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“Today was about trying and tomorrow will be too.” Sometimes all that is needed in life is a little effort.


So I decided to try. Try to have a good day. Try to put 200% into my work. Try to eat. Try to be a part of society.. Whether I’m accepted or not. Try..Try to smile. Try not to let being on the outside dictate what’s going on inside..Try to own my truth..Try to grab a slice of happiness and hold it as though I’m worthy of ownership. Try. Try not to fear failure.. For if it should happen I will try to fail forward. Just try. Today was about trying and tomorrow will be too.

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To make everyday special…

I am not sure how I like this new reblogging procedure from Reader.  Nonetheless, this post focuses on hobbies that make everyday special.  Evelina and I like to go for walks at the park.  It is important to change up your activities, especially if you are battling depression or the blues.  Get outside, exercise, call a friend, etc.  Click the link below and read the post…

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2 Simple Tips When You are Feeling a Down Turn

I have been struggling with inspiration lately.  I am not eliminating the possibility that it comes at the same time that I have been experiencing a slight down turn in my health and mentality.  I have this “dips” occasionally as I ride the MS roller coaster.

I have only had this happen one other time back in February.  Instead of fight against it and force things, I have decided to take the Taoist approach and let the river waters wash me down stream and see what happens.  Too many times in life we fight, kick and scream as life drags us in the direction that life is headed.

images (1)I have been concerned lately with the pain in my hips.  A few years ago my neurologist put me on an aggressive round of solumedrol.  It followed an aggressive dose 6 months prior.  If you know anything about this evil steroid you know that too much of it can result in restricted blood flow to the hips, leaving the recipient in need of hip replacement surgery.

I wouldn’t be so concerned except the pain is waking me up at night.  I remember my shoulder doing the same thing and was remedied by surgery in 2009.  I don’t want to have surgery as it will cut it to our charity work and that is very important to me.

Through this ordeal I am seeing how important it is to give.  I cannot encourage you more to get outside of your corner of the world and find a way to give your time to change lives.

Sometimes it feels as though I am talking to no one and nobody is listening.  The only way we are going to change this world is by helping others.  The only way you are going to find fulfillment is through becoming a servant.  Humble yourself.

I have a friend of mine Katherine that I met through blogging.  We email back and forth a couple of times each month and it is nice to read of her progress as she lives her life cancer free!!  (hello Katherine!!).  She has helped me become a better blogger and gain better perspective as I learn and find my voice.  She reminded me this week of the importance of personal growth.

As we get older we become set in patterns.  We do the same things and rarely take on new experiences.  This limits our joy.  If you are experiencing and down turn in life I encourage you to do 2 things

  1. Take on a new activity.  It could be as simple as going to the park 3 times each week to walk.  Or it could be taking on a new hobby.  Whatever it is force yourself into a new life experience.
  2. Find an organization to go donate your time.  Working with people less fortunate will open your eyes, I promise.

In the end, life is about you leaving a mark.   What legacy will you leave behind?  What example are you setting for your family, kids, friends?

Just a thought for a Monday morning…

Finding a Life Passion Will Jump Start Your Confidence?

2A post from yesterday has me thinking.  Is it possible that more people lack self-belief because they have not found something in their life to be passion about?  I have posted on this topic before, but never approached it from this angle.

It seems to me that there are lots of people who I encounter lack a pure and authentic self-belief.  I see people pretending to be self assure, I witness people wishing they were self-confident, but few that simply are sure of themselves.  Does this necessarily mean that person lacks a true life passion?

I have encountered friends who discovered an unknown love or talent and seemed to be transformed as they found something they were good at that others were not.  And it can be a simple life focus: poetry, running, volunteering, writing, biking, etc.  And the passion that develops from the new activity transforms the person’s life forever.

They earn more confidence.  They get out of their comfort zone.  Trying something new and realizing they love it seems to awaken some confidence beast within.  And it shows in their mannerisms and it shows in their life.

Passion is an amazing power.

A thought for a Monday morning…

5 Simple Habits That Are Sure to Make Your Life Amazing

I work to keep my life as simple as possible, but yet live effectively.  I am a big-picture guy and hate getting bogged down in too many details. Because of this, I like to have a few specific facts in bullet point format. That way I can ingest and digest information quickly and easily.

