Speaking Mathematics


The way we learn has changed drastically over the last decade or so. I consider myself fortunate for having access to so much high quality learning material with very little effort.  I am a physicist by training but have been teaching Mathematics to engineers for quite sometime now. There are many lines of thought on how Math should be taught to engineers. Three main views are

(1) Teach in the usual lecture, problem solving style with a lot of emphasis on concepts, rigor and formal methods.

(2) Classroom teaching in an intuitive manner with lots of games and real life examples involved.

(3) Teach Math hands-on while students work in the lab on real life projects.

A proponent of the first method is the well known computer scientist Djikstra He holds the view that learning formal methods without interpreting the symbols is a great way of preparing students to work…

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“What I’ve learned from running is that the time to push hard is when you’re hurting like crazy and you want to give up. Success is often just around the corner.”

-James Dyson


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Free Download | The Vault | Selected dark short stories and poetry by Lily Author

The Vault | Selected Short Stories and Poetry by Lily Author. Free download. Satisfy your dark cravings with bite-sized dark fiction.

Source: Free Download | The Vault | Selected dark short stories and poetry by Lily Author

Bren’s Photo of the week challenge: Streams – fotosbykarin

One of the many little wild streams of the Black Forest in Germany. It was spring as i took the photo. Melting water and rainwater made this little stream appear big and wild. My entry for Brenda&#…

Source: Bren’s Photo of the week challenge: Streams – fotosbykarin

The Quarter Ring

Ever worn a quarter as a ring? Check it out! Lovely design and nice looking quarter as the center piece. Each ring is extrememy unique! You can find them in the store! Check out my process below!

Source: The Quarter Ring

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The positive side of a stroke!

Tessa Can Do It! Positivity is Catching!

3 weeks ago as some of you know, my dad, had a stroke. My sister and I had never really dealt with a real live person with a stroke. We didn’t know what to expect and I suppose we still don’t really. Every day is a new challenge.

In the scheme of things, his stroke was not catastrophic. He has good and bad days and two good days in a row we celebrate.

He is like a child again and has to be retrained in things we take for granted. We look for the little things that show we are still going forward. His stroke was in the right side of his brain and therefore his left side was affected. He “neglects” it.

We started taking him out in his wheelchair for a walk around the facility and to their outside porch. We pointed out trees and cars and the…

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Riverside Peace

Tears roll down her sunken cheeks

Sorrow falls from all she seeks


Where have they gone?

Silent weeping, full of dread

Photos stand beside her bed


No longer mean a thing.

Recollections of a lifetime friend

She cannot comprehend


What was her name again?

Misplaced images, shapeless faces

Times past gone, she embraces


Within a puzzled mind—

Unsure of the man beside her lies

Sleep won’t come to heavy eyes


Why can’t she remember?

Dark hours bring loss and sadness

Barely surviving utter madness


Tortures a baffled mind.

Laughter echoes through the day

Someone brought a big bouquet


Who was that nice young man?

Foreign words, vague identities

Now she speaks obscenities


Unable to say things clear—

Caring physicians calm her protests

Guide her through painless tests


Why can’t she tell the time?

Rejecting yet another embrace

To just become another…

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Blessings from Adversity

Hope For Today


Oftentimes, blessings find their birth inside adversity. Life this side of heaven is tough. Many times things go wrong more often than they go right. But when we choose to hang out with God He leads us in the right direction where everything goes right according to his will and we are filled with His peace, joy and comfort regardless of our current situation.

Choose peace, choose Jesus.


©2018 Terese Belme

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52 Horses Stranded in a Cargo Plane at the Singapore Airport.


The Sydney Olympics 2000. All the British horses; eventers, show jumpers and dressage,  52 in total, were flying home on a cargo plane. There was engine trouble. The plane had to land at Singapore and it was not able to continue. What to do with the 52 horses on board in the heat and humidity of Singapore?  Alan Davies, now travelling groom for two of the world’s top dressage riders, Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin, was with those horses and he  told me what happened next.

“There were two options. One was to get all the horses off the plane and transport them to  stabling in Singapore. The second was to get another plane and transfer the horses to that plane.  They had to take the second option as there was no transport and no stabling available for that many horses in Singapore.”

“The horses were all in crates with…

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