Let Me Ask You a Question – 5/21/18


Let me ask you a question:

Would you ever live on an island along side a volcano?

Maybe Common Sense Is the Right Solution For Gun Control?

DannyMaybe Common Sense Is the Right Solution For Gun Control?

I’m not sure where I fall on the gun debate here in the United States.  On the one hand I completely understand the Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms.  On the other hand I understand that the creators of our constitution could have never imagined a gun like an AR-15.

I get that a person determined to do harm could do so with a knife or pistol.  I also understand that I would rather take my chances with a person with a knife and a pistol than an AR-15.

I am kind of worn out on the “guns don’t kill people, people kill people argument” although I also understand the premise that guns do not pull their own trigger.  I think I fall somewhere in the middle.  I do believe citizens should be able to own hunting rifles and maybe even a handgun if they should choose.  I guess I draw the line at weapons designed specifically to kill human beings.

I will say emphatically that putting guns in the hands of teachers might be the most insane idea our President has ever posted on Twitter.  That I cannot imagine in a million years.  The thought of a teacher accidentally shooting a kid or a kid disarming a teacher and shooting back horrifies me.

I do think the solution lies somewhere in the middle, which is usually the case with most debates; it will require compromise.

Citizens are not allowed to own tanks or rocket launchers or grenades so AR-15’s should probably be on that list as well.

That makes sense to me, but maybe I’m just crazy.


My Thoughts: We need gun reform

Wade Glover

The Columbine High School shooting that rocked America for years is no longer on the list of the ten deadliest shootings in modern U.S. History. Three of the shootings that are on the deadliest list (Las Vegas, Sutherland Springs, and now Parkland, Florida) have all occurred within the last six months. There is no excuse for this blatant and repulsive disregard for human life.

Somehow, unlike every other country in the world, we have managed to justify the need to own an assault rifle in the face of repeated national tragedies.

Yesterday an 18-year-old named Nikolas Cruz killed 17 people and injured many others at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. He had already been

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Most People Are Good

Peace from Panic

I believe that if you just go by the nightly news

I can’t get the recent high school shooting in Parkland, FL out of my head. Or the ones at Sandy Hook and Columbine. And Las Vegas. An old college friend of mine was killed in that massacre while watching a country music concert with her daughter.

Today on TV, I watched students and parents whose children were killed in school shootings speak to politicians and President Trump. The emotions are raw. So much anger and unbelievable grief.

I have friends who are teachers. It’s unfathomable to them that they have to discuss being armed in the classroom or think about saving their students from a bullet.

The issue is amazingly complex. Gun control, mental health, the age someone can  purchase a weapon. But this post isn’t political and I won’t go into my beliefs on the Second Amendment.

I just can’t get it out of my mind… How someone can…

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I am a Single Woman. Will a Gun Keep Me Safe? – Single Girls Rock

In light of the Pulse club shooting in Orlando, and the resulting Democratic sit in, I started wondering about gun control or rather, single women and gun ownership. Do you own a gun? I know, I know, it’s kind of…

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4 Topics That I Am Reconsidering My Opinion

Having self-awareness and keeping an open-mind is so important.  A couple of times each year I find my beliefs challenged and I practice taking the counter-argument to help me gain perspective.  I learned this approach in college to help me understand other religions.  It forces me to investigate the argument that is opposed to my own opinion.



Here are a few topics that I am rethinking:

  1. Gun control.  I have always been in favor of American citizens right to bear arms.  Our constitution has an amendment specifically dedicated to the topic.  But I wonder how the constitution would have differed if the founding fathers knew about assault rifles.
  2. Small federal government.  I have always thought the true Republic was meant to be small and the power of the states to be strong.  Now that we can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube, I am wondering if it is time to accept the fact that the federal government is only going to grow.  Maybe it is time to try to make it more effective?
  3. Being fiscally conservative.  I have always said I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal.  But that presents a conflict that I cannot avoid.  I cannot be in favor of social programs, but not want to pay for it.  But the idea of higher taxes just sickens me.  I gotta work this out inside my soul.
  4. Why some struggle finding success.  I will be honest in my opinion on success.  Prior to my blog, I thought those that were not successful were either lazy, complacent, unambitious, etc.  Now I see that there are so many factors that go into creating a human person.  90% of our personality is formed by age 5-7, depending on which studies you follow.  I have never bought into this, but now I am seeing that some people do not have the education, internal drive, fatherly/motherly example, emotional support, etc. to succeed.

It is important to reassess your opinions.  It is more healthy to doubt and question your positions than to continue having an uninformed, outdated opinion.  As time and society progresses so should some of our worldviews.

I have talked in the past about being open-minded and I wanted to give you a glimpse into my mind about how I work to ensure my mind is evaluating and re-evaluating my opinions.

Something needs to happen

I am of the opinion that human desire leads to greatness and weakness. Desire is the part of human condition that leads to murder, burglary, rape, etc. I enjoyed the perspective of this article and thought to share with you guys…
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Witnessing Why

-homicide, gun control and the American, or more directly, human experience


In 2012 Chicago had 450 deaths by shooting, Detroit 350, LA over 500, New York City 400, Philly 300, D.C., where our legislators meet on capitol hill, 100.

Chicago’s murder rate matches all of Japan and is higher than Spain, Poland and pre-war Syria. But Chicago isn’t even the worst. New Orleans and Detroit are in competition year to year for the number 1 spot of most murders by firearm per 100,000 people.

Of course where there is a higher population there will be more murders. Let’s break it down by gun murders per 100,000 people. Chicago had 18 murders per 100,000, New Orleans 54, LA 7, Philly 21, NYC 5, D.C. 13, Detroit 57.

Interestingly, New York, California, Illinois and Pennsylvania have the strictest gun control laws yet house these cities with high murder rates by firearm.


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Forgiveness in Charleston…

A Hansen Chronicle provides perspective on the Charleston shootings. Give her a Follow, you will enjoy!  I have disabled comments so make sure to leave comments with the original author!

A Hansen Chronicle

A couple of weeks ago, an incredibly moving scene played out in the wake of yet another mass shooting – this time in Charleston, South Carolina.  At the bond hearing of the accused shooter, family members of those murdered professed their forgiveness of the murderer.

I’ve been pondering what it is about this scene that makes me uncomfortable. Surely an act of forgiveness — of the most horrendous of offenses, from the most personally wounded of positions — is to be commended, isn’t it?

To me, there is no question that these anguished victims, going against the normal human impulse to lash out and to seek revenge, are drawing from a resource they would likely describe as outside of themselves. It is nothing short of inspiring when someone of faith demonstrates the willingness to live it authentically in such a profoundly agonizing situation.

None of us can say with certainty…

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