I am asked weekly about my opinion on the most important habits to practice in life.  My personal list is 14 deep and I have worked on developing these habits over the last year.  But for the person new to personal development, I have condensed my list down to 5 simple habits that I believe can change your life forever:


  1. Eat more vegetables.  I can already hear the moaning!  Veggies provide your body with vitamins and minerals that fight disease and provide the body with valuable energy.  Plus, eating more vegetables can help slim down the waste line which will increase your self confidence!
  2. Utilize a 5 item daily to do list.  If you have followed me for any time you know I use and promote the use of a 5 item To-Do list.  I know for a fact that getting a little more organized reduces stress and promotes efficiency.  Limiting your list to 5 items allows you to be productive without becoming overwhelmed.  It also narrows your focus and forces you to concentrate your energy on those things which are truly important.
  3. Walk 5 minutes every day.  Exercise is not an option, it is imperative!!  Many people comment that they simply do not have time to exercise so I endorse the habit of walking 5 minutes per day everyday, without fail.  No one is too busy to walk 2.5 minutes out the front door and 2.5 minutes back.  And I promise you it will have far-reaching positive implications on your life!
  4. Find a hobby.  As life moves forward it is easy to forget about taking care of numero uno. Responsibilities have us focused on work, family, paying bills, etc.  A great way to exercise and expand your mind is to find a hobby.  Also engaging in a hobby will relieve you of some of that stress.
  5. walking_533Volunteer your time.  I volunteer my time in multiple ways: life coaching several of my readers and as a Movement Ambassador with the National MS Society.  Both are incredibly rewarding and fill my heart with joy. When you selflessly invest yourself  in another human being you experience a gift that only volunteering can give; fulfillment.  When you develop the heart of a giver you no longer need to seek to be fulfilled; fulfillment finds you!

Obviously there are many habits one can employ, but these 5 I know have the power to change you forever.  They will change your mind, your body and your spirit!

Sometimes small changes can have an enormous impact!

Do you practice any of these 5?  If so, leave a quick comment about the impact the habit has had on your life!

All of the Things! It’s Hobby Time.

I highly recommend taking up a new hobby as a way to expand your life experiences, but also to have fun and relax. This is also a great alternative to sitting in front of the television 5 hours each day!

modernista on a budget

hobbiesThis year I turned 30 and immediately let that number mess with my head. After reading a life changing article and having a much needed conversation with a friend, I decided to stop stressing about what I don’t have and focus on the great things I do have in my life. And the fact that I have free time to pursue hobbies I’ve always been interested in. Thus a plan was formed….

I made a list of all the hobbies I’ve always wanted to try along with things I’ve always wanted to learn and decided to dedicate 2 to 3 months to each hobby. At the end of my list (which seems impossibly long) I’ll decide what I want to continue with and what I can rule out.

I’ve already started with my first item: re-learn French. Like most people, I did not put those 3 years of high school French to good…

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Get Outside for Some Fresh Air

There are a lot of people that remain indoors for long periods of time.  Work, physical issues, laziness, boredom, allergies all play a part in why folk are spending more time inside than outside.  Evelina and I try to go to the park once every week or so to get out and enjoy being together and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors.

I implore you to find a hobby that involves being outdoors because of these benefits:


image credit: tripadvisor.com

image credit: tripadvisor.com

Big Dreamer

Why Do So Many Lose Their Spectacular?

Originally posted on December 5, 2014:


I was thinking today and a question came to mind: Why aren’t more people amazing?  I am referring to being a great person and accomplishing great, amazing things.  I believe that every single human being has in them the potential for great and amazing things.  A light, a spark.  Bill Gates was once quoted as saying, “I don’t believe there is anything unique about human intelligence,” and I could not disagree more.  I know as sure as anything I’ve ever experienced that human intelligence is what makes each of us so incredibly unique and special.  It allows us to experience the exact same world in 7.125 billion different ways.

But, with that said why do so many of us sacrifice our uniqueness and allow “life” to squeeze us through a sieve and mold us into individuals that, all to often, fear being different?  If you understand that there are no two human beings that are the same, why do we teach to conform?   We should be teaching the individual to celebrate and announce his or her uniqueness from the mountain top!!!

But as we learn quickly in life, the norm will move swiftly to extinguish any hint of originality.  Take for example how teenagers learn (I’ll use my teen years as example).  If you don’t wear a Members Only jacket or glacier glasses, you are out.  If you don’t own a pair of Vans, you are out.  If you don’t like Break Dancing, you are out.  From a very young age we are conditioned to go with the norm and to keep our uniqueness to a minimum.  After all no one wants to be the “weird kid.”


image credit: Gary Larson

image credit: Gary Larson


After college it is expected that you will get a good job, pay taxes, buy a car and that is the path to becoming a contributing member of society.  Then get married, start a family, raise your family, retire and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.  And I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, but what about living a life that is spectacular?  Is that not possible for us all?

