Five for Friday

Random Writings on the Bathroom Wall


Hidey Ho and Hey neighbors!  It’s that time of week once again where I smack my head around trying to get my brain to cooperate with me.  Hear that brain?  Cooperate!  Let’s see …

1. It’s Brrrrr! out there once again.  It’s a rather tropical and pleasant 24*F (-4C). Makes ya kinda wanna move here, huh?  I know you do.

2.  I’m having to relearn how to walk on snow and ice.  I thought I did.  I mean, I did well the past couple times where that white stuff fell out of the sky.  I guess now is a tad bit different since it’s down and sticking to the ground.  I went to make a turn this morning and my shoes didn’t wanna cooperate.  I wanted to go one way and they wanted to go another.  Fun, fun, fun!  No, I didn’t fall.

3. My bunny food dish has…

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10 Recipes to Transform Your Leftovers

The Purple Almond

Hello everyone…I just wanted to share my Thanksgiving leftovers list from 1 year ago. This is the first “recipe” list I ever did. I hope you enjoy it.

What do you like to make

with your left overs?

God bless…Namaste!

Ok, by now…if you have any turkey left…you are quite tired of it. That being said, I think it goes without saying, that these recipes aren’t just for leftover turkey. One of my kitchen rules, “use what you have on hand.” If you have leftover chicken, even rotisserie chicken from the store,  pork or perhaps leftover Sunday roast, feel free to swap it out. If you’re vegetarian, tofu or beans would work. Just FYI, if you swap out the turkey, in favor of beef, use beef broth in the recipes that call for broth, or veggie broth for tofu/beans.

I searched the web and tried to find something for everyone. I had…

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Happy 4th!


Evelina and I want to wish all of our American brethren a Happy Independence Day!! Our hope is everyone has a great day grilling, swimming and watching fireworks!  Be safe.

Oops At The Beach!

Who's My Favorite Today?

A few days ago, we were at the beach (picture above is walking down to the beach from the house).  We stay at a house that is not ocean front, so we have to walk a couple of blocks to the beach.  We were having a great time and had been on the beach about 2 hours.  Kate came to tell me “I have to pee pee.”  This is a part of the beach that does not have restrooms – its just “the beach.”  So I told her we would have to go walk back to the house for that.

Kate said she didn’t want to leave the beach yet and scurried off to play some more.  I was sitting in a chair, talking to a friend when I suddenly look up and see this scene: Kate is standing at the edge of the water with her bathing suit bottom…

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5 Things I learned from my trip to Florida, as a person with a chronic illness

Tripping Through Treacle!

Tripping Through Treacle

Some of my regular readers will know that I have recently been on a two week holiday to Florida with my family – my two kids, my husband and my parents.  It was a long awaited trip (the kids have been asking every week, ‘how many days is it until Disney?’, for the past year), with the plan being that we would stay two hours from Orlando on the beach and take a few days out for the Parks.  I had been looking forward to the trip with a mixture of excitement (my first long haul trip since my wedding 11 years ago!) and trepidation (how will it be for me, as a relatively newly-disabled person?).

Well, the holiday was fab; I am now one shade darker than milk-bottle white and had a lovely, relaxing time (for the most part).  Watching our kids have fun, spending most of their time…

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Getting away is good for my soul.

Lucky Otter’s Haven!

Lucky Otters Haven

pine_islandI couldn’t have asked for better weather since I’ve been here in Florida.    Everything about this trip has been perfect.  I have so many pictures, but I won’t upload them all here right now because it takes so long.   Most of them have been posted on my Facebook, but when I return home I might share the rest here.   Today is my last day.  I’ll be leaving very early tomorrow and spending most of the day driving.

The pictures posted here were taken yesterday evening in Pine Island — I can’t get over the beauty of the sunsets I’ve been seeing.

There’s an additional benefit to going on vacation.  I haven’t followed the news AT ALL!   In fact, I’m oblivious to what’s been going on in politics this week — and I’m fine with that.    This is not only a vacation from the daily grind…

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Food and Drink

I would like to introduce you to Fearless: Jo Ann Maxwell!!


The holidays between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are typically a time when people overeat or at least eat things that they normally don’t eat. There’s a big turkey dinner, eggnog, cookies galore, special desserts, family gatherings, more big meals, football games, and any other celebrations that people can think up.
Since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, I’ve tried to really watch what I eat. I try to eat more fruits and vegetables, such as eating the rainbow. I try to limit my white foods, such as sugar, flour and white potatoes. During this time of year it’s even doubly hard to watch what I eat. Too many cookies, too many pies, and just a lot of good sweets. Since each of those white foods is inflammatory, I know that if I eat too much, my legs and feet spasm and cramp more than they usually do.
Since moving to the…

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“Family Style”

Who’s My Favorite Today? is one of MY favorites!!

Who's My Favorite Today?

My cute mother enjoying all this food!

“Family style” does not mean that my family has style – we don’t.  It has to do with specific dining experience.  I don’t know what this is called in other parts of the world, or even if this is done around the world.  But in the South, this means eating at a restaurant where you are served food much like you would eat at home with your family.  Each person does not order a specific dish.  Instead, there is a menu for the day and all of the items on the menu are brought to your table with enough for each person at your table.  Its also all-you-can-eat!

We visited The Daniel Boone Inn recently in Boone, NC and were served “family style.”  If you ever have the chance to go — GO!  I am not a foodie, but the food here is…

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Christmas Traditions

A Merry Christmas wish from MSnubutterflies!



This time of year you can’t help but reflect on life, how things have changed, and all of the wonderful memories.

I was thinking about my kids today and how things have changed. Now that they are grown Christmas has changed. That’s not a bad thing. They have work, other family to spend time with, and their own traditions to make.

It’s just another chapter in life and one I’m enjoying!

As I was reflecting I thought why not share a few of our Christmas traditions that created memories to last a life time.

Our first Christmas tree started out pretty bare. We decorated it with lights, ribbon, and a few home-made decorations. We didn’t buy ornaments to fill it. Instead every year we bought only one ornament for each of us. Put our names and the year on them. So our collection of ornaments grew with us.

We put…

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You are a gift – In Between Moderation

Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, I wanted to take a moment to stop and express my sincere gratitude to each and everyone of you who read this blog. This year you have been my sounding…

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