The Orbs that Rule #Halloween Night

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Full moon captured within the thorny branches

This is as close to a Halloween-themed post as I will get. The WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge uses Rounded as the theme.

I captured this full moon last year near Halloween with my phone! Really!  I used some post-editing effects with some tweaks in exposure, but it seems to work for this challenge.

For your consideration, here are two more orbs that rule Halloween night.

A real lighted orb to light an outdoor Halloween party

To celebrate our finished master bedroom addition in October 2015 (has it already been 2 years?) we hosted a little get-together on our deck and this lovely paper lantern lit the night efficiently! (Another cell-phone photo).

These Moody Blues lyrics come to mind describing the “cold-hearted orb,” the moon as it lights up the darkness of night.

Breathe deep the gathering gloom
Watch lights fade from every room…

…Cold-hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colors from our sight…
Red is grey and yellow…

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Today’s Featured Blog…Discovering Sooz!

Discovering Sooz

I love Halloween as an adult, I love it as much as giving sweeties to kids who knock at the door, decorating a little, and doing some face paint or other.

However, that is where it ends.

My first experience of Halloween as a child that I remember, is going to an event in the middle of nowhere, meant for children, I was about 5. I was dressed up as a little witch, bin-bag and all. My little bob cut and a broom.

Then it came to spooky stories by the fire, I was listening intently, partly due to my hearing problems, I couldn’t hear a fucking word. Then some devil incarnate, jumped out on me from behind, it was lucky I was potty trained, as otherwise that would have been messy, instead I screamed and cried until my Mum took me home, said devil was mortified, and tried everything…

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Nostalgic About Halloween Candy

I love candy too! Found this little gem on Second Wind Leisure Perspectives!!

Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Macro close-up of candy

Halloween is right around the corner and the stores are loaded with bags of candy for trick-or-treaters.

I love my weekly photo challenges and I couldn’t believe that the planets (or pumpkins?) aligned for a photo challenge trifecta!

Candy Close-up for Halloween photo challenge.

Nothing is more nostalgic than a bowl of candy for Halloween. I remember loving Tootsie Rolls and Tootsie Pops as a kid.

According to the Tootsie Roll Industries’ company history, Leo Hirschfeld began selling the chewy candies in his little shop in New York City in 1896.

We buy the huge bag and donate most of it to our church’s Harvest/Halloween Festival, then distribute some to the neighborhood trick-or-treaters.

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The Photo Challenge

If you follow my blog, I rarely miss the opportunity to post in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s theme is Nostalgia

Jennifer Nichole Wells has THEE best…

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Being Haunted… A True Story

I am intrigued by the paranormal so this post is right up my alley!

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Being Haunted

Most think being haunted requires a creaky old house where a person died unexpectedly. The shock of a fall, suicide, or murder traps them between our world and the next. They believe these lost souls spend their days shackled to a place and a moment in time.

That’s not always how it happens.

My house wasn’t haunted. I was.

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Five Weeks of Scary Challenge: Week 1 – In Between Moderation

I’m posting this a little early because of the timing of the possibility I will lose power and not be able to post it on Saturday. When this challenge was issued, I had no idea what was in store for me and my State. In retrospect the fear…

Source: Five Weeks of Scary Challenge: Week 1 – In Between Moderation

Terror at the Camp Out (Halloween Story)

A Halloween story from Nutsrok!!



The backyard campout was all Billy and his friends could talk about. My cousin Sue and I furiously watched them build a tent out of old quilts stretched over the clothesline, furious we couldn’t camp out with them. No girls allowed!

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Fall Back (Into A Freshly Vacated Grave)

A friendly reminder from Old Road Apples!

Old Road Apples

Halloween on a Saturday and daylight savings time on the same night spells an extra hour of spooky fun and costumed hijinks.  Turn your clock back before you do out carousing, and don’t do anything I would have done when I was your age. Be particularly wary of girls in kitten costumes.

Spring Forward

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