Are we supposed to believe that all there is to life is paying rent or mortgages, bills and hoping one day to have enough to retire?  There has to be more.

I challenge each of you to find something that is so outside of your “world” or comfort zone and participate (maybe find a Hobby).  What is one thing you would be afraid to do?  Sky dive, public speaking, hold a spider?  How about something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t?   Guitar lessons, enter an open mic night,  join a poetry club, start up a band!, take a class at the community college, join a theater group or VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME AT A LOCAL CHARITY!!

I want you to challenge yourself.  Show the world that you are capable.  This world is here for us to experience and it is time for more of us to do so!  Get uncomfortable and reignite that spark that makes you, YOU!  It is time to break the mold that life presses us into and spread those wings and fly!

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Oldie But A Goodie

I originally posted this February 12, 2015:

I have been working lately to challenge myself in every aspect of life.  I challenge my religious views by reading a variety of dissenting articles and differing opinions.  I expose myself to opposing political views and force myself out of the comfort of my understanding of the world.  I enjoy reading about other cultures and how they differ from mine and why they do the things they do.  

I appreciate the experience of stretching my boundaries and expanding my worldview.  I feel it makes me a more complete person and the more I can open my mind to new information and views, the bigger advantage I have over those close-minded people we have talked of in past articles.  One of the ways I recommend to force yourself out of your comfort zone and into experiencing something new and different is to take up a new, exciting hobby!

image credit: kerrylabendz.com


Many of us become so entrenched in our daily routines that the coffee shop knows what time we’ll arrive to purchase our vanilla latte, skim, tall.  The grocery store knows we’ll be in on Tuesday at 6:30 to fill our pantry for the week.  We watch the same shows, at the same time.  We go to dinner at the same 3 restaurants.  We listen to the same music we’ve heard for years.  Routine, routine, routine! 

Sometimes routines work great as they provide structure and keep one focused on long-term goals.  But, the downside of structure can lead to a mundane, boring, ordinary, familiar existence.  And who wants to be boring and ordinary??  So to ensure our lives do not become plain while maintaining focus, I propose you institute a checks and balances system. 

I want you to take time and make a list of hobbies that you have always thought would be fun or interesting.  Maybe guitar lessons, photography, building model ships, woodworking, golf, reading for self-improvement, etc.  Try to find something that will challenge you to grow and expand.  The more you challenge yourself, the more effective your growth will be and the more you will appreciate the experience. 

As I have stated in the past, we must work diligently to break that crust that forms around our lives and disallow our life to waste away in bill paying, carpooling, PTA meetings and the occasional vaca.   We forget that everything we need to know in life we learned in kindergarten.  One of those things kids do that adults forget?  Exercise their imagination!!  There is a unique, creative spirit in each of us; a spark. Unfortunately, many of us get lost and forget this part of ourselves.  A hobby will allow you to reawaken this creative spark and thus open your world. 

After all, wouldn’t you rather experience seeing the sunrise from a beautiful mountain top than watching Good Morning America from your couch?  Wouldn’t you rather experience a refreshing run on a beach as the sun sets?  Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to converse with someone in a second language?  How about being able to play the piano at a party?  Stop watching life from the sidelines and GET IN THE GAME!  Find your niche and jump in head first!

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Swimming, hiking, walking, running, cycling, golf, tennis, kayaking, sailing, yoga, weight training, tai chi, martial arts, archery, fencing, snorkeling, diving, skiing, snowboarding, snow shoeing, painting, drawing, photography, pottery, quilting, sewing, knitting, crochet, scrap booking, jewelry making, candle making, soap making, body scrub making, flower arranging, dressmaking.

 Play guitar, piano/keyboard, the violin, trumpet, clarinet, French horn, etc.

Singing:  learn to sing, join a choir, try karaoke!

Ballroom dance, Latin dance, salsa, swing dance, belly dancing, tap dance, ballet, jazz dance (the Mrs. of my house is a trained ballroom dancer!) 

Cooking: (gourmet, ethnic, etc.) specialty cake making and/or decorating. 

Home decor, feng shui, refinish furniture, upholstery.

A Green house is a great way to grow your passion, whether its prize winning chrysanthemums, tomatoes or whatever your heart desires. Grow an organic garden, plant grafting and growing, landscape design: This is a great way to use your creativity and create a beautiful garden.

Write a book, write poetry, start a blog!

Volunteering: This one can be the most rewarding, helping others!

If you feed your creative spirit you will be mesmerized at how other parts of your life begin to make sense and fall in line.  Challenge yourself to grow and expand your experiences!  I promise you will not regret doing so!

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Awaken your spirit and….Dream Big, Dream Often!