way in Poznan Jeżyce (Jeżyce is a part of the city of Poznań in western Poland),

Bart and Mrs Barbara Photo Bart and Mrs Barbara

when he met this woman, Mrs. Barbara who stood quiet and helpless by the roadside. He pulled over, and asked her what the problem was, she informed him that she was blind, and must get to the bus stop and asked if he could help. He said, of course he helped. And added If you see someone with a big yellow…

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Dream Big

I simply had to repost. I think the reasons are evident! lol

Pamela's Positives

I am a dreamer of BIG dreams. Believing that you can make your dreams come true is the first step and the easiest. The journey is the hard part and often one that is misunderstood by those who think dreams only occur when we sleep.

Dreams can be as unrealistic as you choose, and believe me I have some crazy ones. Within each crazy dream, however, there is a kernal of possibility. A spark that could ignite change, bring joy, become reality. Dreams are meant to be embraced rather than feared, although a small amount of fear is needed for success.

Can one person change the world? No, that is far from reality. Can one person change the life of another? That my friend is where the dreamers come in. By seeing things in a positive light and taking the chance to make a dream come true you couldpotentially…

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7 Habits That Will Make You Happier, Healthier, Way More Likeable

I came across this today on Stumble and figured it was worth a share.  Simple, concise and accurate!  I share these articles to provide a different perspective on topics that I write about.   Looking at a familiar topic through a new set of eyes is invaluable!!

Big Dreamer

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