“Europe part 8…Brussels to home…”

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Day 9…Friday 17th June

We had had our last day in Europe so it was time to head home. No without a few pit stops on the way though!IMG_5557IMG_5561Another gem from my ‘100 wonders of the world’ book is the Atomium, which we passed on our way out of Brussels. Located on the Heysel Plateau, this towering structure was built in 1958 as part of Brussels World Fair and is now a museum with escalators joining the atoms and views over the city. It was closed as we exited the city but considering how much I loved Brussels, I’m sure we will be back.IMG_5563IMG_5598We stopped in Ypres, France to visit the Flanders Field Museum. When I was in year 11 at school, I was lucky enough to come here as part of a school trip. The building itself was just as beautiful as I recall, but the exhibition…

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Monday Minstrel: The Kathiawari Horse


In this painting Shah Jahan(1592-1666) is shown riding a black and white( piebald) horse with very ornate bridle and saddle. Shah Jahan is best known as the builder of the Taj Mahal.  This horse apparently appeared in several paintings and miniatures. This would indicate that this horse is highly prized by the Shah’s family and was considered to be a very fine specimen.

The Kathiawari breed was established in India in the time of the Mughal emperors (1536-1857) and is famous for its curly ears that seem to point to each other. It was also noted as possessing great stamina. This breed was traditionally bred in royal houses. Today these horses are still sought after and respected in their native area of Gujarat. IMG_20180624_1034277

This painting is attributed to Bhag. Ink, colors and gold on paper. New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I found the photo of this painting in Tamsin…

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My Bucket List Top 5 for Black History Month

Welcome to God's Great World blog

With Black History Month around the corner, I thought I’d share my bucket list for places I’d like to visit to commemorate the greatAmerican contributions from Americans of African descent to this country’s culture and history. Historic sites abound related to Black History, and what I’ve listed below are the ones on my list. After you finish reading my bucket list, I invite you to add your favorites in the comments. Let’s get started!

#1 Little Rock Central High School (Little Rock, AR)

My list begins with the Little Rock Central High School. This National Historic Site with the National Park Service technically shouldn’t be on my bucket list given that I’ve been there twice already. However, I plan to keep going back, thus, on the list it remains.

Little Rock Central High School was the scene of the September 1957 showdown between President Eisenhower’s federal troops and the…

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2018 Bucket List

Arianna Usher

(Planner is from Etsy)

Time is already moving so fast and I never really got the chance to sit down and really analyze all the things I wanted to do this year.

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My Daily Observation: 1/5/18


Over the last few days I have watched the 5 days of the 1995 Senate hearings on the tragedy which occur in Waco, Texas involving the Branch Dravidians.  My mentor at the time and college professor, Dr. James Tabor, played a major role in that event, spending many days in 1993 outside the compound trying to help the FBI and ATF understand the mind of someone whose core values and beliefs are rooted in apocalyptic eschatology; fancy way of saying they believe they are living in the last days.

The hearings were fascinating and sparked me to begin rereading some old classics and devise a new reading list and drop the habit of bingeing Netflix at night.   As I stated yesterday I’ve added The Power of Habit to the list along with both Paul and Jesus and The Jesus Dynasty by James Tabor.  I’ve also pulled off the shelf one of my all time favorites by Sam Keen called Hymns to an Unknown God which chronicles his personal journey from the world of religion into the unknown world of spirituality; it’s a fascinating read.  And lastly to balance things out I have included The TB 12 Method by Tom Brady and Fearless by Jo Ann Maxwell.

I have neglected my reading habit and replaced it with a lot of video watching and I plan to add in some more stimulating activities for my brain.

Anyway, I’d be curious to know what you have on your reading schedule; let me know in the comments.


Happy 58th Birthday Michael Stipe


Today is the 58th birthday of Michael Stipe. He and his band play a major role in the soundtrack of my life, I may have forgotten that a bit, but writing this and looking through the videos caused a rush of memories and chills. I love Michael Stipe. There even was a time that I would cross paths with him in Seattle. The world is a better place because he is in it.


NAME: Michael Stipe
OCCUPATION: Music Producer, Songwriter, Activist, Singer
BIRTH DATE: January 4, 1960
EDUCATION: University of Georgia
PLACE OF BIRTH: Decatur, Georgia
HEIGHT: 5′ 9″

BEST KNOWN FOR: Michael Stipe is best known as the frontman of the influential alternative rock band R.E.M.

Born John Michael Stipe on January 4, 1960, in Decatur, Georgia, singer, songwriter and producer Michael Stipe is best known as the frontman for the…

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Wait.. Wait, What Day Is It Again?? It’s Release Day!! + $25.00 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway #newrelease #amreading #kdsuspense

Author, Kim Knight

It’s release day!!! Well in the UK it is, according to Amazon The Suspenseful Collection Volume One is on sale now! I have the pleasure (and satisfaction he he), of saying this seven hours before my partner in crime. Hold onto your e-readers people… There are some excellent thrilling stories. I had a ball, picking up where Didi left off as author two, and writing the start as author one in our first anthology. No matter what I wrote, I loved every moment and I’m so proud of us both.

Don’t forget, we have a giveaway too $25.00 Amazon gift card up for grabs. At present all our books are on sale for .99p / .99$, if you grab a copy of any book on sale, before the 31st July, be sure to enter to win the gift card by clicking here.

£2.69 UK for e-book or $3.50 international


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