Halloween TV Havoc!: Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett does “THE MONSTER MASH” on American Bandstand (1964)

What would Halloween be like without the Monster Mash??!!

cracked rear viewer

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without listening to “The Monster Mash”! Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett hit the charts multiple times with his novelty song tribute to Frankenstein, Dracula, and all things monster! From 1964, here’s Bobby (and AB host Dick Clark) with THE MONSTER MASH:

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what the Halloween Candy you give out says about you – Infographic…

My List of Top 10 Halloween Movies

This is Life of an El Paso Woman!!

Life of an El Paso Woman

OK OK I’ll admit it, I don’t like watching scary movies that often. I’m a little bit of a scaredy cat! Since there’s SO many movies out there, it was hard to only pick 10. Here is my list. Which movies do you enjoy and recommend for Halloween?

10. *The Blair Witch Project* I haven’t seen the movie since high school but I still recall the dark and scary woods. The camera’s movements made me a little bit dizzy. I remember the movie gave me a good scare. I don’t recommend the movie for children. However, if you and your significant other are bored, cuddle and watch it for kicks!

9. *Casper* The story has a cute plot and kiddie/puppy love story. OK, this one isn’t  scary but it’s a fun one to watch with the family. The movie made me tear up a little bit.

8. *The Rocky Horror…

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Bet Me Crusie

Introducing a new subscriber to my page…Michelle, Books & Movies Addict!! Check her reviews out and leave and warm welcome message!

Michelle, Books and Movies Addict


Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie 4

(The short synopsis: heroine (h) gets dumped by a jerk. Jerk then tries to bets the hero (H) that H and h won’t have sex within a month. The h knows about the bet but dates H anyway. Chaos ensues with jerk trying to stop h/H and also chaos with a lot of family drama.)

A typical Crusie Chick Lit book. But in this case I did like the characters. The story line was ok. Bonnie and her fairy tale fantasies was great (other character’s fantasies were good too). The bet the “Cal” (did or did not) make with “Min” seemed like just an excuse the author used to keep the characters apart. Whenever Min wasn’t thinking of the bet, she and Cal were inseparable. And even had a touch of instant-love (seems like a norm for a Crusie book).

I liked all…

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