Danny’s World: There’s A Spirit of a Storm In My Soul


As I sat on the beach this morning and listened to the waves crash I couldn’t help but think of how far I’ve come since I started this blog.  There was a time when I was experiencing tremendous internal turmoil.  Basically, my insides were a raging dumpster fire.  I was so lost.  Sitting there I remembered this song that was once my anthem:

“Spirit Of A Storm” – Kenny Chesney

There’s a spirit of a storm in my soul
A restlessness that I can’t seem to tame
Thunder and lightning follow everywhere I go
There’s a spirit of a storm in my soul.
There’s a hurricane that’s raging through my blood
I can’t find a way to calm the sea
Maybe I’ll find someday the waters aren’t so rushed
Right now they’ve got the best of me
And oh, it’s been a long, long time
Since I had real peace of mind
So I’m just going to sit right here
In this old chair till this storm rolls by.
Oh, maybe it’s just the way I am
Maybe I won’t ever change
So I’m just going to sit right here
In this old chair and just soak up the rain.


There’s a spirit of a storm in my soul
Every time I think it’s gone away
Dark clouds gather, that old wind begins to blow
The sun’s going to shine someday I hope
There’s a spirit of a storm in my soul, in my soul.


Here Are 10 Things I Stopped Doing That Made Me Happier


Danny's iphone 022A few years back I made some drastic changes.  In 2013 I decided enough-was-enough and I went through a revolution of my mind and habits.  Here are a few of the things that I stopped doing which made me a happier person:

  1. I stopped blaming others for my underachieving.
  2. I stopped complaining
  3. I stopped comparing myself to others
  4. I stopped trying to be right all the time
  5. I stopped talking to myself like I was a villain
  6. I stopped allowing myself to make excuses
  7. I stopped watching television
  8. I stopped allowing my mind to be limited
  9. I stopped wishing for change
  10. I stopped waiting on life to happen for me

There Was A Time When I Didn’t Get, That I Didn’t Get It

dreamI am dumbfounded by the number of people who seem to be disconnected from the fact that their actions contribute greatly to their life.  If you have followed my blog for any length of time you are probably tired of me harping on this, but it still astounds me.  I can tell you that I underachieved for many years working in the golf industry.  I settled for an occupation that came easy to me, but didn’t challenge me at all.

There was a time when I didn’t get that I didn’t get it!

When I finally came to terms with the fact that my actions directly contributed to what I was getting in life, my life changed for the better.  I stopped drinking.  I started eating better.  I started a simple exercise regimen.  I started reading more.  I started the Dream Big blog.  I started volunteering with the National MS Society.

I took control of as many factors as I could.  I decided to stop leaving life up to chance and decided I was going to dictate the terms.  And it has worked much better than the way I was living before.  I know some of you are not going to buy what I’m saying and that is okay.  I’m not going to tell you what to do.

The fact I have realized since taking direct control of my life is life is better now than it was 4 years ago.  That’s all the evidence I need.  I’m glad now that I get that I kinda get it.

Grab the Reigns

Barring tragedies out of your control, you determine the course of your life.  Challenging yourself, expecting more, working hard and setting lofty goals can help you reach higher heights than will sitting around settling and justifying a mediocre existence.  When you realize this and grab the reigns you will instantly swing the odds in your favor.

One Simple Thing You Must Know to Change Your Life


Do you want to know the one simple thing you must know to change your life?  The simple principle on which I base any and all habit changes and on which this blog is founded upon?   Here’s a hint: it begins with your mind.

The two topics I discuss which get the most email response are when I write about being overweight or the power of positive thinking.  I was going back through email responses to some archived posts and found an interesting pattern-every single email arguing against the law of attraction came from self-professed “realists” (the word I used to describe myself when I was a more negative thinker) who had never tried to implement the principle.  On the other hand, those who emailed to express their belief in the power of positive thinking were former negative thinkers who had used the principle to change.

It seems that any time I express my belief that you can alter the course of your life by simply changing the way you think, people come out of the woodwork to debate me-or should I say negative people come out of the woodwork to debate.

Change begins at the moment you change your thinking. 

I am a people watcher as many of you know.  I watch successful people and I pay attention to their life habits.  I also watch less successful people and I pay attention to their life habits.  It was this type of comparison thinking that led me to change my thinking about 2 years ago.  I determined that I was not pleased with the results I was getting and decided to change my daily habits to mirror those of successful people.  To that point my habits were not producing the results I wanted and I recognized that I needed to make changes.

I began by making my bed every morning.  I began watching the foods I put in my body.  I started exercising a little.  I started to read a bit more.  I eliminated television from my life.  I started this blog.  I completely restructured my daily habits and slowly but surely my life began to change.  It wasn’t easy, but it happened.  nj7373-433a-i1-0

If you are not happy with what you are getting from life, then maybe it is time for a mental revolution?!  Maybe it is time for you to take back some control of your life.  Maybe it is time for you to take a serious look at the destructive force that is your own thinking.  Change happens in a split second at the moment you realize you can no longer continue as you are and something new is required.

Call it the law of attraction or the power of positive thinking or whatever you want to call it-I call it the truth.  Know this my friend-if you leave your life to the roll of the dice, your life will be unpredictable and random.

Drown out the negativity by saying yes

Oaktown Vibes always has great personal development messages!!


Sometimes the worst place to be is in your own head. Growing up in a society that has instilled in us a belief that statistics has anything to do with our success can kill the very idea that will transform the world. Our own thoughts can be more destructive than any failure and more than anything any naysayer can possibly shape their mouths to say.

Before anyone else believes in us, we have to first believe in ourselves and that we can actually make a difference. These goals and desires we have are given to us for a reason, so that the world may be a better place as a result of us living our lives naturally and freely. Each person has a unique function and something to contribute to assist the world in forward progress. Limiting yourself with destructive beliefs is not only damaging to you but to this world.

Even if…

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My Morning Routine

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My morning routine is probably this organized because it has only been a month of school. Pretty sure I will be a train wreck in a week or two. By the way, who can resist my furry animal friends?

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I Have Been Fortunate…Or Have I?


I have been fortunate in my life.  I was raised by great parents (hi mom!) who instilled in me to work hard, dream big and expect to be happy.  I have always had great jobs working for industry titans which have provided a lot of stability in my life.  I have traveled to some great countries and spent a short period traveling around a good part of the United States.  Now, I have a loving wife and the most beautiful little puppy in the world, Sir Bentley McStinkerson.  Evelina has designed and decorated our home to look like an In Style magazine photo shoot which is nice to come home to after a long day at the paper.

I have been fortunate…or have I?  Do any of these things happen by chance or is there a god who has shown more favor on me than others?  I guess it is possible, but I have also worked hard in my life and committed myself.  To say I have been fortunate has the undertone as if to say I have been lucky; like the roll of the dice.  In that sense I give an emphatic NO!  I am where I am, doing what I am doing because of hard work, a strong character and a little fortune.  I do not believe I am doing anything special in life except believing in myself and trying to add value to the world around me.

So, back to my original statement-I have been fortunate in my life.  All anyone has to do to experience fortune is take years of dedication, skill, hard work and add in opportunity…that is the recipe for fortune.