My Daily Observation-You Can Live as a Cause or You Can Live As An Effect: 1/25/18


DannyStress is defined as “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.”  The adverse or demanding circumstances do not occur within you, but are a reference to things which happen around you or to you.

I’ve been dealing with a couple stressful situations lately that are impacting me adversely.

Here’s the kicker: all of the internal stuff I’ve allowed is 100% my own doing.

I view stress as an external thing that I allow myself to then internalize.  I have the option to control what my mind dwells on and what it does not dwell.  Stressful situations happen AROUND you not inside you.  What occurs inside you are the thoughts and emotions about the situation.

What has happened to me is I have allowed the situations in the physical world to get inside my body which then manifest themselves as tight shoulders, headaches, anxiety and stress.  And it is 100% my own doing.

To combat this I am beginning meditation.  I will sit for 15 minutes or so each day in the middle of my day when I begin to feel my mind trying to enter into what I call “The Fear Zone”.   I will then sit quietly until my mind quiets and empties.  Then I continue with my day.

I think it is important for us all to realize we are in control, not our surroundings.  You do not have to live with a mind that controls you.  You do not have to live with anxiety.  You do not have to accept that “this is just the way I am”.

You have the option to decide to take control.  Or you have the option to continue on as you always have feeling helpless and living as an effect instead of a cause.


My Daily Observation: 1/23/18


DannySo often bloggers email me with these grandiose dreams of growing a blog to have millions of followers and hundreds of comments each day.  That all changes when we get into the discussion about the volume of work I committed to in the early years.  When I explain to them that in the early years of blogging I would read 500 blogs each day (250 in the morning and 250 at night), the reality hits them and quickly their enthusiasm wanes.

Why is it that people are rarely interested in putting in the work?  Wanting the end-result is easy.  Wanting to be a CEO is easy.  Wanting to fly on private planes is easy.  Wanting to travel the world is easy.  Wanting to retire at 40 is easy.  But the hard work and years of dedication required are not easy.

It is also easy to look at the end result and say “Man, is that lady lucky.  Must be nice spending all day at the spa and living in that nice house while driving around town in that Ferrari.”  What people don’t see are the sacrifices people make in order to get what they want.  Mark Cuban lived in a 2 bedroom apartment with 6 other guys for many years eating ketchup and mustard sandwiches; for years mind you.

There are no shortcuts.  Life owes you nothing.  There are no guarantees that hard work will pay off, but I know what being lazy produces so I’ll take my chances with working hard.

My Daily Observation: 1/22/18

DannyThere is a truth about life that many people have a hard time accepting: life owes you nothing.  Your friends don’t owe you friendship.  Your family does not owe you support.  Your job does not owe you a raise.  Your religion doesn’t owe you enlightenment.  Bloggers don’t owe you a Follow.  Life doesn’t owe you years on this planet.   Your dog does not owe you love.

All of the things above require some type of effort are our part.  We must work and prove some type of worth on some level.

We are in a constant state of expanding or shrinking.  When we work hard we expand.  We we don’t work hard we shrink.

You must get what you want the old-fashioned way….you earn it!


Being Enlightened

Aria-Bella Rises


There can be a misconception around being enlightened that I want to clear up.

Being enlightened does not mean that the ego shit we all experience just simply isn’t there anymore. That all of a sudden the crap we used to live like is suddenly gone never to appear again. And we can float around thinking everything and everyone is just wonderful.

If anything, it can mean the opposite, as sometimes when you are on the path of evolving – Ego and all its wonderful buddies pick up their game and try even harder to keep you held back and in the old claws way of being.

The beauty of seeing past that veil though is being able to RECOGNISE that this shit is happening and being able to do something about it.

So many cannot see anything wrong in their way of being, acting, living etc. it is just…

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A Christian In Bloom

Hope, holy and healing

Everlasting, ensuring, endearing

Love, light, never leering

Protection, purpose and pleasing

May we offer our help to each other

Save a sister and brother

Turn to God

Like a shelter

Take cover

In Him, there is no other.

Hold on to His hand

Embrace Him

Live and let God

Peace within hymn

Sing His praises



The time is now

Don’t wait

Use your voice

Help ❤

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You Have My Love

A Christian In Bloom

In light of yesterday’s prayer, it is clear to me that I need to keep the theme of comfort and hope at the top of my list this week.

I was touched by the responses to my prayer for comfort. My heart truly goes out to those who need it. ❤

In troubling times, it can be so hard to see anything but darkness.

It’s so heavy.

Truth be told, in the last year and a half this is literally and figuratively the most sober I have been in a long time. I know dark, painful times all too well. I know what it feels like to cave to it all and just go numb.

To see no way out of a living hell.

To be comfortably miserable.

When you are clouded with darkness, it is so hard to notice anything or anyone else around you.

Since turning to God…

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Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross

Don’t react to the words of the enemy, he only has the power of suggestion. You have the power of command!

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Meet Two Are Better Than One!!

2 R Better Than 1

Good Monday morning, friends! I woke up this morning with a joy that I can only compare to the feeling you get on your wedding day or on Christmas morning as a six year old. I bet you’re wondering why I’m so excited. Well, one reason is that God is continuing to use me. He’s refining me and stretching me as only The Potter can. That is my prayer for you as well.

Two years ago — almost to the day — the Spirit of God spoke to me with a sense of urgency and nudged me to start this blog. My direction wasn’t clear. I was all over the place. All I knew was that he wanted me to share my faith with believers and non-believers. He urged me to share the love of Christ with anyone who would happen upon this little blog in cyberspace. He’s been speaking…

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Random Thinking…Again – Kingdom Living (Sean Mungin Ministries)

kingdom living mungin

Today, I am writing a random piece. I have elected to work from home. My reason: to cut back on the distractions. Sometimes we have to be on the offensive and defensive at the

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In The Name Of Religion – Kingdom Living (Sean Mungin Ministries)

kingdom living mungin

In the article, “Is Religion the New Colonial Frontier in International Development?“, Azza Karam addresses the global role of religion in the social service sector. Before addressing the article’s content, we must ask ourselves, “Is there a place for religion in the global social service?” According to Karam, raising interest in religious organization becoming a part of human development was

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