Awaiting The Outcome

This post begins with a quote from one of my favorite existentialist thinkers Paul Tillich “the opposite of faith is certainty.” As very few things are certain, most is based on faith, or at least based on things of which we cannot be certain. I enjoyed this post and hope you do too.


Anne Lamott said quoting Paul Tillich, the opposite of faith is certainty.  In other words, we always think we know what’s what as if we’re chronically writing a screenplay.

The truth is, we know nothing.

As some of you know, I’ve been down over the prospect of Carmela the basset hound being given away.  Down is an understatement, and it’s not just because I won’t see her anymore.  I’m concerned over her well-being.  What if they’re mean to her.  She’s not very well-trained and what if they haven’t the patience?  What if they hit her or leave her at the pound?  As you can see, I have a serious case of the what ifs.

It occurred to me, I have no idea what will happen just like I didn’t see this situation coming.  Maybe she’ll go to someone like me who will love her so much she’ll become a better…

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Having faith and being grateful

Having faith that the bad times will pass and good is just around the corner is essential to success.

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I lied.

I think I chose the wrong message in my last post. I previously said that if there’s one key takeaway a reader can take from my blog, it’s that faith keeps you together in relationships. But what about people who are single? What about those who had their true soulmate pass away early in their relationship? I don’t profess to even know an ounce of how to act in those circumstances.

The right single message from my blog is actually this: Have faith and be grateful. And it applies to everyone.

We live in the era of social media where our newsfeed are adorned with happy famillies with beautiful sun-kissed children playing by the beach and perfect no-filter vacation shots taken at the right angle of various global attractions. Haplessly we scroll and scroll with jealousy, bitch to others and furiously unfollowing (or even worse, becoming a…

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Halos and Hawks

Leaps of faith come in all shapes and forms. Sometimes we lose a job and have to make a decision on employment. I enjoyed this post as it included beautiful imagery for me and an inspirational tone. Enjoy!

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Magaly Lainez Takes a Leap of Faith

Something shifted earlier this week. And I’m not talking about the ground under me from the 5.0 earthquake we recently experienced here in El Salvador. I had just finished walking the dog when I saw the shadow of their expansive wings on the ground. “Oh no! The hawks are back!” Frantically, I searched for rocks to throw at them to scare them away and protect our young chicks. But as I launched them into the air, a sight so rare and so beautiful caught my attention-a rainbow halo around the sun with two hawks flying overhead. To me, this was no ordinary event, this was a spiritual message. The following morning, I saw two other hawks flying high above the sky, but instead of panic, I felt a peace and a deep respect for their beauty and grace. In many cultures, rainbows are said to be messages of peace and…

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Have Faith Spread Your Wings

Like I keep saying, at some point we all have to rely on faith. Our personal belief in something for which we have no proof. We act on faith every day, we just don’t recognize.

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Light The Trail

 A bird about to take its first flight, the bird look and sees it is a long way down, he’s on his own. This time mommy won’t be able to help, not this time. The only thing he has to rely on is himself.

 Without noticing it, some of us have become dependant on family and friends, on the day-to-day routine, where we know what’s coming next, we live our lives in our comfort zones and we never stray.  The time comes when we yearn for better, when we become consumed with desire.  Then the day comes when the balance is disrupted and everything changes.

The day comes when we have to take the lead.  Like the bird we all need to have faith in ourselves, the time comes when we wake up and realize we are either a big boy or a big girl and we have to do it on…

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Take A Leap

There are times when taking a leap of faith is required: changing jobs, moving to a new city, opening a business, etc. “Have faith in what comes next…”

Ten Minute Missive

Do you remember the first time you played leap frog? I’m betting you were you a kid, still being measured more in terms of months and star stickers than in pounds and inches or tax brackets and degrees. I don’t actually remember my first time. But I know there must have been one.

I hope I was laughing for that first time. Hell knows I haven’t always laughed for all the other first times in my life. My first flat tire, my first “C”, my first cavity, my first tax return, my first delivery, my first gray hair, and so on.

You sure pile up a mess of firsts while living life. A whole mess of leaps that unlike playing leap frog out on the playground most likely don’t have a clear obstacle and definite landing spot. Those sorts of leaps have a dearth of laughter involved in them. This is…

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