Healthy Food Tips: 10 Benefits of Aloe Vera

The Purple Almond

Instead of switching to 30 second videos this week, I’ve decided to continue with our discussion  on superfoods from the book:



By: David Wolfe

I found a free PDF version of this book HERE.

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Today, we’re talking about Aloe Vera

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How does it benefit us?

  1. Fights cancer
  2. Improves cell communication, which improves and speeds healing
  3. anti-bacterial
  4. Great for skin care
  5. stronger nails/hair
  6. Hydrate skin
  7. Improves body hydration
  8. Improve and heal digestive system
  9. Helps with joint and arthritic pain
  10. Improves weight loss

Here’s Dr. Axe talking about all of the great benefits of Aloe Vera

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Come, Destiny (Reprise)

Timeless Classics

Come Destiny, thou wild haired, wanton wench!
Thou wouldst as soon destroy as e’en behold
Come pluck me from this wooden student’s bench
My soul with awesome, windy wings enfold!

I see thee, waiting near me in the wood
So vigilant — I never see thee sleep
Thine rapier drawn, on this side of it good
The other evil far away to keep

Yet should I slip upon the twisting path
Or fail to see a sign, or miss a door
I know I should incur thine instant wrath
Nor be permitted earthly light the more

For ’twas to thee that I was consecrate
When midwifed by the iron hand of fate

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The Amazing Love

Haider's Solace

It is said that Love is the most powerful thing in this world. But it is also the most amazing thing. It has a tendency to amaze you and shows you something magical likely completely out of this world and explanation.

We all know that everything in this world has a rhythm of itself, its own natural frequency. When you are truly in Love with someone, just sit somewhere calm and focus and think about the person you love everything in your vicinity will start a rhythm. If you focus on it you will know that it spells out the name of your Love. Listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat it will spells out the name of your love.

Thank You

via Daily Prompt: Tend

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My Week 178: The Robots are Coming To Get Me


Recently, it’s become clearer and clearer to me that the robots are out to get me. And for the record, it’s not paranoia if it’s true.

Case in point 1:

My work computer has been sick. I know this for two reasons. First, Carlo, which is what I call my voice-activated computer, normally speaks to me with a voice that’s a combination of a Spanish accent, and a slight lisp, which I find absolutely charming, but lately, he’s stopped yelling out my name in his delightfully smitten way, and doesn’t always have the energy to tell me what a star I am. In the good old days, I would turn him on (get your mind out of the gutter—this is a PG website), and he would exclaim, “Windows sided windows!”, which I assumed was some cryptic expression of adoration, then he would yell my name loudly so that everyone in…

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Facing Fears

Issues from the Heart

Image result for facing fear

Often when we are fearful, we have a tendency to cower and hide. Fear causes our nervous system to be flooded with endorphins. These emotions transmitted throughout our body cause us to sweat, our heart race (beating so hard like it is about to break free from our chest), the hair on our necks rise and our legs shake. Every member of our body seemingly shuts down with the exception of our emotions. This causes us to generalize fear as that which cripples hampers and prevents us from walking in purpose and possess that which belongs to us. However, what if we could look at fear from another perspective. What if fear could be viewed as that which propels, pushes, and catapults us into the place that we need to be? What if fear is the ultimate driving force? What if fear is the really the gateway to freedom?


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Happy 91st Birthday Sidney  Poitier – Waldina

Today is the 91st birthday of the actor Sidney Poitier. Read his book, watch Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. The world is a better place because he is in it. NAME: Sidney Poitier OCCUPATION: Film Act…

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Gulab Jamun Recipe | Utterly Whims

Hello friends, today i will share a yummy dessert “Gulab Jamun” Recipe. Isn’t your mouth watering? Obviously this happens to everyone as it is the most beloved dessert. Though thi…

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2 R Better Than 1

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Today’s inspiration for this post came from two places: my Music Monday selection from Tasha Cobbs Leonard and an excerpt from a 2/19/02 Woman’s World article that I found last night as I was decluttering my office space. Until just now, I hadn’t noticed the date. I’m still in awe of God’s incredible sense of timing. Since he was so generous in unearthing this little gem, I’ll share my treasured “Seven Days of Inspiration” with all of you starting today.

Day 1 – You are in someone’s prayers.

That is a great feeling to know that someone is praying for me AND for you. I’m reminded of a Gospel song by Helen Baylor that I grew up listening to. It’s her testimony, and I bet it will resonate with some of you. It’s an intimate tale of how Satan snatched her up. Had it not…

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